Get Soaked at Vancouver’s Largest Water Fight this Saturday

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Let’s hope the sun keeps shining this weekend for Vancouver’s largest water fight happening on Saturday, August 8 in Stanley Park. Get your water pistols ready, because this is one event you’re not going to want to miss this summer.

Although Vancouver is facing a water shortage at the moment, the water fight is still scheduled to happen and will be held next to the water park at Lumberman’s Arch in Stanley Park. This area has user-activated spray stations and remains open despite water bans this summer.

Vancouver’s largest water fight has been an annual tradition in Stanley Park for 9 years and the popularity has grown each year, with hundreds taking part in the water war last summer.

This year, you are invited to get soaked and soak your friends at the organized water fight which will start at 1:00 pm on Saturday, August 8. Even though the forecast is calling for rain in Vancouver, it’s a great opportunity to get out of the house and act like a kid again (or get your kids to participate to burn a little energy off).

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Never participated in Vancouver’s largest water fight? Here are a few tips on how to have a good time:

  1. Don’t bring weapons other than water pistols – water balloons can be very messy and can be hard to clean up. Stick to something that won’t leave any litter.
  2. Dress for the occasion – chances are you’re going to get wet. Don’t wear you’re best suit (unless it needs a wash), stick to flip flops, bathing suits, and water wings.
  3. Leave the electronics on the sidelines – don’t forget that your cellphone may be in your pocket. That will result in a bad time! Stay on the sidelines if you’re just there to take pictures.
  4. Don’t take things too seriously – this is meant to be a fun activity with friends, it’s not supposed to be a competition. You won’t get bonus points for trying too hard.
  5. Preserve your supplies – don’t use more water than you have to, always be conscientious of the water shortage. Maybe give a plant or two a little squirt.

Take part in the action this Saturday, August 8 at 1:00 pm in Stanley Park at the Lumberman’s Arch water park (just past the lighthouse on the way to the Lions Gate Bridge). Parking is located on the road, but the best option is to bike around the seawall to get to the event. See you there!

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