Vancouver’s hidden factory outlet mall revealed

Photo credit: Carolyn Ali

Photo credit: Carolyn Ali

Go ahead, ask ’em. Most Vancouverites couldn’t tell you that there’s an outlet mall mere minutes from the city. In fact, many of the locals who drive across the U.S. border hunting for deals don’t even know about it.

But now you do.

I stumbled across Queensborough Landing a few years ago and have been shopping there periodically ever since. It’s located in the Vancouver suburb of New Westminster, which is about a half hour’s drive from Downtown Vancouver in good traffic. (That’s 45 minutes or more during rush hour.)

A strip mall over 400,000 square feet, the shopping centre has plenty of stores to comb for bargains. So what brands will you find?

Photo credit: Carolyn Ali

The mall is anchored by a Walmart, and some of the stores aren’t that different than you’d see in any suburban Canadian mall, such as Le Chateau and La Vie en Rose.

But there’s also a good number of factory outlet-type stores, such as Calvin Klein, Bench, Tommy Hilfiger, and the Gap. (Mexx recently closed.) Some are upscale brands, such as BCBG. (See a list of shops here.)

As at any outlet mall, there are deals and there are duds. If the price doesn’t seem like a bargain, use your good judgement and shop around.

My favourites? I’m a regular at the Banana Republic Factory Outlet, which consistently has good prices–I go over holiday long weekends, when everything in the store is often on sale for about 40-percent off. (Sign up for its email newsletter and you get further deals.)

I’ve also had luck at the Bench outlet for good-quality hoodies. But again, as with any outlets, check the garments for defects before you buy them.

Queensborough Bridge | Photo credit Carolyn Ali

Queensborough Bridge | Photo credit Carolyn Ali

If you’re driving from Vancouver, the mall is easy to miss. Once you cross the Queensborough Bridge, take the first exit (Howes Street) and it will be straight ahead of you. For more info and a map, see the website here.

When you get tired of shopping, there’s a walking path next to the Fraser River with a view of the Queensborough Bridge (above). There are a few fast-food outlets and chain restaurants if you get hungry.

Good luck, and happy shopping!

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7 Responses to Vancouver’s hidden factory outlet mall revealed

  1. Gwen

    Yeeeei is Calvin K. Back??? I went few weeks ago and didn’t see it, but thanks for letting us now, I’ll go tomorrow :)

    • Graham

      Gwen, The article also says there is a Mexx which when bankrupt a few months ago. Looks like a copied or re-posted article.

  2. Dilara

    This is hardly news! I’ve been shopping here for well over 10 years. I’m surprised to hear that most Vancouverites don’t know about it.

  3. Hi Gwen and Graham,

    I took these photos at the end of January and just talked to a mall rep, who says that Calvin Klein is still very much there and open for business.

    Mexx, however, did close a few weeks ago when they closed all their Canadian stores. (I’ve updated the text to reflect this). A new Helly Hansen outlet will be opening in the next few weeks in the old Bootlegger spot, and the Mexx spot will be filled as well. Hope that helps!

    • Allan

      Hi Carolyn… Can you tell me if there are any Sports and Watch brands in there?? I am very new to BC.. so some detailed info would be great.. also if we could have accessibility to it by public transport… I reside in Downtown Vancouver….

  4. Thanks for the info, I definitely will be visiting these outlets on my trip there this summer.

  5. Leen

    You can get good bargain from GAP, OshKosh & Tommy Hilfieger when they are giving away 40% or even up to 50% discount (Considering current exchange rate USD vs CAD).
    Subscribing their newsletters will allow you to know when is the best time to pay a visit.