Happy Meat-Feast-Mas! Vancouver’s Meat & Bread Turducken Sandwich is BACK! 

turduckenAvalon eggnog? Check. St Paul’s Lights of Hope? Check. Free skating at Robson Sq? Check! All the usual signs of the holiday season in Vancouver are here and there’s just one more tradition to tick off before the big day itself –Meat & Bread’s turducken sandwich. An annual event since they opened, Meat & Bread’s turducken brings major line-ups each year and always sells out. It’s back for three days this year at the Pender and Gastown shops, from Monday, Dec 21st – Weds Dec 23rd while supplies last…

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

What, you may ask, is a ‘Turducken’? Well: it’s kind of exactly what it sounds like, a deboned chicken in a deboned duck in a deboned turkey, all rolled up, roasted to perfection and ready to be devoured. Meat and Bread do different versions at each store, this year Gastown are rocking a Rossdown Farms jerk turducken with a rice and bean duck stuffing, a ginger beer cranberry sauce, crispy plantain chipsand a jerk gravy. They usually serve 16 ‘turducken logs’ each day which yields 40 sandwiches, so that’s around 640 each day.

turducken2Over at the Pender store you can try a more traditional take with their Rossdown Farms Turducken which is served with roasted brussels sprouts and caramelized onions, buttered yams, a cranberry gastrique and bacon jus. They expect to serve around 320 sandwiches each day. Bad news for fans of the legendary porchetta sandwich; the turducken replaces this mighty sandwich for three days, so your last chance to have that will be Saturday at the Gastown shop. Both stores will run their usual daily specials and vegetarian options alongside the Turducken.

Find out more at Meat & Bread. 

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