Top 8 Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Vancouver

where to watch sunset vancouver

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The weather forecast for this upcoming week is looking full of sun, so now is the best time to check out some stunning sunsets in Vancouver before the rainy season hits! If you’re looking to spend an evening watching the stunning purples, pinks, and yellows transform the sky, here’s a great list for where to watch the sunset in Vancouver.

After asking Vancouver locals where they like to stop and sit awhile to stare at the sky, I’ve compiled a list of the top 8 places to answer the ever-pressing question of where to watch the sunset in Vancouver. Get a picnic prepared and don’t forget to bring a blanket and a coat, as the temperature drops quickly once the sun goes down!

sunset cypress mountain

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1. On top of a Mountain

Sunsets always look a little more spectacular when you’re closer to the sky. If you want to get a better view of the sunset from higher up, head up to a local mountain to catch the last rays of sun.

Cypress Mountain has a great lookout point halfway up to the ski hill that’s usually full of other sunset-worshipers during the golden hour. It’s a great option if you have a car. Otherwise, if you’re relying on transit, the view from atop Grouse Mountain is unparalleled. Plus you can eat nachos while watching the sun set. Bonus!


Sunset at English Bay. Photo: Anthony Maw

Sunset at English Bay. Photo: Anthony Maw

2. Sunset Beach

How could you not make a list about sunsets in Vancouver without including Sunset Beach in English Bay? Not only is Sunset Beach a great place for fireworks in the summer, but it’s also a great place to catch a sunset any season.

Grab a blanket, a log (or a piece of grass), and settle down to people watch until its magic hour. Otherwise, if you don’t like the cold, the English Bay Cactus Club is a fantastic place for a romantic sunset date (with a significant other or with friends!)


Claude Schneider /

Image courtesy of Claude Schneider /

3. Third Beach on Tuesday Nights

If it’s a sunny Tuesday in the summer (and into the Fall season if weather stays good), Third Beach transforms into a musical oasis in the city. Take a cruise around the seawall on a Tuesday Night, round the bend, and BAM! It’s a bongo drum beach paradise!

The Tuesday night bongo drums meet every week on sunny Tuesdays and jam away freestyle until the sun sets. It’s an interesting experience and you can’t help but start tapping your toes or shaking your hips to the beat (dancing is encouraged).


sunsets vancouver

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4. Kitsilano Sunset Beach

If you keep walking along the seawall just past one of the largest outdoor pools in Canada, you eventually come to a rocky beach that is backed by huge brick walls from some of the most expensive real estate in Vancouver. This beach area is a nice quiet place to get away from the crowds of other popular sunset views in Vancouver and offers some large rocks to sit on for a great view as the sun goes down.


wreck beach sunset

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5. Wreck Beach

On the outskirts of UBC, Wreck Beach offers unparalleled sunset views and the chance for a full moon as well! Similarly to Third Beach, there is usually a contingent of bongo drums playing in anticipation of the sunset. When the sun finally falls, there’s often a great round of applause to the awesomeness of the day.


sunsets in vancouver

Image courtesy of TOTORORO.RORO | Inside Vancouver Flickr Pool

6. Queen Elizabeth Park

If you want to get above Vancouver without having to go up a mountain, look no further than Queen Elizabeth Park. This hill in the middle of the city provides fantastic views of Vancouver, the surrounding mountains and False Creek. Once the sky starts changing the lights of the city start flickering and make for an amazing view.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can even do a zip-line through the flower garden during the sunset for something extra special. (Note: the zip-line closes for the season on October 1st)


whytecliff park sunset vancouver

Image courtesy of Tim Kuelker | Inside Vancouver Flickr Pool

7. Whytecliff Park

In West Vancouver, you can get a great sunset watching spot right by the water at Whytecliff Park, located along Howe Sound. There are many viewpoints around the park that offer a superb view of the setting sun. Don’t get stuck on the little island though when high tide comes, or you’ll be swimming to shore!


where to watch sunset vancouver

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8. Lighthouse Park

Another West Vancouver gem, lighthouse park offers a great option for photographers who want something other than a sky in their sunset shot. The lighthouse in Lighthouse Park offers a great foreground subject for a perfect photograph or Instagram shot. It’s got great views of the city as well as into the ocean, and the rocky shores are fun to explore.

Where’s your favourite place to watch the sunset in Vancouver? Let us know in the comment section below!

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