Waterfront Sightseeing Adventures with Sea Vancouver (Free Tour Giveaway!)


Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Whether you’re a first-time zodiac adventurer or a seasoned veteran, we guarantee you’ll have a blast!

Launching from the Westin Bayshore Hotel, Sea Vancouver’s fleet of open-air, purpose-built, zodiac-style vessels are Vancouver’s fastest and safest way to view the city from the sea.

Sea Vancouver’s Waterfront Sightseeing Adventures begin cruising along the Vancouver Inner Harbour, then soar up to 55 km/h as they cross the Burrard Inlet. Along the way their experienced, qualified and passionate skippers will provide a fascinating array of information highlighting the sights of Vancouver’s Coal Harbour, Northshore, English Bay, False Creek and Stanley Park. With over 30 possible points of interest, each adventure is tailored to the interests of their thrill-seeking passengers.

Sea Vancouver Waterfront Sightseeing Adventures depart daily on-demand, rain or shine.

Bring yourself, sensible clothing, and a shining attitude!

Tour Info:

  • When: Daily on-demand
  • Where: Westin Bayshore Hotel | 1601 Bayshore Drive
  • Tour length: 90 Minutes
  • Cost: $42 per person, plus taxes
  • Reservations: 604.633.6413

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161 Responses to Waterfront Sightseeing Adventures with Sea Vancouver (Free Tour Giveaway!)

  1. Paula

    Vancouver has the most diverity of all the cities in the world!

    • Marie-Claude Ares

      My eyes will not be big enough to see it all. I wish I can enjoy the scenery with my son and daughter in law.

  2. Johnny

    I “Sea” Vancouver as one of the most amazing places in the world.

  3. Cecile

    Wow, I want to SEE from the SEA!

  4. Aime

    Would love to experience this! Looks like so much fun and a great adventure!

  5. Ron

    There is nowhere more beautiful, the sea, the mountains and the people

  6. Harry

    I ‘Sea’ Vancouver as my home sweet home.

  7. Teresa K

    I “sea” Vancouver as a beautiful place with many beaches.

  8. Sofie

    I would love to sea Vancouver from the sea!

  9. Oliver

    The more I SEA Vancouver, the more I love it!

  10. Sarah

    I “sea” Vancouver as a natural beauty – can’t beat my view of the mountains on my daily walk or the view of downtown and the Northshore from my work!! We are so lucky to live in this place and I would love to see this city from a new point of view!

  11. Tracey Flattes

    I “sea” Vancouver as the most beautiful city I have ever lived, and feel proud to call it home!

  12. F. Nestman

    I am magnetized by the sea

  13. Janet

    the gorgeous quintessential sea Beauty of Vancouver has enraptured me, a prairie girl import for 42 years!

  14. patricia brine


  15. I “Sea” Vancouver as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  16. Christie M

    I ‘Sea’ Vancouver by SUP in False Creek :)

  17. I´m gonna visit Vancouver for the first time in july.
    It would be really great for this Swedish family to make the ride….So please!

  18. Heather

    Not growing up here means I have a lot to SEE still and this would be a perfect way to experience this beautiful city!

  19. Catherine Constantino

    I am visiting in August/September and would love to “sea” all the beauty that is Vancouver! :-)

  20. Serena Debolt

    I SEA Vancouver as the clean waterways capital

  21. Juergen

    Me and my wife will visit our dreamtown Vancouver from june 27 to july 11 and we would be very happy to experience such an adventure while our exploration of wonderful Vancouver.

  22. Anne Delage

    I sea Vancouver as an incredible city, proud to call home & a city I can give back to by volunteering every opportunity I get. FIFA fans & visitors marvel at the beauty & I am proud to be volunteering once again!!

  23. Margarita

    I’m returning to Canada this summer after 36 years! and it’s high time to sea Vancouver from the sea :-)

  24. Renata Antonic

    Sea to Sky – that’s how I sea it!!

  25. Tony

    I “sea” Vancouver as a place where mountains mean to ocean.

  26. Nou

    Love to discovered more of vancouver

  27. Lisa Munday

    what a great prize. I have explored Vancouver from land and air but never by water :-)

  28. Jason

    Vancouver is great, from the sea to the sky!

  29. Melani Singley

    We will be “sea”ing Vancouver for the first time. (We’re Cali folks.) Looking forward to exploring the food, coffee, seawall, parks, and the communities. Would love to view it from the sea!

  30. Robert

    I SEA Vancouver by taking transit. The Seabus and Aquabus are great ways to travel across the water.

  31. Marco

    I “sea” Vancouver as a nice and friendly city which I want to see this time in august from the sea.
    It is my favorite place in Canada and Always the start or the end of my holiday when I am in Canada.

  32. Kate

    Love my city :)

  33. the only way I have seen the sea in Vancouver is via False Creek Ferry & the sea bus. Just a little too tame for my wild heart. Time to kick it up a knotch & have an adventure!

  34. Leisa Rundle

    I “sea” Vancouver as a beautiful, diverse, inviting city. I would love to “sea” it from the water, on one of your guided boat tours.

  35. Cass

    I “sea” Vancouver as the best city to be a tourist in your hometown!

  36. Leanne S

    I “sea” Vancouver from my kayak but I’d love to “sea” it from something a little faster too!

  37. Dave Lastik

    I sea Vancouver as my playground

  38. Shannon

    I “sea” Vancouver from the seat of a sailboat :)

  39. Rob Wight

    I don’t get to “sea” Vancouver very often because i live abit further out…Chilliwack….but i think it would be a great date day :)

  40. Lorrie

    To see the sea
    From the sea
    In Vancouver to be
    Is all I want from thee!

  41. Andy

    ‘Sea-ing’ is believing – Vancouver is the most beautiful ‘sea’ty in the world!!

  42. Janis

    I have SEAn Vancouver from almost every vantage point there is having lived here for the majority of my life ….with the exception of from the water. THIS would have to be one of the BEST ways to SEA all it’s glorious splendour and to share it with someone special (my love who will be visiting next month) would be the icing on the cake for a beautiful summer !! :)

  43. Greet Agneessens

    A dream come true, to see Vancouver again after 14 years. That time on land, maybe this time from the sea? A Belgian Vancouver lover.

  44. Brenda

    We are in such a beautiful city , I sea <3 Vancouver
    by swimming & kayaking in the sea,biking & going
    for walks along the sea wall, and yoga at the beach,
    the amazing westcoast lifestyle! And what a prize,to
    win,a tour on the sea to enjoy the marine life sightings
    and surrounding view!

  45. Trinity

    I would love to road trip from SEAttle to SEA your beautiful city again! We haven’t been there in 4 years – thank you!

  46. Patricia S

    I went out whale watching once on a zodiac, I had an unforgettable time, but to ‘sea” Vancouver and its gorgeous sites from the water, would be just as wonderful. Would love to do that

  47. Tracy

    I see Vancouver from land all the time, I would love to “SEA” Vancouver from the water

  48. Martina A.

    I moved to Vancouver 6 month ago and I still SEA Vancouver like A DREAM COME TRUE!!! Still unbelievable…

  49. I SEA Vancouver from the Zip Lines on Grouse Mountain to the Aquabus in False Creek. Your city, people, and spectacular views never ceases tto amaze me.

  50. Greg

    I “Sea” Vancouver as a place of natural beauty .. the mountains meeting the ocean ..

  51. I “sea” Vacouver as a city of opportunity and adventure!

  52. Velma

    Im so proud of my City! See; Sea Vancouver would be amazing! I would love to share this with my friend as he and his wife have not been here long. This would definitely impress!

  53. Ginny. ross

    Great Sea adventures

  54. Yung

    I see Vancouver from the awesome sea

  55. Lerie

    Vancouver is the best!

  56. Andy

    I sea Vancouver as a multicultural haven with an oasis of diverse ethnic food! Can’t get enough of the sushi, great views, gorgeous waterfront and majestic mountains. I’d love to share this with my mom and take her out to see the city from a different view point as she’s always at home taking care of the chores and the family. It’d be nice to give her a break! !

  57. Lucie

    The most ‘SEAnic’ city in the world! I love this city with it’s beaches, mountains and parks!

  58. Ramona

    a beautiful multi cultural welcoming city which makes one feel at home … its serenity is catching and makes one smile!

  59. Kate

    I want to “sea” the wilderness and beauty offered by Vancity!

  60. Martin

    I SEA vancouver as home sweet home!

  61. would love to SEA VAncouver from the water!

  62. Nadine

    I SEA that I am lucky to live near the ocean and beaches of Vancouver.

  63. Jo

    We are going to Sea Vancouver in the Summer time in 9 sleeps – super excited!

  64. Liliana

    I sea Vancouver at 5:00am for sunrise on my way to yoga.

  65. Ging Caballero

    I would love to experience the adventure in the “SEA”.

  66. Alisa Brozinsky

    The more of Vancouver I SEA…the more hopelessly in love I fall.

  67. Ming

    I “sea” Vancouver from the lovely majestic sea

  68. Kevin Green

    I love “SEAING” Vancouver from the top of Dog Mountain, where I can see Burnaby Mountain and Vancouver Island in the same frame! I love “SEAING” Vancouver from atop Quarry Rock!! I love “SEAING” Vancouver as I ride my bike along the Central Valley Greenway, from Burnaby to the Seawall, around Stanley Park and back!!! I love “SEAING” Vancouver while I standup paddleboard around Rocky Point Harbour!!!!!

  69. Terry

    I wanna SEA it hahahaha

  70. marc

    I “sea” Vancouver as a diverse and cultural meeting place for all ,

  71. Anna

    Love the ocean, love Vancouver…would love to combine those!

  72. Shirley

    I “sea” Vancouver as the perfect place with its mountains and waters.

  73. Mag

    I “sea” Vancouver as the best place on earth.

  74. Wally

    I “sea” Vancouver as my home!

  75. KellyL

    What an amazing way for someone to “SEA” VANCOUVER.

  76. Chris Hoffman

    I would like to sea the water view in the place
    of my birth! Vancouver Canada! I live in Burnaby, not too far away.

  77. Alejandra

    I sea Vancouver as the BEST CITY EVER. We have it all.. sun, rain, greenery, city life, attractions, mountains:)

  78. Kiran

    I “sea” Vancouver as always being home… no matter how long I go away, or where I travel or live, I always come back to home.

  79. Marsha

    It will be fun to try this summer!

  80. Can wait to ‘sea’ vancouver, we arrive there on 6th of august 2015 as part of our honeymoon from mayo in Ireland, and on my birthday, so excited!!!!!

  81. Loralyn

    Vancouver is Canada putting its best foot forward to the world – diverse scenery, people, venues, attractions and adventures. You won’t want to miss it!

  82. Dan

    I SEA Vanvouver like our first time!!!!

  83. Donna

    I swear I just got this fortune cookie that says – ‘I ‘sea’ waterfront sightseeing in your future’!!

  84. Rhonda P

    My sister Darla is coming from PEI for a visit..Can’t think of a better way for her to see Beautiful Vancouver!

  85. Bonnie

    Vancouver is a gorgeous city.

  86. Sarah

    I sea vancouver as my forever home!!!!! :)

  87. Jen

    Vancouver is a great city

  88. Angie Lowis

    I ‘sea’ Vancouver as my home sweet home!

  89. Ayeesha

    Vancouver: Home Sweet Beautiful Home. Nothing beats SEAing it by Sea

  90. Jeanette

    I “sea” Vancouver as a wonderful place to kick back, relax and enjoy the scene.

  91. Eva

    The greatest city in the world to live in hands down.

  92. Barb

    I “sea” Vancouver as a city that has everything and anything for anyone! I try to get there as much as posible to visit all the beautiful beaches, shop the downtown core and then get out for dinner at all the fine restaurants the city offers. In a city that is so diverse; there is always something new to see or do; just love it!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this glorious prize.

  93. Deb H

    I SEA Vancouver as my home town, I would love to SEA it from the water :)

  94. Nova Joe

    I SEA Vancouver from the drivers seat of a 40′ bus every day, to sit back and relax in a boat, and have someone else drive would be a wonderful luxury!

  95. Terry

    Seeing Vancouver from the water would be thrilling to say the least. I love water and coming from Arizona, the only time we see water is when it rains which is very rare.

  96. Sara

    I see Vancouver as a natural masterpiece!

  97. Ronda

    I sea Vancouver through eyes of wonderment!

  98. Brenda

    I Sea Vancouver as a beautiful sunset on a summer night!

  99. Ananya

    I ‘sea’ Vancouver as a wonder of nature, a gift of diversity, a land of opportunities and a place for beautiful souls.

  100. Kate

    I “sea” Vancouver is a beautiful place I call home.

  101. Penny Evans

    I ‘sea’ the city as my second home, a place of wonder, film crews and spiritual fulfillment. Am returning very soon and bringing my Mum’s ashes to her final resting place atop Grouse Mountain.

  102. Candy Co

    I sea Vancouver as one of the most comfy places to stay in.

  103. Janice

    No better way to SEA Vancouver.

  104. Karen

    Just love being a tourist in my own city!

  105. MK Low

    I “sea” myself as lucky to be living in a place surrounded by nature, even in the city!

  106. Mathilde

    S – stunning waterfront with mountain views
    E – excellent restaurants and bars
    A – always something to do in beautiful YVR!

  107. Debbie

    I SEA Vancouver as my home and the most beautiful place on earth!!

  108. russel davie

    I sea Vancouver not only as an ideal tourist destination but also as a wake up call for other countries and cultures to embrace its diverse and natural approach to the living elements that surround it.
    The people of Vancouver have certainly got it right and if more countries followed suit we wouldnt have the problems that the world is facing today e.g. Global Warming pollition smog etc etc. It is an ideal stepping block and other countries should stand up and take notice.

  109. Helen

    I “Sea” myself having a Wonderful time in Vancouver

  110. I see daily adventures in our jewel of a city and blog about them and it, often!

  111. Jennifer Chen

    i SEA Vancouver as Sea to Sky! Awesome and beautiful!

  112. Sonja Basic

    I see Vancouver as the best place to be living in.

  113. Sarah

    The Vancouver I see has diversity, beauty, and personality, all of which makes it an awesome city to be in!

  114. heidi

    Via walks along the water

  115. brandy

    Im coming back home to vancouver at the end of this month to show my kids were I am from, im so proud I cant wait to SEA it! ;)

  116. Mad

    Vancouver is SEAMPLY the Best !!

  117. Amy

    I “SEA” Vancouver as the best place for a staycation!

  118. Cathy

    I sea Vancouver as the place I grew up in and love to show to visitors!

  119. Elysia

    i “sea” Vancouver as a beautiful place… That could use lower housing prices.

  120. marie

    Im a tourist in my own town. Theres so many things to see and explore in vancouver.

  121. Patti

    Arrived here today to spend a much awaited month in my second home by the sea! Love Vancouver!

  122. Dianne

    I “sea” Vancouver as an incredible place to live (mountains, beaches, parks, etc.). I forget how lucky I am to live in Vancouver because I get caught up in the day to day hustle and bustle. It would be nice to have the opportunity to take the time to “sea” Vancouver from a different perspective.

  123. Ro

    I Sea Vancouver as I live in False Creek North.
    I sea Vancouver when I am on the seabus
    Love to Sea Vancouver forever

  124. Andrea

    I “sea” Vancouver as the place to be this summer.

  125. Sanford Lam

    I ‘SEA’ Vancouver as one of the most beautiful places to live in the whole world. And there’s always good ‘sea’food around to check out in town as well!!

  126. Lucy kabatoff

    Vancouver a ‘SEA’ of dreams.

  127. Susan

    Vancouver is one of the great cities that has to be ‘sean’ from the sea

  128. Brandon Bate

    Where else can you get a bustling city, a backdrop of gorgeous mountains, the shimmering sea, and a culture so rich and diverse?? Vancouver is the most beautiful city on earth and it’s an absolute privilege to live here.

  129. Alan Huang

    I “sea” and enjoy everything that Vancouver has to offer everyday!

  130. dave

    i sea its a bad time to sight see in false creek cuz colliform count is higth (dont open your mouth 2 wide)

  131. Vancouver is the most ‘SEAnic’ city in the world! We love to be a tourist in Vancouver when we can visit from the Okanagan… We would love to SEA Vancouver from an adventure like this!

  132. M Mak

    I have been on a boat for fishing, but never been on one for sightseaing. Interesting. Pick me pls.

  133. Vanessa Wilson

    I “sea” Vancouver as a place rich with diversity, an abundance of wildlife, and endless natural wonders.

  134. I sea Vancouver as one of the most beautiful places in the world!

  135. 1ws

    Hey, Vancouver is so nice!

  136. Kim

    I want to live that!

  137. Crystal

    I want to ‘sea’ Vancouver the way its meant to be seen! :)

  138. I am a true Vancouverite and this is a SEA adventure I still have on my bucket list!

  139. I ❤️ Vancouver and all it’s glorious natural beauty. To Sea our city this way is truly a unique experience!

  140. Marion Feil

    I loved to SEA Vancouver on TV in Germany now I love to SEA it for real this summer !

  141. Christin

    I SEA Vancouver as a city I fell in love with ❤️ 20 years ago when I spend a wonderful time as an exchange student there. Now I’m coming back to this beautiful city in 7 days and I would love to have the opportunity to SEA it in such a special kind of way.

  142. Ferone

    As a child I saw the Sea around Vancouver with my parents and I would like the chance “to Sea” the changes in a Zodiac as the Coastline must be even more beautifful.

  143. Ferone

    I might have already submitted but not too sure so here I go once again…..I would love the chance “to Sea” another glimpse of Vancouver from the Zodiac as it has been very many years since my last “to Sea”. Thank you…..

  144. Catherine Iannella

    I love this city and SEA it as beatiful in all SEAsons!

  145. wenxiao

    I “sea” Vancouver as home.

  146. Travis

    I SEAm to like Vancouver.

  147. Raksha

    Would LOVE to surprise my hubby with this breath-taking experience when we visit beautiful Vancouver in July :-)

  148. I want to sea Vancouver from another perspective. Love Vancouver.

  149. Bruce B

    Wonderful Vancouver – a great birthday gift for my wife – to “sea” Vancouver when we visit in July.

  150. Sherry

    I would love to sea Vancouver from the water

  151. Amy

    I SEA Vancouver as the most beautiful city on earth!

  152. Patricia Sibley

    I see Vancouver as my home!!

  153. Sandy More

    We are truly blessed. There isn’t a place in the world that has all the beauty, natural and cultural that we have. The joyful living, the healthy attitudes and open access to everything. It’s in our people. You can take the girl out of Vancouver, but you can’t take the Vancouver out of the girl.

  154. Charles

    I see Vancouver as one of the best cities to live in!

  155. maria

    I usually sea vancouver by hanging out at the beach!

  156. Susan

    Sea Vancouver through the eyes of tourists from Sea to Sea.

  157. Melinda

    The beauty and majesty of Vancouver keeps me coming back. As a Canadian prairie dweller, I am captivated by the oceans, mountains and urban diversity. I can’t wait, SEA you in July!!

  158. Christina Chan

    Come “sea” Vancouver, you have no regrets.

  159. linda

    I see Vancouver as a great city to shop,explore and have fun

  160. Shell McKedy

    B.C., B.C., what do you see welcoming me?
    I see a starlit playground waiting for me.
    B.C., B.C., on what do you sail?
    I sail on a spinnaker, a dream & a humpback whale.
    B.C., B.C., on what do you ride?
    I ride a double decker bus, a naked bike & a grizzly bear.
    B.C., B.C., oh what do you hear?
    I hear a trumpet, saxophone & violin in your city fair.
    B.C., B.C., on what do you thrill?
    I thrill on a suspension bridge, a zip line & hockey time.
    B.C., B.C., oh what makes you marvel?
    I marvel at flying orcas, pristine snow & smiles that sparkle.
    Reposted to correct spelling of “zip line”! LOL