Locally Made Vancouver Gifts for that Person You’re Sorta or Seriously Seeing

Sourced from Wikimedia Common - Evalowyn

Sourced from Wikimedia Commons – Evalowyn

My boyfriend is lovely but gift-giving is not his strong suit. His first present to me consisted of a hockey stick and baseball glove (and believe me, I’m not the sporty type). When it was my birthday, he begged me to take him shopping and not so subtly point out items I might want. He’s even admitted to breaking up with girls before the holidays because he wanted to spare himself the ordeal of shopping for them. I tried not to judge him.

I, on the other hand, come from a family that adores presents, both giving and receiving them, and so, over time, I’ve somewhat perfected the art of giving good gifts. I will admit though that presents to significant others can be tricky, especially in the early stage of dating when you want to set the tone right. Here are some basic strategies and ten gift ideas that may help you as you start your shopping this month.

First of all, you need to gauge how much to spend and how personal your gift should be. Generally, if you’re still in the initial stages of dating, don’t spend too much (I’d say under $50) and stay away from gifts that scream, “I want to marry you and have lots of babies together.” When in doubt, you could always be direct and ask the other person: “Hey, are you up for exchanging gifts, and roughly how much should we each spend?” Don’t be afraid to communicate.

The number one cardinal rule though for gift-giving is to get something that the person will actually like. I know this sounds obvious but a lot of people have a tendency to buy what they want, or to buy something that shows little thought. Pay attention to what they talk about, what they’re passionate about, what kind of items they fill their home with, and what they wear. And then look at everything from their perspective as you’re doing the shopping.

And if you’re still clueless, like my boyfriend, I did some browsing in a couple of my favourite stores in Mount Pleasant, Bird on a Wire Creations and much&little, to find you ten unique items that are all made locally. Some would work for that person you’re kinda seeing, and others are more suited for a serious partner.

Bird on a Wire Creations

1. Drifted West Coasters

Drifted West Coasters

These rustic coasters (4 for $30 at Bird on a Wire) are crafted from driftwood scavenged from beaches on Vancouver Island, and then coated with beeswax and natural mineral oil. They’re a good starter gift for that someone you’re dating, or also make for a charming stocking stuffer.

2. For the Love of Baths Lotion Candles

For the Love of Baths Lotion Candle

Yes, candles can often seem like a generic gift, especially when they’re for someone you’re trying to impress romantically. However, these candles are different in that they function not only as a scented candle, but also as a hydrating moisturizer or body balm ($14 at Bird on a Wire). I totally want one.

3. Plenty + Spare Soaps, and Sadie’s Beer Soaps

Plenty + Spare Soaps

Sadie's Soaps

If you’re going to get soap, make sure it’s hand crafted and local. Plenty + Spare specializes in long-lastings bars that use local and sustainable ingredients ($7 at much&little), and feature a variety of natural scents, like lavender and patchouli. Meanwhile, I’m also a fan of Sadie’s Soaps, which feature BC craft beer ($6 at Bird on a Wire). This gift can also be a tactful way of telling your date to shower more often.

4. Lolo Makeup Bags and Mirrors

Lolo Make-up Bag & Mirror

Have you progressed to stay-overs but not quite to leaving stuff in each other’s drawers? If so, this combo of a make-up bag and mirror ($26 at Bird on a Wire) might be a good choice.

5. Robbie Vergara Aprons

Robbie Vergara Apron

There isn’t anything more sexy on my boyfriend than an apron, especially when he’s serving dinner. Robbie Vergara makes individually screen-printed aprons ($25 at Bird on a Wire) that feature designs based on eighteenth and nineteenth century historical drawings. The results are aesthetically striking.

6. Tense Wooden Watches

Tense Wooden Watches

When I walked into much&little, these time-pieces (left – $225; right – $145) immediately caught my eye. I love their natural look, as well as their elegance. And, that guy or girl in your life will have absolutely no excuse for being late for your next date.

7. Vitruvi Aromatic Body & Face Mists and Aromatherapy Oil Roll-ons

gift gifting - vitruvi

Vitruvi uses 100% pure essential oils in their blended aromatherapy products, which promote well-being and intentional living. All items are themed, which helps with customizing your romantic gift. “Still” face and body mist ($29 at much&little), for example, is a combo of clary sage, geranium, rose, and vetiver–all of which are meant to aid in calmness and grounding. The “Detox” roll-on ($39) meanwhile combines lemon, juniper, and bergamot, which assist in removing toxins.

8. Robert Andrews Hardwood Boxes

Robert Andrews Wooden Boxes

These stunning creations are made from high quality hardwood found on Mayne Island by wood designer Robert Andrews. They’re a beautiful way to store jewelry, or other household miscellany, like photos, keys, and pens ($35 to $450; $235 for box above at Bird on a Wire). If the clutter at your significant other’s place is annoying you, be sure to get one.

9. Willowcraft Steins

Willocraft Beer Steins

These gorgeous mugs ($45 at Bird on a Wire), made by Vancouver ceramist Robyn Williams, would be the ideal gift for a beer aficionado in your life. You could accompany it with a growler of his/her favourite local craft beer for the ultimate pairing.

10. Lana Betty Prism Power Necklaces

Lana Betty Prism Necklaces

Most girls will melt into a helpless puddle of romanticism when you give them jewelry. When in doubt, go for a piece that’s simple and versatile. I especially have a weakness for the prism necklaces ($110 at Bird on a Wire) by Lana Betty, who specializes in 3D printed jewelry using various materials, like gold-plated brass and stainless steel. I hope my boyfriend is reading this (hint, hint).

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