Wiener Dog Races Return to Hastings Racecourse for 2015!

wiener dog races vancouver 2015

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It’s time to find out who the real wiener is in Vancouver! Who’s got the fastest wiener… dog in town!? So many jokes, so little time! The wiener dog races are coming back to Hastings Racecourse this July for two days of aww-some entertainment.

The wiener dog races are returning on Saturday, July 11th and Sunday, July 12th to face off for the top dog honour and the chance to win a share of the $2,500 cash prize.

Essentially, the wiener dog races are exactly what you would imagine. The gates open up, wiener dogs are released, and the fastest one who runs to their owner advances to the next round! Some get distracted, some don’t even want to get out of the gate, and some just stop and smell each other’s butts. It’s fantastic.

wiener dog race vancouver 2014

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Wiener dog races will take place on July 11 & 12 at Hastings Racecourse in between the actual horse racing. Admission is typically free. Live races begin on Saturday at 1:50pm and happen in between the usual horse races.

If you’ve never made a wager on a horse before, throw down a twoonie and pick the horse with the most interesting name. It can be a very entertaining way to spend (or make!) a few bucks.

Whether your a dog lover, betting man (or woman), or you just want a good laugh – head to Hastings Racecourse to see the wiener dogs run their little legs out!

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