Chasing Sunrise Gets you Out of Bed and on a Mountain before 6AM

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Long before most people are out of bed, there’s a group of dedicated sunrise-lovers who will be meeting up in a parking lot, trekking up a mountain, and waiting until that moment when the first rays of light creep up over a distant mountain and set the sky ablaze with colours.

This group is known as Chasing Sunrise, a community that devotes itself to experiencing more adventures, more experiences, and more mind-blowing memories. Unlike other meetup groups in Vancouver, this one has a clear motivation in mind. To make sure that people will look back at their events and whisper to themselves “damn, that was awesome”.

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Chasing Sunrise is a relatively new group in Vancouver and has been steadily increasing in popularity with each sunrise. The last event they held was on Canada Day and had 350+ sing “Oh Canada” to the rising sun. A pretty epic time was had.

Now, the group is organizing another adventure, and they have some pretty big boots to fill after the Canada Day celebration. On Sunday, August 16, 2015 members of Chasing Sunrise will be meeting on Mount Seymour and hiking up to the First Peak (with a few surprises along the way).

If you’re interested in an adventure, and want to experience more by 9am than most people do in their entire day, you can sign up for the August 16th event here.

For a Chasing Sunrise event, the group gets together at the atrocious hour of 4:30am on Mount Seymour. From the parking lot, everybody begins their journey in the dark towards the final destination for prime viewing of the sunrise. Hint: you’re going to need a flashlight.

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Even if you can’t make it to the August 16th event, joining the Chasing Sunrise group is a great opportunity to meet new people in town who also have a weird fascination with waking up really early in the morning.

You can learn more about the group, upcoming events, and how to become a member by visiting the Chasing Sunrise website.

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