The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment, Oct. 15


On October 15th, The Liberators International are organizing the World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment.

You’d better believe Vancouver is getting in on this!

The concept?

One minute of eye contact between strangers, with the chance to actually stop and see one another, human to human. This event is coordinated globally and is happening one beautiful moment at a time.

If you want to see what this experiment looks like, here’s a video to check out.

What will you need to bring?

Pretty basic stuff. Your retinas, pupils, irises… actually your whole body, come to think of it. Maybe a cushion or some kind of soft surface for you to sit on for 60 seconds. Otherwise, just yourself and a willingness to take a moment and really see another human being. No other equipment required.

How will you find us?

There will be a bunch of signs around the event, inviting people to get involved. There will also be a crowd of folks looking at each other, which in Vancouver is especially unusual. We’re confident you’ll spot us.

What will happen?

Each participant will share a minute of eye contact with a stranger. Simply find a person who is sitting with an appropriate amount of space in front of them, then park yourself in that space and look at the person opposite you. Really truly look at them.

How can you get involved ?

  1. Share this event with your Facebook contacts, friends and family. This is a worldwide event, and all are welcome.
  2. Come on October 15th to sit down and share a moment with a complete stranger.
  3. Contact us and get on the organizing team. The more peeps we get involved, the more awesome this experience will be.
  4. Help us find a couple of videographers, photographers and graphic designers. We’re always looking for more ways to promote and document this incredible event.

Where is it happening?

Canada Place in downtown Vancouver at 5:00 p.m. If it rains, there is a backup location close by. All attendees will be informed of any changes via the Facebook event. More details to follow.

This is going to be a truly amazing global experience, so come and check it out! No strings. No demands. Nobody is selling anything. This is just about you and a stranger seeing past the invisible barrier that typically cloaks our everyday experience. Let’s try to crack this barrier, opposite each other, through eye contact.

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