Chirp…! The Perch Program Wraps Up, Leaves 3 Year-Round Perches


From giant Connect Four to impromptu picnics, the possibilities are endless at a Perch. Everyone is welcome, and tables, chairs, and activities are free to use!

The amazing thing about being labelled the “loneliest” or “no-fun” city is that we have the opportunity to come up with new and creative ideas to strengthen our communities.

There are many placemaking initiatives around Vancouver transforming “spaces” into “places” of connection. One initiative taking place right in the heart of downtown Vancouver is The Perch.

The Perch is a growing program led by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA). The DVBIA has partnered with private property owners to turn privately-owned-publicly-accessible spaces (POPs) into “urban oases” and go-to lunch spots for workers, residents, and tourists. Seven different locations are currently activated with tables and chairs on weekdays.

photo: Games Extravaganza in the Perch @NelsonSquare.

photo: Games Extravaganza in the Perch @NelsonSquare.

In addition to tables and chairs this summer, many Perches had regular or pop-up programming that added a bit of pizazz into the day. For example, in The Perch @Lot19 at the corner of Hornby and Hastings, there was Art Cart Mondays, the Friday Music Series and the Comic Book Library Several Perches have also housed pop-up programs such as a drum circle, SFU City Conversations, and even a giant games day.


Photo: The Perch @OceanicPlaza on a fine afternoon!

Though most of the Perches are on a temporary hiatus until next summer, The Perch @Lot19, The Perch @Oceanic Plaza, and The Perch @1075 will stay open throughout the year. Come sip a cup of dark chocolate mocha, read a book, or catch up with a friend in the sea of colourful tables and chairs.

Did we mention? Everyone is welcome to submit ideas on how to transform the spaces or even activate the spaces themselves!

Have an awesome idea? Want to activate a Perch ?

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“The fact of the matter is, [Vancouver]’s going to grow up very fast and if we don’t get a hold of it other people will determine how we’re going to grow up.”

-Bing Thom, Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver

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