Flightseeing with Harbour Air – Win an Extended Panorama Tour for Two!


Harbour Air was founded in B.C. in 1982 and today has more than 40 aircrafts, servicing 350,000 passengers throughout coastal British Columbia. The Harbour Air Group, consisting of Harbour Air Seaplanes, Westcoast Air and Whistler Air is one of the largest seaplane companies in the world. Harbour Air also has Tantalus Air, a land-based charter airline.

Harbour Air is the only airline in North America that measures, reduces and offsets 100 per cent of corporate emissions. This includes all aspects of their operations including heating, cooling and lighting at all facilities; ground transportation services; employee business travel and commuting to work; and paper and commercial printing. Since 2007 passengers have since paid a nominal carbon offset surcharge that is used to mitigate the environmental impact of the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s) associated with their flight, rendering each flight carbon neutral. To date, Harbour Air passengers have help offset 60,000 tonnes of carbon, which is equivalent to taking 12,600 cars off the road.


Contest Prize: Extended Vancouver Panorama for Two

Many locals may not know that one exhilarating way to experience Vancouver is overhead – specifically by seaplane. Discover even more of the majestic mountains and expansive coastline that surround breathtaking Vancouver on Harbour Air’s 35-minute Extended Panorama Tour for two. The extended version of Harbour Air’s most popular Vancouver Panorama tour departs from downtown Vancouver’s Coal Harbour and includes a complete aerial view of the city, surrounding parks and beaches and North Shore Mountains before following the coast further north towards Whistler, then looping back down over the islands and exploring the incredible Sunshine Coast. The exhilarating spray of the water is always a highlight during take-off and landing. The tour operates year-round and daily.
You can learn more about the Extended Panorama Tour and other Harbour Air tours by visiting

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303 Responses to Flightseeing with Harbour Air – Win an Extended Panorama Tour for Two!

  1. Alynne

    I love to explore Vancouver and have taken many different hikes around the area to see all the beautiful sights. It would be amazing to see the same sights from the air! It would give me a whole new perspective on the city I love.

    • Paul Butler

      I will be visiting Vancouver for 4 days this coming August with a friend from Europe. He is already excited about his Harbour air flight from Vancouver Island to YVR for his return flight to Europe, his first time in a seaplane. Can you imagine his excitement and my great pride if we were to experience our beautiful coast, mountains and great City of Vancouver on a Harbour Air seaplane.

    • Julie Chambers

      I would love to win this opportunity. My husband and I will be flying into Vancouver from Ontario in August. To be able to view the unbeatable beauty of the Vancouver area from above must be nothing short of astonishing. My only dilemma would be which two of us would get to take part in this fantastic experience, as our son lives up the road in Whistler. I think we might have to purchase a third seat for him if possible. :)

    • Chris E

      I would love to win this experience and see the city from the sky – it’s beautiful as it is seeing it while on hikes or biking around town but to see it from the air would be amazing and once in a lifetime treat!!!

    • Milica

      I would love to be able to experience the Extended Vancouver Panorama with my boyfriend as his birthday present before he goes away for the summer!

    • Maria Mantas

      I would love to win this !!!!

  2. Aime

    I would love to experience this!!

  3. Scott Podwinski

    I’d love to win this tour just to spend some quality time with my wife. It’s hard to do when you work 6 days a week. This could also be used as credit to keep me out of the dog house!

  4. Julie Lazarowich

    Such a wonderful opportunity to see a beautiful city! I love this airline

  5. johan lee

    I would really like to take my mom for her birthday to show how beautiful this place is.

  6. I love to win because I want to see more of beautiful BC from above and of course take some beautiful pictures.

  7. Ashley Isaac

    Amazing opportunity. I have always wanted a chance to see all the reefs around Vancouver. I can only imagine how stunning the view is

  8. Chris Chui

    I would love to take my mother on this as a birthday present, we love to hike as a family and have lived in Burnaby my whole life, would be neat to see Vancouver from a birds-eye view

  9. Darcy

    This is my dream!!

  10. Anne

    I’m in Vancouver since 8 months and every time I see a seaplane I want to do it and discover the city and the mountain with a flightseeing.
    In June. my mother come from France to see me and she will be here for her birthday. It will be the perfect birthday’s gift! I will enjoy to share with her this beautiful moment.

  11. Arlene C

    I have been up once in a float plane and loved it for the view. My sister saw my pics and now she would like try it. What a beautiful city we live in and I would like to share the experience with her.

  12. Ging Caballero

    I would love to win this. It will be an amazing experience. It will be a dream come true..

  13. Charlene Wojcicki

    Simply would be amazing

  14. Janet

    a sweeping bird’s eye view of the outdoor beauty that is Vancouver would be a momentous birthday treat for my husband who turns 65 this summer!

  15. Beverly

    Bucket list.

  16. Simone Rocha

    I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I’m in love with Vancouver!!!
    Here is awesome and I don’t wanna come back!
    I really love this amazing City! So glad and lucky to being here! Thanks Canada! Eh! ;)

  17. Robert

    I would like to win this because I love this city! It’s also a bucket list item.

  18. lorrie Joron

    If I won this experience I would gift it to a family member coming to BC for a family reunion. It would go to the family members coming from the farthest destination-Spain, Scotland?

  19. Perri lee Jefferies

    My holiday is consisting of Vancouver and Vancouver Island. We wre travelling by car over the Rockies and our final destination will be Calgary.
    I have been saving and working hard all year for this holiday to be able to give ourselves to opportunity to make the most of our once in a life time trip.
    To be able to do the sky tour would just top off our itinerary and make our holiday feel complete.
    I can’t wait to arrive in August. Looking forward to the many adventures this place has to offer :)


  20. Rachel

    What a lovely way to discover the new city being called home!

  21. Matt Paugh

    I’m a tour guide. I get to show people all over the world this beautiful city and surrounding area. I would love this to be able reinforce my passion for sharing just way this place is so stunning in its beauty and grandeur

  22. Jaclyn Bates

    I would love to win this experience! What better way to experience and witness the true beauty of our coastline than from the air! A birdseye view can’t be beat!

  23. I often see the planes flying past as I jog in Stanley Park and think of what a cool perspective of our beautiful city you must have from up there! Birds eye view :)

  24. David Vanya

    I’m a photographer and this is the only angle i can’t take pictures from, so it would be a great opportunity for me to capture this city from above.

  25. I would like to enter the competition to win the flight over the harbour, thank you

  26. Mary

    It would make a great birthday gift for my boyfriend)

  27. Ricardo J

    Just imagine the view!!! Sea and mountains, snow and sand, just depend where do you want to look.

  28. Kate Hogan

    I would love to gift this incredible experience to my family which I have coming to visit Vancouver in July! They need to see how amazing this place is and a flight would be their dream tour!

  29. Sandi Hansen

    This would rock my world!!
    I met a fabulous lifelong friend in London, England in May 1985. We travelled Europe together on a Contiki tour for 2.5 months, then flew back down to Italy for another look.
    I went to visit her in Australia in 1987 and brought my daughters back in 2013. Audrey is so incredibly fabulous and is coming to Vancouver Island to stay with my daughters and I for 4 weeks. She has never been to North America and is already in love with Vancouver, my birthplace.
    Please help me show this mate of mine a truly unforgettable experience in vancouver.

  30. Kathy P

    I have lived in Vancouver my entire life but have never seen Vancouver from a float plane. I would be honoured to win.

  31. Joanne W

    I would love to see Vancouver from up high! I’ve heard of this, but never got a chance to do this! And this would be a great date idea with my boyfriend, as he has never done this too!! We would love to see our beautiful city from up high!

  32. sneh chand

    Love to see bird’s eyes view of wonderful city.

  33. Amanda mills

    this would make my life!! I recently just started seeing someone in Vancouver so I’ve been visiting more frequently, I think it would be an amazing experience to see all of beautiful Vancouver that I haven’t seen so far! Plus it would make an amazing date :)

  34. Jenette King

    What an amazing way to view Vancouver and surrounding areas. This would be such a great opportunity!!

  35. I adore Vancouver and sea planes…what better experience could there be?

  36. Judy

    Vancouver is so beautiful. It would be fabulous to see it from the air to get a new perspective. Such a great memorable opportunity. I would cherish this exhilarating experience.

  37. Sherry Gates

    I would love to win. I’ve always wanted to fly in one, and bring a friend. Also to view beautiful coast line. It would be an amazing experience.

  38. Velma Sandry

    Would be bliss! I would share with sister and son who are coming here for a little vacay. No better way to share the magical beauty that is Vancouver and what we have so close to us. I love my home and am so proud to share.

  39. Elizabeth

    I am a travel agent and visited BC previously on business, fell in love with it and am now booked for a week in June. Can’t wait! I would LOVE to experience Vancouver by air so I can recommend it to my clients and of course promote via social networks.

  40. Dee Shannon

    Perfect birthday present, in perfect weather, in the perfect city. THANKS

  41. Emma prophet

    I would LOVE to experience a bird’s eye view of this beautiful city!

  42. kay

    Great way to play tourist in my own town

  43. Christine Dear

    Two years ago I finally made BC my home. Since then I have been out exploring every neighbourhood, street by street and have discovered some beautiful treasures along the way. Having the opportunity to see Vancouver from a different perspective would be like the cherry on top of the sundae.

  44. Lindi blewett

    I’ve been in Canada for only little over a week now and can not think of a better way to see view Vancouver for the first time!

  45. CAL

    love to see the city from a different angle :)

  46. Sabrina

    My boyfriend and I (both from Switzerland) are going to stay in Vancouver for three weeks during July. I was staying in this fabulous city last year. However this is going to be our first journey across the Atlantic together and I’m already excited to show him around my absolute favourite city. It would be even more spectecular to explore it with a seaplane tour concerning that he is fascinated by airplanes. Especially I’d love to take this opportunity to surprise him and say “thank you” for all those wonderful moments we shared together in the past four years.

  47. Chris

    This would be an awesome tour. Thx for the opportunity to see our lovely city and coastline.

  48. vith khoeun

    My boyfriend and I have taken 3 trips to vancouver this year just to explore. A flight tour would be an amazing experience we can’t afford righy now.

  49. Katie Doonan

    This would be an unbelievable experience.

  50. Paula Soule

    The very thought of this experience leaves me speechless as I have been taking in the breathtaking sights from the ground, mesmerized by the smallest details of this beautiful land and seascape, it would be amazing to see all of those minute wonders from the sky.
    Monumental experience of a Life time!!!

  51. Laurent

    Seeing BC from the air is something to try and it’s one of my dreams to achieve

  52. Laura Bunyan

    We are spending 3 weeks travelling from Vancouver to Calgary in august, we already looked into this trip already but couldn’t afford it! We have saved all year and this would just complete an amazing trip. Can’t wait to get out to Canada!

  53. Ming

    I think it would be awesome to be able to have a clear aerial view of our beautiful Vancouver

  54. Tiffany

    I’d love to take a friend who just moved to BC!

  55. Christian Batara Wishnu

    I’d love to see Vancouver with my friend. We haven’t had time to see the beautiful side of Vancouver. I’ve seen Vancouver from Google Images but i never see with my own eyes, 35 mins to see Vancouver from the sky is everything for us. I’m so excited to get this chance.

  56. Thomas Ryan

    This would be so cool to do and something to tick off the bucket list :)

  57. Lindsay McGuinty

    I would love to win this experience for my boyfriend and I. In June it is our anniversary of 4 years in Vancouver together. We had been together for 3 years in Ontario and took a 3 year break before he asked me to join him out in Vancouver. I finished my school year and was on the first train out to Vancouver to reunite with the love of my life.

    We’ve had a rough year this year as my boyfriend has had some health issues, but we’ve grown stronger together and this would be a great way to celebrate. As his health issues prevent him from working right now, our budget is very tight and there is no way we would be able to afford this right now.

    We would both be very appreciative of this experience and it would help to add some positivity to our lives we need right now.

  58. Marie Hastings

    I have always wanted to do this!
    It would rock my world to have this opportunity!

  59. Nicoletta Ferretti

    A little ol’ Aussie is here,
    In Canada for but only a year,
    The to-do list is tall,
    But the wallet is small,
    Pick me and i’ll grin ear-to-ear!

  60. Anika

    I´ll give you the best reasons why I should be given the tour. Actually its not for me, its for my boyfriend. He worked very hard to bring me to Vancouver, Canada. Sometimes 7 days a week. On top of that he is working on his distnace learning to get his degree. All he ever wanted is to see me happy and make enough money to start a family. He needs some time off and deserves to relax. Up in the air he could take a deep breath, enjoy the sight and get some new energy! I love my boyfriend and wanna see him smile :) <3

  61. Olivia

    I would love to take my husband on a surprise tour. It would be a great date.

  62. Arjun Rudra

    Would love to take my mom if i win, cause not only has she never been on a seaplane but i think the view of the city and the experience would be something quite memorable.

  63. Hiroshi T

    Be a tourist in your own town. Why travel the world, when most of us have never really seen the sites in our own town.

  64. Sjoerd van der Pal

    I see them flying all the time, every time I say to myself one day that will be me in that plane. Would this be my chance!!

  65. Mike Pernack

    I’m in !

  66. Anna

    A view like no other; an experience of a lifetime it would be…!

  67. Bev Hunter

    I was born and raised in Vancouver and have now lived in Surrey for 33 years. I love showing my new husband around Vancouver and would really enjoy this kind of view!

    We are moving to the Okanagan in the next couple of years and are enjoying our last visits to Metro Vancouver areas. This would simply be the icing on the cake for us both. Can’t think of a better way to complete this chapter of life.

  68. This would be an amazing, breathtaking spectacular adventure that would be so wonderful to experience! thanks for these images!

  69. Kevin W

    Love to give it or take my parents to go, i’m sure they’ll enjoy it

  70. Claudia O.

    Since I will return to Vancouver for another visit in autumn I would love to explore the city from another angle this time.
    I already flew a couple of times with your planes to Victoria forth and back but never took a chance on this kind of “sight- seeing” before.

  71. Amanda H

    because our son never got to meet his grandfather (passed away) and his grandfather was a floatplane pilot & instructor! We want to bring the love of aviation in to our sons World like his grandfather would have wanted XO

    • I would love to see my daughter get this experience.

  72. Lisa Fedora

    Would be an adventurous gift to win for a 50th birthday bucket list experience for my boyfriend who has never flown!✈️

  73. Amanda C

    I have explored Vancouver and Whistler by ground, now is the time to explore it from the air! This would be an amazing experience to see our beautiful West Coast from the air!

  74. Jannine Williams

    I’m visiting Vancouver in August for a conference and bringing my family with me as it is my partner’s 50th birthday at the same time. It would be fantastic to see the city from the sky and wonderful to do it with a company that offsets 100% of it’s corporate emissions!

  75. It would be a great anniversary present for my wife and I :)

  76. Tony Nelson

    Who wouldn’t want to see one of the crown jewels of Canada via the intimate setting of a sea plane? What a great idea!

  77. Jenn

    I would love to win this for my parents. They have lived here for over 30 years and have never had an opportunity to really explore the place we call home, it’s my dads 57th birthday this weekend, he would love to have a chance to do something this amazing before he gets too old!

  78. Mairi

    How gorgeous! Always wanted to do this, hopefully you choose me and I will tell everyone!!:)

  79. Carmen

    born and raised here and contemplating on moving wanting to experience vancouver in ways I have and have not to fall in love again… this would be one of those I have not done and LOVE to do!!

  80. Fin

    I love flying with Harbour Air! Would love this!!

  81. Bonnie

    Born and raised in Vancouver yet have never but always wanted to experience it on a seaplane. Bucket list!

  82. Nancy

    I’d love to take my boyfriend in this ride. He was just invited on a helicopter ride and loved it, so I know he’ll enjoy this too. For me. I’d love to experience this & write about it.

  83. Lori

    There is nothing better than an aerial view!

  84. Rebecca

    This would be an incredible way to see Vancouver from an amazing new angle. The view would be unforgeable :o)

  85. Matt

    I’d love to show my fiancée how beautiful Vancouver is from the air! :)

  86. Greg

    It would be an awesome photo shoot opportunity

  87. Lauren Fletcher

    I am from the UK and have lived in Vancouver for almost two years. I have absolutely fallen in love with this beautiful city. My parents are coming to visit in June; this is a once in a lifetime trip for them. My mum has always wanted to come to Canada and what better way to show her the beauty of Vancouver than on a Harbour Air flight. It would be a dream come true!!

  88. Radhika Khan

    I would love to surprise my husband with this on our 4 year anniversary!

  89. Tracy Nagel

    I have made a 180% lifechange and for the last year I started to experience a few amazing things in life and Harbour Air definitely made it to my bucket list for this year…

  90. Blair

    I’m finally moving back to Vancouver, and my patient girlfriend could use a reward for waiting. What a woman! What a city!

  91. Dilpreet singh

    I waana explore Vancouver because it’s a gorgeous place , it is like a heaven on earth. And I never did a flight seeing before I guess it goona be awesome. :).

  92. Colleen

    I was born and raised in Vancouver, which is apparently an unusual thing for this city. I get out an enjoy the seawall weekly as well as enjoying the North Shore mountains almost every weekend.
    I would love to explore more of what this amazing city has to offer by seeing it from the air! It would give me a new perspective on this city that I love.

  93. Anne

    An Ariel view of Vancouver with Harbour Air would be spectacular!

  94. sara raouf

    I would love to see the beauty of the west coast from the sky!

  95. Leslie Hucul

    When I had to leav W Van for my husbands job in NYC…my heart broke, having lived 10 years on the bluff in GlenEagles living in Calgary is pretty..but I miss my beautiful bridges and parks and the north shore…..

    My husband has not been back since our return to Canada…our Anniversary is July 14… What a dream gift

    Thank you

  96. Bec

    Hi there,

    I believe that this would be an EPIC experinece and I would lOVE to win this, I have a friend flying over from Australia to visit me and this would be perfect to show them that VANCOUVER is one of the most beautiful places in Canada :)

  97. mabel

    My dad has flew on a small plane like this before to take aerial pictures. Wish I have the same opportunity to do the same in my lifetime.

  98. Lisa Munday

    Wow what an awesome prize. I would love to be able to see the beauty that surrounds me from the air.

  99. Bec

    Hi there,

    I believe that this would be an EPIC experience and I would LOVE to win this, I have a friend flying over from Australia to visit me and this would be perfect to show them that VANCOUVER is one of the most beautiful places in Canada :)

  100. Rhea

    I’d love to take my boyfriend, who is visiting from Alaska, on this tour. Vancouver is so beautiful, and he hasn’t been here before :)

  101. Michele

    I would love to take my daughter to see our newly adopted city from above!

  102. Because I’m a photographer! =D

  103. Ted Narhila

    My girlfriend grew up in Vancouver and I’m not that familiar with the area – so I’d also have a personal tour guide to talk about what I’m seeing :)

    It would be a great experience for us.

  104. Cherie Duggan

    I have never done anything like this. I think it would be amazing to see this beautiful city from a different vantage point.

  105. Li

    I would love to experience this with my partner for our one year anniversary.

  106. Nadia

    My father worked for many years further up the BC coast and would fly on float planes, up on Monday mornings and back home on Friday afternoons. He shared many stories of his flights, the smooth take offs in the crisp morning air and landing back near the Bayshore Hotel near sunset. He also described some frighting flights during bad weather.

    I would love to share a scenic flight with him to celebrate his 82nd birthday and show him all the changes that happened since his work flights.

    thanks for the opportunity of entering this contest, Nadia

  107. Karin Kivila

    I would love to win this becouse I’ve been away from home (Estonia) for almost 2 years now and my mom is coming to visit me. This would be perfect mother daughter trip for us. Plus I’ve never won anything in my life ; ) Please pick me

  108. Jacqui

    This would be a truly wonderful experience. It would be AMAZING to win this. To see ariel views of the absolutely gorgeous Vancouver would be a dream come through.

    Thank you :)

  109. Maureen

    We live steps from the Harbour Air terminal in Sechelt. We’ve taken the flight from Sechelt to Vancouver several times. It’s the only way to fly!

  110. Hi, I really want to do this amazing experience, and also tell for all my readers about it. Please, give this chance, there are a lot of Brazilians in Vancouver and I will happy to show for them how exciting this experience would be.

  111. Sally

    I moved to Vancovuer from Australia just under a year ago! What an amazing way to celebrate the anniversary!

  112. Emma

    I’ve always wanted to go on a float plane, but I’m not in a position to make that happen any time soon! I’d love to see my beautiful city from the air. I’m a photographer, and I’d be really excited to see the different takes on the same trip a friend and I could produce.

  113. kirn

    Mom mom would so love this as her birthday present!

  114. Every summer, I come to Vancouver to visit my family. I live in Toronto, and my younger sister lives in Melbourne, Australia. This year, when I come to visit, my sister is going to drop in unannounced and surprise my parents. This would be another nice surprise!

    Also, Vancouver is gorgeous from the ground – it would be amazing to capture photos of it from above!

  115. Casey

    I love Vancouver!

  116. Emilia

    To see how the city and lower mainland has grown over the years, experience the thrill of the flight and feel like a million bucks

  117. Nikita

    I can think of no better way to celebrate getting engaged than going on a flight like this! My fiancé and I both love adventuring throughout BC; it would be great to explore it by air.

  118. KMundy

    My husband and I love to do tourist activities in our own city. I would love to surprise him with this! So much fun :)

  119. Susan

    I grew up in Vancouver and it would be an amazing experience to see this from another perspective and discover things i may have not known from the ground!

  120. Melinda McDonald

    In July my husband and I will leave our four boys behind to have three weeks in Canada celebrating the wedding of two amazing people. It will be a once in a lifetime experience! The only thing that could make it even more incredible would be an aerial sightseeing tour!

  121. Roy Parkinson

    I was very fortunate to fly out of Vancouver harbor in the SIXTIES it would be amazing to do it again and see the changes to this WORLD CLASS CITY !!!!

  122. Peggy

    We would love to spend our 31st Anniversary doing the grand tour…especially for someone who lives here more than half a century!

  123. Ane eskildsen

    I an from Denmark and visiting BC In june. Hope to win to show ny family the wonderful Nature!!!

  124. Paola

    I’d love to win this because my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and we have always wanted to go on one of these tours!

  125. Antonia

    Its my moms 50th Birthday and her big dream is to travel to Vancouver ! This would be a one in a lifetime experience to see her favorite city! To see the city she is traveling with me from Germany when i have to work so we only have 48 hrs!

    Please, let her dream come true!

  126. Heather

    I’d love to share these views with my mom!

  127. Anna Ferguson

    My husband is turning 77 next month and I am pretty sure he would love to see the amazing views of Vancouver from above. It would be lovely if I could surprise him with this treat and a break from our little ones! He’s the most amazing father to our triplets and we couldn’t be more blessed to have him in our life! Vancouver is our most favourite city in the world and it is why we have chosen this city to live in amongst all other possible cities in the world! Vancouverites are also the best people in the world and we just love it here!!

  128. Victor

    Flying over Vancouver is always my dream. Hope my dream comes true.

  129. Hannah

    I’m sadly leaving Vancouver after 5 years, and this would be a great send off!

  130. Karen Brown

    I’m so fortunate to live in such a beautiful city like Vancouver and after flying over to Victoria on Harbour Air, I can just imagine how amazing a flightseeing tour would be! Most of us are so caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle that it would be such a gift to enjoy Vancouver’s beautiful scenery in such a relaxing way and from such a spectacular view!! I’m getting excited just thinking about it! Thank you!

  131. Anna

    I have been in Vancouver for three months and haven’t even done half of the exploring possible. It’d be so amazing to be able to have a birds eye view of what I need to add to my to see list.

  132. Amandine

    I’d love to win this to take my husband on the trip. It’s one his top 5 list go things to do here but money is always a restriction, so would be awesome to win it!

  133. Sarah

    This would be such a fun and crazy experience!! Vancouver is a beautiful city and I would love to see it from up high !

  134. Taufeeq Kashtwari

    I wish to experience the panaric scenery prior to heading back to Kenya for good as a student

  135. Isabelle

    oh wow… this would be fun for my birthday!

  136. aarone mawdsley

    I would love to win! this would be so fun!

  137. I would love to experience this with my husband. We love going to Vancouver. It is such a nice flight from Los Angeles. We have been on a seaplane before visiting a wonderful family who we’ve been friends with for years who live in Nanaimo. Our friend Nel’s took us on a boat ride up to the Indian Arm and the views and waterfall were amazing. Everyone who lives in or has been to Canada is so fortunate!

  138. Oh how wonderful.I have often thought of this and perhaps will shortly be doing this!!

  139. Sherry Archibald

    I visit Vancouver every year for extended stays. I experience new sights every trip. I would love to add an aerial experience this coming trip. Vancouver is such a remarkable city.

  140. Joan

    I have lived in Vancouver for my whole life, and this would be a chance of a lifetime!

    • Joan

      I have liv d in Vancouver my whole life. This would be a chance of a lifetime!

  141. Kristina

    I’d love to see Vancouver from up in the sky!

  142. Céline

    I will be visiting Vancouver for the very first time in mid-June and am so looking forward to it. This would be the PERFECT excursion to make this an unforgettable trip. Pick me! Pick me! Please :)

  143. Karen

    I have never been in a seaplane! I would love this flightseeing tour. Would really love to see more of the coast in one too.
    Pick me!

  144. Katie

    Vancouver is a beautiful city! Would love to experience it from above!

  145. Orathai Austin

    It would be a great way to celebrate my birthday.

  146. Melodie

    I’ll be visiting with a friend in June and I absolutely love flying, love Vancouver so I would loooove to win this experience!

  147. Janice

    I have never been and would love this experience. underprivileged simply. I am 23 born on the 23rd 23 years ago, this has to be a year to remember. I have a passion for life and would love to share this bit of happiness with. someone close. =)

  148. peter

    I often think about how cool it would be to do exactly this…explore Vancouver from the air…awesome. Thank you.

  149. Kali

    Too many reasons: my birthday is on the 28th (perfect birthday gift!), always be on my bucket list, I love Vancouver and would love to discover the coast for up there! And… My best friend’s birthday is coming next week so would be the perfect gift for both of us!

  150. Cindy Santos

    We have our 24th Wedding Anniversary coming up it would be wonderful see the places we have been to by ground and the beautiful city where we were born from a different perceptive!

  151. Angel

    It would be perfect present for our parents’ 40th wedding anniversary this year 2015.

    Nevertheless, it’s a good North Shore encounter in a birds’eye .

  152. wenxiao

    My parents have never been on a float plane and since the Raincouver has turned into Suncouver for the summer, this would provide a lovely perspective for them to fly and make fond memories from the tour.

  153. Jane Harrison

    I’d love to have an extended flightseeing trip with Harbour Air so that I can treat my sister and her new husband to a tour of my beautiful new home when they visit me from Dubai!

  154. pedro costa

    I’m a brazilian who will be first time in another Country. I’m really in love for Vancouver. Since 2012 I’m planning to go to Vancouver….and finally I’ll know and I will discover this amazing city in this summer of 2015. So….to be better…if I win this flightseeing I will be amazed and without words to explain my joy !!!!!! #loveVancouver

  155. David

    I’d love to win this extended sightseeing tour with Harbour Air to take my long distance girlfriend on a dream first date. We are both huge aviation fanatics and have aspirations to work in the field upon graduation from post secondary. She is a soon to be pilot and I am working towards a diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering. For two cash strapped students, this would be a great way to give her the first date she deserves.

  156. Sylvia Davidson

    I love this city and would love to see what it looks like from the air! I am in my early 40’s and worked so my children could travel. I, however, have never been in a plane in my life. This would be amazing!

  157. Craig Lessels

    Would love to win this to take a friend from Ontario out on an adventure in the air.

  158. Jasmina

    Wow! This would be a dream come true!

  159. Margaret Marshall

    My Stepdaughter and Stepgrandaughter are visiting from England for the first time since their Dad/ Grandad died here 8 yrs ago. I always fly with Harbour Air because of the service and convenience. My two lovelies will be coming to Vancouver Island using your service too. This sightseeing trip would be such an experience for them to see this wonderful country their Dad and I adopted as our home 34 yrs ago.

  160. Michelle

    Why do I want to win? Uhmmm duh, BECAUSE!! It’s awesome!!!!!

  161. Dyan Zimmerman

    I would absolutely love to do this panoramic tour; as a proud Vancouverite that hasn’t lived in my hometown for 20 years I come home every summer and each time I am again in awe of the natural beauty this city has to offer. I am homesick just looking at the these photos and count the days to bring my husband and 4 children back home. I am grateful to have been raised here and to have experienced the spectacular beauty the Vancouver and BC have to offer. Also my husband would love this panoramic tour as he loves planes & flying and was probably a pilot in another life :))

  162. Aida

    I would love try this!!

  163. Jessica

    Vancouver is such a beautiful city and I’d love to be able to experience it by air!

  164. Cass

    It has always been a dream of mine to ride in a seaplane – I am fascinated watching them land and take off. Soaring high above Vancouver, one of the most beautiful cities would be a unique vantage point to pretend I’m a bird!

  165. Shannon Waddell

    We visit Vancouver at least once a year, usually twice, to escape the Texas heat. Always a fantastic time. We would love to see the area from the air in addition to our usual approach/departure from YVR.

  166. Reema Prihar

    Love Harbour Air. Would love to send my mom and aunt on the panorama tour. They are the most selfless women who take care of everyone around them. I would love to see them pampered. Thank you.

  167. Janice G.

    No better way to show a visitor the best of Vancouver.

  168. Claire

    What a great date it would be for my husband and I. What an amazing view it must be.
    I would love to surprise my lovinetto with this prize.
    Fingers crossed ;)

  169. Davide T.

    I love taking pics. This would give me the chance to get some incredible shots!

  170. Brad

    It would be awesome.

  171. Grace K W

    I would like to win this contest for my in-laws. They deserve to have a little fun time in their retirement life. I believe they will be delighted to have the opportunity to see the panoramic view of Vancouver.

  172. Dylan Adams

    I would love to experience this given that Harbour Air is already an awesome airline, and it would be well used during these long, beautiful summer days we’ve been having.

  173. Donna Elderton

    What can i say, i live iComox and own a business only minutes away from the West Coast Air terminal, but have not yet been able to enjoy what is in my back yard, too busy working. Could be some awesome cinnamon buns for the crew….. Happy Face

  174. Kate

    What an amazing experience that would be. Would love to share this with my son.

  175. Carolyn

    Love Vancouver from any view. It’s a beautiful city and especially on a sunny day. Where else can you fly over snow capped mountains and a beautiful ocean.

  176. Jamie

    I would love to win this experience for my husband and I, to celebrate our wedding anniversary this summer. We both are from the lower mainland but are currently living in the interior. We are hoping to make a move back by the fall and this would be an excellent welcome home experience.

  177. Vicky

    I would love this! I’ve heard some amazing people work at Harbour Air!

  178. Gwen

    My BUCKET LIST!!!!!!!

  179. Sarah Lei

    My daughter and I were planning to do this in the summer. It would be amazing if we won this. I <3 heart Vancity

  180. Liliana Wong

    I want to go over Vancouver with my mum so she knows why I fell in love with this city!

  181. I enjoy photography and this trip would be an excellent ways to get some photos to share with potential visitors to the Vancouver area

  182. Angela

    For as much time as I’ve spent in Vancouver in my lifetime there is so much I still haven’t seen! This would certainly help knock a few “must sees” off the list :)

  183. Joanne

    To celebrate 10 years with my not-husband (because boyfriend sounds weird when you’re 40)!

  184. i’d love to treat my wife to the ultimate scenic tour! She’s never flown in a small plane let alone how cool of an experience it would be photographing the whole trip!

  185. Darlene C

    Would love to see the City from a floatplane.

  186. Amy

    I’ve never been on a floatplane and would love to see a bird’s eye view of our beautiful city!

  187. Crystal

    I am a full-time university student and have been a resident of Vancouver for almost 9 years now… I woke up one day and realized that while I’ve been going to school and working, I have never really travelled this beautiful city that many around the world would kill to live in. My dream is to soar the skies of Vancouver and breathe in every beautiful thing about it .. it’s time to take my nose out of the books and take in everything Vancouver is known to be!

  188. This is a special year of savings for me so I won’t be able to afford this kind of event but if given the chance I would love to experience this and make this my trip of the year!

  189. Edwin

    Would be a great opportunity to take some pictures of Vancouver with a bird’s eye view

  190. Crystal

    My boyfriend has never really had the money to go on a beautiful trip around Vancouver to explore the city he was born in and grew up in. My dream is to take him on a panoramic tour around the city from birds-eye view for our anniversary.. it would make me the happiest woman in the world to know that I’ve made him the happiest man in the world!

  191. Alisa Brozinsky

    As a native Vancouverite who has now lived in San Francisco for the last 20 years, it would be such a treat to take my daughter on this flight to get a unique perspective of the beautiful city that I still feel is my “home” and still has my heart.

  192. Benny

    I have never been on a seaplane before. This is be a great adventure and to view the city from the air would be amazing!

  193. Amy Jones

    I’ve been in Vancouver for a year and a half and have seen the most amazing sights (I don’t want to go home!!), I think this would just top it off perfectly. I was surprised and pleased to read that Harbour Air measures, reduces and offsets one hundred percent of carbon emissions. Pick me, pick me

  194. Melissa B.K.

    I would like to win this so I can feel “free” – free to enjoy myself and surrounded by the beauty of Vancouver – and also to overcome a little bit of fear of heights :-)
    I will wish upon a star tonight in hopes of winning!

  195. Julie

    Wow, so many deserving people, I don’t know how you’ll choose! I would like to take my son up as he doesn’t really grasp the beauty that is around us, and I would like to expand his perspective. I would be thrilled to bits to be a part of this experience, and I can mark it off my bucket list. I have a feeling though, that this would be a repeat event!

  196. Peter Robertson

    Yes definitely on my bucket list and I am avid photographer – what makes this exciting though is I am bringing my Australian wife to Canada for the first time. We live in the Middle East and I used to live in Vancouver. Very cool opportunity !!

  197. Brenda

    This would be a fun way to celebrate the end of the high school era for my oldest.

  198. Uwe

    Whenever I go on vacation to Vancouver Island, flying in a Harbour Air seaplane really is the most enjoyable to go and gets me into the West Coast holiday mood.

    My wife and I might be in the area in early June and going on a local sightseeing flight would be an incredible experience!

  199. Kim

    This would be amazing!!! We are from Nova Scotia and have been living in beautiful BC for the past couple of years. We are moving back to Nova Scotia this coming summer, and this would be a truly wonderful highlight to our stay in BC. Thank you for offering such an awesome, awesome opportunity to get a chance to have a birds eyeview of beautiful Vancouver!!!

  200. Carolyn C

    Vancouver BC is my second home and the opportunity to explore by seaplane would be a first for me to explore beautiful Vancouver!

  201. Saba

    I’m a pilot and want to complete my commercial licence on floats. This will be the perfect opportunity to get the introductory lesson, and hubby will agree too since I’m not the one who’ll be doing the flying! (He doesn’t go when I fly!)

  202. Jiri

    It would be a birthday surprise for my girlfriend who will come to Vancouver at the end of June. As we will have a limited time to spend here together, it would be a wonderful experience for us along with a kiss in the air.

  203. Stanley Fung

    I would love to experience this!! Such a wonderful opportunity to see a beautiful city! I love this airline. I watch these planes take off all the time.

  204. I will be visiting Vancouver with my team in July. We are shooting a travel show in Vancouver about its tourist attractions and things to do.
    Would love to to shoot Vancouver aerial views, Will give you partner credit on the show.

  205. Linda Fox

    Would love to take this trip …a great cahnce to take some great pics ans see city from this view.

  206. shawn

    I would love to fly over the sunshine coast.

  207. Jim Wall

    My wife and I never tire of visiting beautiful Vancouver. We love seeing the float planes taking off and landing, it just looks so thrilling. I will be 59 on May 27th so what a birthday present this would be.

  208. Sarah

    I moved from Vancouver to Spain last year to continue my postgraduate studies. In June I´m going back to Vancouver for three weeks with my significant other. This will be his first time in North America. While back home, I want to show him as much of beautiful British Columbia as possible – especially since he has made a huge effort to show me Spain. This would be an incredible experience for both of us.

  209. Shelley

    We recently moved from Vancouver to Calgary for work and we miss it terribly – it would be a wonderful experience to see the most beautiful city ever from the air :)

  210. Elke

    I love Vancouver, and I’d really love to fly over this great city and the hills and islands around it. There’s no better view on this beautiful landmarks! As I never flew in a seaplane yet, it would be a great experience for me!

  211. J H

    Marriage proposal setting!!!! Pick me but don’t tell my girlfriend shhh

  212. Fi

    I would love to take my niece on this amazing flight – she’ll be visiting from the UK in a couple of weeks and it would be a great experience for her first time in Vancouver!

  213. Brenda Hagan

    My fiancé is from Ottawa and is starting to fall in love with the beauty of Vancouver, but is still hesitant about moving here permanently. This beautiful tour would be the perfect thing to convince him.

  214. Kim

    this would take my breath away

  215. Leonie Tijink

    Visiting Vancouver is a long time wish coming true this June, discovering the city flightseeing would just be spectacular!!

  216. Trinity Davies

    This would be so awesome to win this!! I would love to see the city from a bird’s eye view!!

  217. Martina Arhelger

    I moved to Vancouver 5 month ago and I love watching the seaplanes from the Flying Beaver once a week! I used to be a flight attendant in Germany for a short time and I miss flying so much!!! That would be a wonderful experience for my husband and me. Good luck to everybody :-)

  218. Winnie Wong

    This tour sounds amazing! I would love to take my dad for his Father’s Day present. We both love the outdoors and love to take photos of the city and nature!

  219. Anna S

    My girlfriend and I have made it our goal to experience everything Vancouver has to offer and undertake more local adventures this summer. This would definitely be the most incredible adventure and an amazing surprise for her if I win! :)

  220. W Siemens

    Would love this flying tour! I feel like I know eveyr back corner of Vancouver and the surrounding Mountains. I hike and bike a ton so it would be real cool to see the city and the local landscape from the birds-eye view!

  221. Stunning! I would love to see this in person, because even the photos are breathtaking.

  222. Beth

    We will be visiting Vancouver from Chattanooga, TN this August after participating in the Fat Dog 120 Trail Race in and around Manning and Skagit Valley Provincial Parks. An Extended Vancouver Panorama tour for two would be an exciting addition in the air to our epic vacation on foot!

  223. Sylvain

    Would love to do this with my parents when they’re coming to visit this summer ! They’re coming all the way from France, that’d be a great highlight.

  224. Archana

    I have never been on a seaplane and this would fulfill one of the things I have always wanted to do in Vancouver but could never afford!

  225. Ralf

    We are a german family visiting Vancouver in July and our son (7y) often never rests talking. The flight is our chance to have 35 minutes astonished silence.
    Please help us – the parents.

  226. Marsalie

    My husband and I have four kids. We don’t get out alone very often. This would be an amazing date!

  227. Yung

    An awesome rare opportunity to see Vancouver from above!

  228. jasmine

    Vancouver by land is one of the most beautiful cities and landscapes I have ever seen. The culture, people and majestic beauty is what bought me to Canada and specially vancouver from Australia. The opportunity to see it from the air, live and sight see with the locals would be a truly breathtaking experience. The people of vancouver have been truly amazing throughout my time here and this would be the cherry on top to what has been a beautiful experience. May the right person win this trip and have an incredible experience :)

  229. Seth Lema

    there’s no other way to see vancouver majestically but by air. and who to take this memorable experience safely but harbour air. tried & tested!

  230. Nicole

    I’d love to win this because I have always wanted to go on a tiny little plane! The big ones allow too many people on them and I don’t feel important enough. I am a very important lady with important things to do. Very very important.

  231. Simon

    I flew from Victoria back to Vancouver once and was so blown away and inspired by how beautiful the scenery was I wrote a song. I’ve never flown around Vancouver, but that would be amazing!

  232. Al

    An opportunity that would be amazing to attain!

  233. Rachel L

    I love the sunshine coast ! I can’t imagine how gorgeous it is from a birds view ♡ the weather has been just amazing too. Me and my partner would be living large if we got this opportunity. . He’s even more of a scenery person than me ♡♡♡♡♡ thanks #HarbourAir

  234. Elizabeth Calahaison

    I haven’t of ever been on a seaplane! I’ve always wondered how it would be on one, I’ve watched em fly down on the water so gracefully. My bucket list dream! Definitely. Praying I get an opportunity to fly with my dream man Bryan over this beautiful city. <3

  235. Sam

    I just wanna flyyyy

  236. Rachel

    My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this July and neither us of have had the awesome opportunity to experience a seaplane, and what better view than beautiful coastal BC!
    Would love to surprise him with this wonderful gift!! :) :)

  237. Looks fun!

  238. Beth Richmond

    I’m entering this contest for my husband. His Grandfather was a floatplane pilot in BC many years ago and he would love the chance to “fly” in his Grampa’s shoes. For myself, I’m a Vancouver girl to the bone so the chance to fly over her would be a dream!

  239. Jamilla

    Vancouver is such a beautiful city. It would be awesome to see it in aerial view! Always been on my bucket list

  240. Diego

    I am from Switzerland and living in Zurich. Altough there is a lake and a nice view to mountain, there is no better city in the world than Vancouver. And this I want to show to everyone by taking them into view high above.

  241. Flying Harbour Air would finally let me see our beautiful city. I’ve flown into YVR countless times but the view from a float plane would complete me. Having grown up in NW Ontario I experienced Turbo Beavers and Otters and loved every minute. To see our harbour, the Coastal Mountains and the Sunshine Coast would be the experience of a lifetime. Thank you.

  242. M. Soleil

    I’ve never been on a float plane before and would love to go with my husband!

  243. Rob Hodkinson

    This would be the most amazing gift to give to my son who is graduating elementary school and moving on to high school in the fall. One last guy outing before high school.

  244. Holly

    My husband moved out west from Ontario over 7 years ago and has yet to see the vast beauty of BC. We have spent lots of time
    Hiking and mountain biking but a view from the skies would ensure he never has the urge to move back east!

  245. What did you think of my photo of your aircraft taxiing to take off? That propellor action was sweet.

  246. HR

    I am scared of heights but weirdly not afraid of flying so this would be a great opportunity to see the Vancouver coast.

  247. Leanne S

    I bought a flying lesson for my girlfriend for her birthday and she loved it! I watched from the ground but I saw her photos and I would love to go up in the air and check out the extraordinary beautiful place we live in from another perspective.

  248. susannah

    Wow, what an awesome opportunity for cool photos and videos. I think the views while driving the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler are amazing enough–imagine what it looks like from the sky!

  249. I’d love to win this flight. It would be a perfect way to start off the summer with a bang, getting “high” on our beautiful West Coast scenic views.

  250. Joanna

    After 13 years, I finally have decided to visit Vancouver again in July. I am planing to visit the places that I had been before, and some adventure things never done before in this trip! WINNER!

  251. Jovian

    I’d love to see Vancouver from a bird’s eye view! It’d be a grand experience!

  252. I would love to win this contest so I could see Vancouver from a whole new way. My fiancé and I have never been on a seaplane before and I’d love for us to experience this together!

  253. Sharon Temby

    With my very first trip to Canada just 2 weeks away, this opportunity would make my trip so memorable. Would love to see Vancouver from air. What a very generous opportunity!

  254. Tom lidstone

    Love watching harbor air land and take off in our city. We will be celebrating 45th wedding anniversary and 25 years living of living here. My husband worked on all models of Pratt and Whitney engines.
    Pick us, Tom and linda

  255. Donna

    seeing the city from this vantage point would be amazing! Just another confirmation of the most beautiful city ever!

  256. Luna

    Being able to see Vancouver and the surounding area from the top would be absolutly wonderful! I’m an international student from Germany and would be overwhelmed and amazed to be part of such an advanture before I have to return back home in two months after my one year here!

  257. I’d love to take my mom as a belated mothers day gift!

  258. Helen

    To explore vancouver from another view !!

  259. Simrat Sidhu

    I would love to win this experience because I absolutely love traveling and experiencing new things. There is so much of Vancouver to explore; however, this would be a way of exploring it in a way that I have never experienced before. My dream goal is to see as many beautiful views as I can such as sunsets, sunrises, different places in cities, trails, etc.. This has been on my bucket list for quite a while but I’ve never gotten the chance to try it out… I would love to win this experience and show my boyfriend the beauty of this city that I see so often. When I watch movies, the aerial views of cities make me wish that I could see the cities from that view in person. I don’t have the money to spare right now with all the expenses or I would definitely have done this already, so this contest would really make one of my dreams come true!

  260. I have never experienced a breathtaking moment in my life; but, I believe a Vancouver Panorama Flight-seeing tour might just do the trick. It would be a once in a lifetime experience that I can cherish forever.

  261. Maria Zulema Ruiz

    I’d love to be lucky to win because I won a scholarship (29 days) to study English in Vancouver from Mexico. I have a list things to do in Vancouver and it was one I had to decline because I don’t have enough money to enjoy it.

  262. Gary Barclay

    Would love to see my home city from a bird’s-eye perspective!

  263. Amanda

    I see the HA planes every day on my way to work and wish I was in one!! This would be an amazing experience

  264. Asalia

    I would like win because i am going travel to Canadá for first time and I want watch their beautiful views

  265. Larizza

    One of my dreams is to fly in an airplane, and would be a unique and unforgettable experience in a beautiful city, would be a reminder that it would be great to talk.
    In addition ire summer school in Canada for a scholarship, and I do not have enough money to do this tour.

    Please please <3 <3

  266. Jason

    I’ve only experienced Vancouver from the ground, would be a breathtaking experience to see it from the air!

  267. I’ve always been a bit leary of small planes but feel at 58 years old, it’s time to tackle my apprehension.

    It would be the trip of a lifetime…something I would be proud to accomplish, and then proud to brag about!

  268. Dolly

    I lived in BC for almost 5 years and never got around to doing one of these tours. My cousin and I are going back to Vancouver this Summer for a visit and we would love to win this! We have traveled to many places in the world but Vancouver is still by far our favourite place :D

  269. susana bustes

    I would love to win this amazing experience and surprise my husband with this in our anniversary! We have a 1year old baby and since he was born my husband is working so hard so he will be more than happy with this and also would be and amazing opportunity to connect each other and have fun!! :-)

  270. My husband and I are making our way back up to the Pacific Northwest from LA this summer for a permanent move. He’s a DJ from Vancouver and wants to raise our children to be as he did. I would love to gift him this tour because it something we normally couldn’t afford but it would be a spiritual awakening type of experience to welcome into our lives this next chapter. Here’s to luck!

  271. Claudia

    I would love this for my husband’s 40th birthday. He had mentioned a short helicopter ride for my birthday, but I had declined since I was a little scared. He was disappointed but understood. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to surprise him with this?!? Thanks!

  272. Robyn

    Looks like a fabulous opportunity to see Vancouver from a different perspective. Love living here

  273. Juergen

    Last year, my wife and I visited BC for the first time and we fall in love with this beautyful and impressive country. Most of all, we love Vancouver. And so we decided to go to this wonderful town this year for 2 weeks. We will explore whole Vancouver starting at June 27. We would be happy, if we could do this also by plan ;-)

  274. Elspeth

    I would like to win this for my husband who loves the outdoors, wildlife and hiking in our native Scotland. This summer we are hugely excited to be coming to Vancouver for a couple of days in late June, before travelling on to Nanaimo.

    On a previous trip to BC we fell in love with the supernatural scenery that your part of the world has to offer. Being able to see it from the air would be fantastic and a certain holiday highlight – and a great surprise for Roger if we won!

  275. Raeann Abbott

    My short time in Vancouver was great but I was really disappointed that I was not able to do the flight tour but this could be my chance to finally be able to do it!! I would love the opportunity :)

  276. Emily

    I love watching the harbour planes and would love to experience the adventure for myself!!! It is on my list of things to do… and what a great opportunity this would be! Good luck to everyone! :)

  277. Praveena

    I would love to win this for our Anniversary!

  278. gaby diaz

    Me and my boyfriend are talking about getting engage … this would be amaizing place to commit to each other, given that we r not together right now, this would be a beautiful experience to share ♡♡♡

  279. Diego

    After experiencing life in Vancouver for 14 months, I became a loyal visitor. Every year I will make a visit. Next one is coming up (August) and would be awesome to experience this flight with Harbour Air.

  280. I will love to have the experience and see the beauty of Vancouver from another view!! That will be perfect for my husband and I!! a really nice experience over Vancouver!!!

  281. Susana Brito

    This has always been on my bucket list! Vancouver is such a beautiful city!

  282. Jamie Lee

    I would love to be able to take my boyfriend (who’s never been to Vancouver) on one your tours so he can see what a beautiful city Vancouver truly is!

  283. Ashleigh

    Mom is flying into Vancouver from the UK in July, and I will be flying up from Florida at the same time to meet her and my brother who lives there. We love exploring Vancouver. This would be such a treat for us to see more of it from a whole new perspective!

  284. Jeanette

    My 7 year old LOVES Vancouver and has never been in the air. It would be the experience of a lifetime for him!

  285. Claire

    Because I can’t go up in space with Virgin …and this flight for two would be as close to heaven as I could imagine…to see Vancouver at it’s best. Just amazing!!

  286. Stephanie Rieb

    15 years ago,
    my husband took me this flight to the island for our wedding.
    It would be “surprise” anniversary present for him.

  287. Snezana

    I’m afraid of flying, but I hope I’ll overcome it by looking at our beautiful city from above!

  288. Coming to Canada in Aug/Sept 2015 got a lot of things planed to do for my bucket list I am 59 and Canada is a must do. So I am coming to the one place I admire in the world before I regret not doing it, travelling from Calgary to Vancouver Island then onto the last week of three in Vancouver. So by going on this magnificent trip in a seaplane would be the cherry on the cake for me.

  289. Ethelyn

    I want to show my husband who is from Winnipeg, and who spent a lot of time growing up on the East Coast (where he has family), that Vancouver truly is the “Best” Coast, not the “West” Coast or the “Left Coast”. I’d like to open his eyes to why he’s now living in Lotus Land – the only place to live!

  290. Jaime

    What an incredible gift! This would be amazing!!!

  291. Wendy

    It would be so nice to have my parents first visit in Vancouver with this memory!

  292. katie

    I’ve been gone from Vancouver for 14 months and miss it dearly. Will be back for the summer and this would be an amazing addition!

  293. Mark

    My dad has always wanted to take a flight in a seaplane whenever he visits me in Vancouver. Would be great to surprise him with a panorama tour!!

  294. Susan Takata

    I wss born and raised in Vancouver’s eastside. I love this city. My Dad is losing his hearing but his eyes would love to see our city from the air.

  295. Kefalenia

    I have a friend who I haven’t seen for almost 5 years. We met in LA, spent only one day together and that was it. We kept in touch. He is now coming to visit me after all these years. I like him. And I think this is one of the most amazing ways to tell him how much.

  296. Lisa Munday

    what an awesome contest. There is no better way to see the world than from a plane. :-)