How to Have a House Party in Vancouver

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 By Amy Watkins for Inside Vancouver

If you want to have a house party in Vancouver but you don’t actually have a house to hold one in, check out these karaoke joints, supper clubs and cozy bars that have a homely vibe. Just add friends and you’ve got yourself some instant house party fun…

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Karaoke at Joe’s Apartment

Grab a mic and a bunch of friends and head to the aptly named Joe’s Apartment to blast out some karaoke on a Monday night. This apartment themed bar opened in 2012 on the Granville strip and with its exposed brick walls and pool tables in the games room, it’s like hanging out at a cool friend’s place. Book out the ‘green room’ balcony if you want your own little space above the stage to watch live music. 919 Granville Street, Vancouver


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Hanging Out at the Brickhouse

If you’re more into sitting than singing at house parties, take a dive into Brickhouse Bar & Grill in Chinatown. Slouch on a vintage couch, shoot some pool, play darts or leaf through the piles of paperbacks strewn around the bar that give it a friend’s basement vibe. Adding to the ‘man cave’ feel is the back alley entrance and owner Leo’s mismatched knickknacks, which range from hockey jerseys to fairy lights, fish tanks and peeling movie posters. Drink pours are generous, just like at home. 730 Main Street, Vancouver


Vancouver launch of The Mona Lisa Sacrifice


Play Boardgames at Storm Crow Tavern

Geek out on the Drive: grab a pint and play a boardgame at Storm Crow Tavern. Looking like a nerdy nirvana, the pub’s walls are adorned with geeky artifacts from fantasy and sci-fi books, films and TV shows and the library of boardgames make it the perfect place to recreate a low-key house party. If you have a large enough group of friends (12 people) you can reserve the ‘big table’ in the back and either bring your own card games or borrow something from the pub’s collection. 1305 Commercial Drive, Vancouver


photo: Endless Meal

photo: Endless Meal

Dining at the Endless Meal Supper Club

Chef Kristen’s swanky Gastown apartment is the secret address of the underground Endless Meal Supper Club, which serves up some of the best food in the city. Book a group dinner or make some new friends by joining a monthly ‘social supper’ on your own. Tickets cost $50 and you can bring your own wine to enjoy with the locally-grown, mainly organic dinner. Relax around the dining table, check out the artwork in Kristen’s apartment and don’t worry about feeling like the friendless one at a party as you’ll meet plenty of interesting people. Once you’ve booked your ticket you’ll be given the address and you just ring the buzzer for entry. Kristen even runs a food blog so you can replicate her delicious recipes when you throw your own dinner party at home. Gastown, Vancouver

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