Get in on a secret spy mission in downtown Vancouver

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Following the success of Crime in Downtown, Vancouver Mysteries is launching a new urban game this spring.

In Secret Mission, participants meet near the Waterfront Skytrain Station. After being divided up into teams, they’re visited by a mysterious stranger who gives them instructions for their mission. Then the game’s afoot as gameplayers seek to save the city.

Co-created by Sevan Flament, who also created Crime in Downtown, Secret Mission challenges players to find hidden messages and decipher codes to track a criminal mastermind. Working in teams of two to five, players have two hours to complete the game.

As co-owner Will Woods, who is also the guide for Forbidden Vancouver walking tours, notes, some of the challenges “are visual, some are analytical, some are cryptic and some need an eye for detail. You have to work as a team.”

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Secret Mission is currently available for private games of six people or more. To arrange a game, email Vancouver Mysteries’ other game, Crime in Downtown, can also be booked at

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