Forget Chocolate, Buy a Beer Advent Calendar this Year

beer advent calendar

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There’s something really special about buying an advent calendars to count down the days until Christmas – even if you have no self control and end up opening the whole thing on the first day (and then guiltily buying another one later). It’s a great way to give yourself a nice surprise each day.

Traditionally, most people buy advent calendars filled with delicious chocolates. But nowadays advent calendars have been upping their game a bit with lego pieces, Body Shop products, and more. Best of all, a few breweries in the Vancouver area have come up with a great idea to make the holidays a little extra festive – a beer advent calendar that gives you 24 surprise and specially brewed bottles of beer throughout December.

There used to be three beer advent calendars available in Vancouver, but due to a strange liquor law, the official Craft Beer Calendar is no longer sold in BC. However, there are still two awesome options to choose from if you’re looking for a way to treat your significant other, your friends, or-most importantly-yourself!

There are two craft beer advent calendars available in Vancouver this year, including:

beer advent calendar vancouver

Image courtesy of Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. |

1. Phillips 2015 Snowcase Tasting Party

This “tasting party” pack of 24 specialty crafted brews is available from Phillips brewing, located in Victoria. The contents of this pack are top-secret, so you won’t know what you’re going to get until you open it! The Snowcase is available at most BCL stores in Vancouver, as well as private liquor stores.

You can also follow along with the opening of each beer to learn more about tasting stories and brewing details as they are revealed online to go along with the calendar.

The price of the Phillips Brewing Snowcase is around $70 in a BCL, but could be pricier in private liquor stores. Check out the Phillips Brewing website for more details about the Snowcase and where to find it.

beer advent calendar vancouver

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2. Red Racer and Parallel 49 Craft Crossing

Two local breweries paired up to bring you this awesome 24-pack of beer for the annual holiday season countdown. Similar to the Snowcase, the Craft Crossing will feature 24 new and unique beers brewed just for the calendar.

This advent calendar will cost you around $65 at BCL stores and has sold out in the past, so if you’re interested in joining the journey, make sure to buy a case early.

wine advent calendar vancouver

Image courtesy of New District |

Bonus: Wine Advent Calendar

If beer ain’t your thing, you can always check out a new offering for Vancouver — a wine advent calendar! New District, a craft Canadian wine online retailer, has created a wine advent calendar that includes 24 full-sized wine bottles in a white pine box. Each bottle is worth up to $100 and comes nicely wrapped. This delicacy will just cost you a cool $850. It has sold out for now, but if you sign up on their waiting list they will let you know when the wine advent calendar is back in stock.

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