New Craft Beer Festival to take Place at This Year’s PNE

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You may have thought that the summer was winding down as September gets closer and closer, but really – the best part of the summer is coming soon with the Fair at the PNE opening up on Saturday, August 22, 2015.

Food, music, a donut dash, and plenty of other returning favourites are good reasons to get yourself to the fair. But, best of all and new this year, is the Craft Beer Fest, which will feature over 20 different local craft brewers and up to 80 unique beers for you to sample.

The Craft Beer Fest is a smaller version of the extremely popular Vancouver Craft Beer Week held in May that celebrates locally brewed beer. The organizers of that event have been tasked with setting up a similar festival, but this one lasting all two weeks of the Fair.

The Craft Beer Fest will be held daily from Saturday, August 22 until Monday, September 7, 2015 from 2:00pm until 9:30pm on Miller Drive and will cost $10 per person.

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This admission includes a token 4oz sampling cup and 2 drink tokens. Plus, if you purchase tickets online in advance, you can receive an additional drink token and faster access into the festival (VIP line!). If you want to sample more than 3 drinks, it’s just $1.50 for each extra drink.

The list of participants in the Craft Beer Fest is lengthy and the brewery participants will change from the first week of the PNE to the second, so it gives you an excuse to come twice to see them all!

Participants include:

  • Big Rock Brewery
  • Dead Frog Brewery
  • Driftwood Brewery
  • Central City Brewers + Distillers
  • Deep Cover Brewers + Distillers
  • Parallel 49 Brewing Company
  • Stanley Park Brewery
  • and many, many more.

The Craft Beer Fest at the PNE starts up on August 22nd from 2 – 9:30pm and runs until September 7, 2015. Hope to see you there!

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