Five things You need to know about Canada’s first Dock to Dish programme in Vancouver

ned2Exciting news for sustainable fish fans as YEW at the Four Seasons Hotel launches Canada’s very first ‘Dock to Dish’ programme with community supported fishery, Skipper Otto. Leading the charge is sustainable seafood superstar, chef Ned Bell, founder of the Chefs for Oceans foundation, a movement whose aim is to allow every Canadian to easily and readily access sustainable seafood for themselves and their families within the next ten years. So what is Dock to Dish, and what does it mean for diners? Here’s the five things you need to know. 

1. Dock to Dish began in the USA as a way to connect chefs and restaurants directly to fishermen. Restaurants which take part in the scheme receive deliveries of  freshly caught seafood, based on the species available to local small-scale fishermen. This revolutionary idea makes wild, traceable, locally-caught fish available to chefs and diners and helps support small scale fishermen.

Photo credit: Daryn Nakhuda/Flickr

Photo credit: Daryn Nakhuda/Flickr

2. Vancouver will become Canada’s first dock to dish programme this week, when Shaun Strobel, co-founder and fisherman for Skipper Otto’s CSF, delivers his catch directly to Executive Chef Ned Bell at YEW seafood + bar at the Four Seasons Hotel.

3. There are so many wonderful varieties of seafood which can be harvested in our local waters. From the five species of wild Pacific salmon – chinook, coho, sockeye, keta and pink – to wild albacore tuna, sablefish, spot prawns, pink shrimp, side shrimp  and pacific ling. And don’t forget gooseneck barnacles, Dungeness crab, Qualicum Bay scallops and, of course, the wonderful pacific oysters.

4. The programme is already winning international praise.  American chef and author Dan Barber is a founding member of a sister Dock to Dish program located in Montauk, New York, Speaking about this new partnership he said, “Sourcing directly from local community-based fishermen in a purely supply driven ‘catch of the day’ model like this, brings a curious set of challenges which require a chef to be very versatile, creative, and adaptable. Having become familiar with, and impressed by, the philosophy and cooking style of Chef Bell over these past years, and knowing of his hard earned reputation and determination in creating a genuinely sustainable sourcing system for wild seafood in Canada, I envision that the Dock to Dish Vancouver program will flourish floridly under his guidance and likely, at some point, surpass the work we have done with the program here.”

skipper5. You can be a member of this too! Inspired by the idea of this community supported fishery? You can sign up to be a member of Skipper Otto and help support local fishermen and be amongst the first to get local, freshly-caught sustainable seafood. Its super-short supply chain means fair trade prices for the fishermen and great deals for members. This video explains the process.

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