Disney On Ice presents Frozen, Nov 25-29 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)


Enter a fantastical winter wonderland beyond imagination at Disney On Ice presents Frozen Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt. The heart-warming, Academy Award®-winning tale that has captivated the world is now told LIVE and skating into the B.C. area! Audiences will be magically whisked away into the wintery world of Arendelle by dazzling special effects and astonishing skating as you sing and dance along to instant Disney classics such as “Let It Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” Join royal sisters Anna and Elsa, the hilarious snowman Olaf, Kristoff, his loyal reindeer Sven, and the mystical trolls, as they journey to discover that true love is the most magical power of all!

Hosted by Mickey and Minnie, with special guest appearances by beloved Disney Princesses and characters from favorites like Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Disney’s The Lion King, this unforgettable celebration of love and friendship will leave your family with memories to last a lifetime. As an added bonus, arrive early to get warmed up for the show and learn the snowman dance at the Stonyfield YoKids and Disney Magic of Healthy Living Dance-Along Pre-Show.

Where: Pacific Coliseum | 100 North Renfrew Street Vancouver, BC V5K 3N7

When: November 25-29

  • Wednesday, November 25 | 7:00 PM
  • Thursday, November 26 | 7:00 PM
  • Friday, November 27 | 3:30 PM & 7:00 PM
  • Saturday, November 28 | 11:30 AM, 3:30 PM & 7:00 PM
  • Sunday, November 29 |11:30 AM, 3:30 PM & 7:00 PM


  • Ticket price levels range from $25 – $95 (Rinkside)*
  • Tickets now available for purchase online at TicketLeader.ca, charge by phone at 604.252.3700 or visit the PNE Box Office.
    *Pricing levels may vary between weekday & weekend performances.
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204 Responses to Disney On Ice presents Frozen, Nov 25-29 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. wsi

    nieces would love this

    • Trevor maljaars

      oh my little girl would love this show:)

    • Sam

      My Niece Maddy will love these tickets!

  2. J P

    3 daughters all under 11 who would think this was magic.

  3. My Nieces would be thrilled if their Auntie could take them to see their favorite princess’s :)

  4. Junelle

    My mom is a kid at heart, she really loves watching anything related to disney. We watched disney on ice a few years back and we loved it. I really think she’ll love this, she memorised all the songs from frozen too.

  5. Abigail

    I’d like to build a snowman!!

  6. Jessica

    We love this movie!! have watched it a million times, and find ourselves quoting little bits. We have had so much fun watching this movie, that my 2 girls would be THROUGH THE ROOF, and it would be ICETASTIC! :) I’d love to see their faces glowing with happiness at this event! :) Thanks for the chance!

  7. Tara

    Our favourite movie and sound track to dance and sing to! Would be amazing to win tickets!

  8. Cathy

    Thank you for the chance to win tickets. My son would be over the moon to go!

  9. Lucas

    Would love to take my half-sister <3

  10. Amanda

    Would love to take my children. Frozen is still being played at home.

  11. christophe

    Me me me! ME!

  12. Jax

    Love Disney. Would love to got to this event!

  13. Amanda

    My son would lose his mind if we won tickets to this!!

  14. kay

    Can’t wait to Let it Go on ice!

  15. Specialktm

    My Little Elsa and future figure skater would be over the moon to see her first show ever!

  16. Maggie

    My 6 year old would go bonkers if we won these tickets.

  17. Lorraine

    Would love to get a pair of tickets

  18. faren sam


  19. This was the movie of my very first date with my now girlfriend…She took me to Holland Park to see Movies Under The Stars, we had a picnic & watched Frozen…I would love to take her to this to help rekindle the first time we met feelings…

  20. Vlada

    My daughters would be so excited…

  21. Shannon

    My kids would love this!

  22. Niki Carnahan

    great for skaters of all ages.

  23. Bella’s Gramma

    Bella would be overjoyed to see this show, and I’d love to be there with her to share the thrill!

    Thank you for this opportunity. :)

    • Jennifer Santos

      These tickets would make a great birthday gift for me and a wish come true for my kids too.

  24. Ranjit

    I would love to take my grandchildren to this event. It would be a magical evening watching the performance and creating memories that will last a life time.

  25. Farah Khan

    Mom of two girls both 6 and a niece who is 12 they would absolutely scream with joy if they get a chance to go chance of a life time…Fingers crossed ??

  26. paul

    Would be a fun time with my young daughter!

  27. Johnny P.

    I want tickets.

  28. Lucia

    I would love to go!!

  29. sherrill

    Would make a great early Christmas gift for my daughter and her grandma. :)

  30. Dan

    I would love to go ❤❤❤please

  31. Tina

    We would love this …

  32. Eugene

    I would love to take my kids!

  33. Warren

    My son would love to see this show. Big fan of Frozen. Please give me free tickets

  34. Tara

    Thanks for the chance to win! What a great Christmas present for my 3 girls under 6!

  35. Sanaz

    My young cousins would love this

  36. Jason

    Thanks for the contest! Would LOVE to take my girls. I’d win status of BEST DAD EVER!

  37. Joanne

    I have a niece who is crazy about Frozen! It’d be so nice to give this to her.

  38. Adrian

    My wife would love this one! Thank you for the chance!

  39. Kaiya

    I would take my 2 sisters. Thanks!!

  40. Makena

    Please please please!! We really really really want to go. Opening night. Wow. That would be a chance of a lifetime. Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. Sophia

    I’m interested in going!

  42. Kaori

    Thank you for chance to win!

  43. Gloria

    Would love to take my daughter!

  44. Miang

    looks like fun!

  45. Karen Alves

    OMG! I’d love to goooooooooooooo, me and my husband just love Disney! *-*

  46. Suzette Zamudio

    Excited for the big show , I can’t wait to see when it snows.

  47. Mildred Huerta

    I would love to take my nice and nephew to this event. It would be a magical evening watching the performance and a chance for us to create memories that will last a life time.

  48. Iris

    I would love to take my 2 kids with me..?.

  49. Gemma

    This would be a Christmas dream come true for my 2 little girls!

  50. Denise

    I’d be the awesome-est auntie if I could bring my friend’s daughter to this.

  51. Sheri

    My girls would be ecstatic to see this.

  52. Rose

    I would love to win these tickets. I have two nieces and 1 nephew (all under age 10) who would be excited to watch Frozen!

  53. Gregg

    My 4-year-old daughter loves Frozen and skating….she would love to go to the show!

  54. It’s been incredible to see how much kids love Frozen! We’d love to win this draw.

  55. CK

    I have 3 girls ages 12,9,and 6! They would love to see Frozen! In fact, they would be ecstatic!!!!!

  56. Nicki

    Not sure that my husband will thank me for this… but my two daughters would be super excited by tickets to Frozen ;)

  57. Tara

    I would love for my daughter to experience this! Thanks!

  58. Nancy

    Would love to go to my very first Disney on Ice!

  59. Suzette Amaya

    My 3yr Old Daughter Switches From Her Ana to Elsa Dress Every Other Day and Not A Day Goes By When She Sings “Let It Go” It’s as though it’s our family slogan and theme song this would make her dream come true and also allow my Husband to freely appreciate Frozen as he is in denial though it’s the first movie he puts on in the day and sooner or later he is alone watching Frozen “Let The Amayas Go”

  60. Monique

    This would be so much fun!!

  61. Paul

    With the cost of family events like these so expensive theses days, it is nice for those who find it hard to make ends meet to have this opportunity. Thank you.

  62. Donna Blight

    My grandsons would love to see Sven & Olaf….and of course Elsa & Anna. We would be so happy!

  63. Pat

    My daughter is a huge Frozen fan and would love to watch this!

  64. Hayley

    I want to take my Niece to this so bad <3
    She loves Elsa and cosplays her at local conventions

  65. M.

    My daughter is learning to figure skate and is a big Frozen fan. She would love to go!

  66. Camila Schneider


  67. Kelly

    Thanks for the terrific contest! We have never been to Disney on Ice. Would be so grateful to win!

  68. Kristy

    I would LOVE to take my niece & nephew ages 5 & 3! They love Frozen! ❤️❄️

  69. Cheryl

    My granddaughter and I loved the movie. She would be so happy if I could take her to see it.

  70. Zainab

    My daughter just start level 5 in skating would love go please

  71. Dimitry

    Great event for grandparent and granddaughter. Let them go ;)

  72. Joseph

    Would love to have a daddy-daughter(s) date

  73. Nancy

    What a great family outing!

  74. Katya

    Will be nice!!!!

  75. MJ

    would love to see Sven and Anna

  76. DL


  77. I would really appreciate a pair for my 7 year old twin nieces who are extremely fond of everything “Frozen” and would be ecstatic to watch this magical show.

  78. maria

    Would love to take my niece!

  79. Lydia

    would love to be there with my girls

  80. Katie

    Nieces would love it :)

  81. Rob

    My daughter would enjoy this show :)

  82. Girish Chandra

    Have seen other Disney on Ice but never in Vancouver. Looking forward to this.

  83. Danica


  84. ash

    Hey there mom of three my youngest Ava who is your is obsessed with this movie I catch her singing let it go all the time.. She’s actually quite good at it. My nine year old Emma loves this movie too my Emma has blonde hair like elsa and my baby girl Ava has brown hair like Anna my girls love the movie and would b thrilled and my son actually loved the movie too wr went to hollanf park this summer and watched it under the stars pls pik us I’m a. Single mother and would b so grateful cheers and good luck to everyone else

  85. elisa

    Never been to a Disney on Ice feature! Would be an awesome experience :)

  86. I love Broadway, Frozen, & Skating! 3 of the things I love in one show!

  87. Victor

    Saw the shaw in Portland, OR. Now we want to see the show with the Grandparents

  88. Maria

    I’ve been waiting for this! My daughter would really love to see this.

  89. Aisling

    I would love to win these tickets for my daughter! Thank you for the opportunity!

  90. Oh my kids would love this and as a family would love this!

  91. Oh my kids (twin girls) would love this and as a family would love this! Would be so grateful to win these tickets. Thank you.

  92. Michelle McAfee

    Oh, I would love to win this for my 3 year old, she is Disney obsessed!!

  93. Diane To

    I love frozen! I would take my bf’s younger sister :)

  94. Danielle

    My niece would love this! Favourite Aunt award!

  95. Elise

    My daughter would love to go

  96. Leanne

    A magical evening, letting go of the stress of life, entering the imagined land where youth can be frozen in time… what could be a better way to spend my 48th birthday with my daughter?

  97. Rosemin Rahemtulla

    I don’t want to “let it go”
    ( the amazing chance to see this production live)

  98. Brent

    My kids would love this!

  99. Sunshine G

    My daughter would be SO excited!

  100. Erin

    Would love to see this!

  101. Hanna

    would love to take my daughters there! :-)

  102. MrsD

    Such a wonderful film! Both my son and daughter are in love with Olaf and my little one was even Anna for Halloween! This would be a perfect holiday surprise!

  103. vince

    oh my that will be awesome gift for my 8 year old

  104. Ronald

    Would love to go with my significant other !

  105. Ronald

    Would make my year if I could go with my SO.

  106. may

    first Christmas away from home, my girls would love the treat!

  107. Sophie

    This would be amazing to see. I love Frozen

  108. S

    All 3 kids loved Frozen and would to see this show!!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  109. Janelle

    Would absolutely love to see the smile on my daughter’s face

  110. dhar

    I want to take my two daughters 5yrs&8yrs .but cant afford please help.they never went to see disney on ice. Hope they get apportunity at this time .thank you.

  111. Pauline

    This would be an amazing experience for my friend’s daughters!!

  112. Shirley

    So much fun for the kids.

  113. Mag

    Thanks for the chance.

  114. Wally

    Please pick me!

  115. Meena toor

    My daughter would love to go to this. It would be a memorable birthday present. It’s on November 17

  116. Danilynn Jourdain

    I would love to win these for my nieces to go.

  117. Carter

    Oh Frozen… on my favorites list and so very proud of it. I could say I want to win this for a child, but really, it’s for me! ;)

  118. Natasha

    We love disney, my sons favourite movie! And Frozen was the First time I heard him laugh at a movie! Was the cutest thing! :)

  119. tony

    pick me pwease ;)

  120. Rafael

    Pick me! pick me!

  121. Rosemary

    Would love to take my 4 years old granddaughter, she is a big fan!

  122. Leanne


  123. Evan


  124. Bhupi

    37 and still in love with Disney. Let the magic begin.

  125. lindsay

    would love to get a chance to see Disney on Ice with my boyfriend ! :)

  126. alex

    would love to get a chance to bring my girlfriend to Disney on Ice !

  127. My friend Darlene asked me if we could go and see this show. She lives in a group home for severely disabled adults, and gets around in a wheelchair. Despite her disabilities, she has a wonderful joie de vivre, and a charismatic personality which charms everyone she meets.
    AND — she is the world’s biggest Disney fan! Her best friend is Donald Duck! (This requires some explanation.) Because the wheelchair seating in the Coliseum is very far back from the ice, this year she is prepared with Opera Glasses, so she won’t miss a thing. I hope we can see you there!

  128. Trini

    Rarely can I afford to see fun shows like this, let alone a cool disney one such as this! It’d be awesome to see Frozen On Ice! Fingers crossed*

  129. kris C.

    Girls would be thrilled to go! Grateful for the chance to enter.

  130. Pete

    Would love to take my girls for an evening out with dad. thanks.

  131. Angela

    We would love to go!!! A frozen dream come true!

  132. Hilary

    Would love to win these to share with some friends who would love the experience!

  133. Alan Huang

    Wife loves Frozen!

  134. Amber L

    oh! this is amazing! my little kindergartener would lose her mind seeing Olaf and Anna on ice (and the rest of the gang of course).

  135. Deb

    Would love to see the show. Thanks!

  136. CATHY

    This a tradition for my daughter and I. Can’t wait.

  137. CATHY

    This a tradition for my daughter and I. Can’t wait to do it again.

  138. entering for a friend… a friend who would straight lose her marbles if she got a chance to go.

  139. Kate

    Disney On Ice always = a magical happy time! Bonus: who doesn’t love Frozen! :)

  140. Carrie

    My daughter would love this!!! :)

  141. Kellyy

    What a wonderful late birthday AND early Xmas surprise this would be for my 8 year old and I!

  142. Jane

    My family and I have been wanting to go to a Disney on Ice show forever!! It would be such an amazing experience!!

  143. Jeanette

    What an experience! We would love to go!

  144. Our grandson loves frozen. He is 6 and can sing all the songs. We would love 4 tickets to take our grandchildren to frozen in Vancouver. Thank you for offering this chance tomwin

  145. Paul C

    Would love to take my daughter to see the show!

  146. Unicorn

    Huge fan of Disney! Would love to bring my boyfriend with me~

  147. jasica

    would love to take my niece

  148. Neal R

    I’ve been compared to Olaf many times! I think it’s time I saw him in action! Thanks!

  149. tracy lowe

    Would love to take my daughter to the show!

  150. Rameeza F

    would love to take my 5 year old

  151. Ferman F

    Take me and my girl

  152. azara

    Take my grandaughter!! she loves Olaf

  153. Aunt Leila

    Let it go!!!!! Pick me pick me

  154. natasha

    My daughter is the biggest fan and would be thrilled to go!!

  155. Lisa St-Amand

    Would love to bring my girls to Disney on Ice! Thanks for the opportunity!

  156. K J

    Of course, we would love the opportunity to see this show! Good Luck everyone. ?

  157. Mae

    Please enter me! I’d love to go

  158. Jenny

    would love to take my kid! ⛄️❄️

  159. Eddy

    My wife would love to go

  160. Wathinee

    Will take my son ,my daughter and one more baby that is in my tummy to go watch frozen.

    Will be fun

  161. Supatta Wong

    My 6 year old Tiana would be so happy to meet the Frozen

  162. corie simmons

    My grand kids are coming on the 25 Th and would love to see this.

  163. I’d love to take my grandchildren.

  164. My daughter Danica loves Frozen so much from Frozen music, movie, alarm clock, t-sirt, towel, and watch. She is so thrilled, happy, and excited to see Ana, Elsa, and Olaf on Disney on Ice as her birthday is coming on December 12. It is my promise and gift for her on her upcoming birthday.
    Thank you.

  165. Geraldine

    Can’t wait to see this with my best friend!! We may be growing out of Disney but I think that our inner Disney hearts never fade!

  166. Taryn

    Would love to win tickets for this awesome show! Thank you for the opportunity! :) Hope im the lucky one.
    Daughter is 2 years old and LOVES frozen with all her heart.

  167. Jenny L.

    Would love to see Frozen on Ice!

  168. Kita

    My mini Elsa & mini Kristoff would love to share in this magical show.

  169. Nicole Robinson

    My daughter would go completely nuts. It would be a fantastic family trip to Vancouver for us :)

  170. Nicole Robinson

    My daughter would go completely nuts. It would be a fantastic family trip to Vancouver :)

  171. Mag

    Thanks for the contest.

  172. Rocky

    Thank you for the tickets!

  173. Praveena

    My boys would love this

  174. Sally L.

    wow – thanks for the chance to win. My 3 year old daughter would LOOOOVE to go see this. she can sing let it go to her heart’s content… :)

  175. John H.

    Would love to take my daughter to this… she is obsessed with the movie!

  176. Beatriz

    My kids would love this!

  177. Jennifer

    i want to take my niece to this! thanks!!!

  178. #VancouverElsa I would love to go! Especially in costume!

  179. Joanne

    This would the perfect Christmas gift for my niece!

  180. Sam

    I want to take my niece to this !!

  181. Sandy Zhao

    Please be me, my daughters would be so happy

  182. Helen

    Never been to Disney on ice show yet. Would love to take the kids and experience it. Thank you!

  183. Karina

    Tried and tried to get theses tickets for my daughter! She would love, love, love them!

  184. beata

    We have gone to the Disney on ice and its such a magical time for my girls! Unfortunately a bit expensive for our family so winning the tickets would be amazing!

  185. Caspar

    We love Frozen, especially our daughter who yup…happens to be named “Disney”. Thanks for the contest :)

  186. nikeilmistry

    would love to go huge fan

  187. Rae

    Can’t wait to sing along!!

  188. Linda

    My daughter would love to go

  189. Linda

    My daughter would love to go and dress up like Anna.

  190. Erick Factor

    my daughter would love to see her it’d her favorite!

  191. Ren

    I love everything Disney but have yet to see a Disney on Ice so would love to see this!

  192. Florence Cheng

    Can’t wait to see it

  193. Jeanette

    My daughter absolutely loves Frozen! We’ve had to miss Disney on Ice the last few years and this would be fabulous!!

  194. laura

    Sounds like fun (: I love watching ice skating.

  195. Kelly

    Ooooh! Yes please!!

  196. Oo the inner kid in me would love to see this!! But if I won, I would give the tickets to my nieces.

  197. Bal

    My nieces Ashlyn and Aria would love this! I’d love to win this for them!

  198. Stephanie

    I worked with children (from 3-6 years) during the summer season and we did countless colouring sheets of Elsa. It would be a delight to finally see her alive and on ice.

  199. Louise Lavallee

    We live in the north,what a Christmas gift to win for my granddaughter!

  200. Crystal

    I’d like to go:)

  201. Gustavo Inciarte

    I would love to see Disney On Ice presents Frozen. Its my favourite movie, I know every single lyrics.