Help bring a giant water slide to Main Street this Father’s Day in Vancouver!

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Picture your childhood slip n’ slide, maybe it was just a stretch of garbage bags taped together with a hose for lubrication, maybe it was a legitimate Slip n’ slide with a nice pool full of foam at the bottom. Forget those poor excuses for water slides and imagine a huge padded slide stretching down multiple blocks of Main Street, participants flying down on inflatable tubes and surrounded by cheering crowds. Sounds pretty epic, right?

Slide the Main is a concept that came together over a beer night and has sparked a huge amount of interest thanks to social media. While the idea of setting up a water slide on Main Street is not set in stone, and some say it may not happen, but the organizers have started a petition to slide the main and the mayor this Father’s Day (June 21st) in Vancouver.

Vancouver water slide

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If the petition receives enough signatures (they’re looking for 1,000 to take it to City Hall and 10,000 to ask the MAYOR to personally slide down the street himself) the giant water slide on Main Street could become a reality.

The people behind the Slide the Main are currently in talks with the Bristol Slide organizer and urban artist Luke Jerram (who inspired this project) to put together a proposal to the city alongside a safety assessment, blueprints, safety protocols, and operating procedures.

This is a 100% community initiative, and it needs your support in order to happen!

If you’re interested in turning this year’s Father’s Day in Vancouver into a slippery and slidey day full of floaties, rubber duckies, and lots of foam, sign the petition to make it happen! The petition is available on the Slide the Main website, where you can also volunteer to help out or donate to make the event possible. You can also join their Facebook page to stay updated in the quest to Slide the Main!

Vancouver water slide the main

Image courtesy of Slide the Main

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