Chinese dance and martial arts extravaganza coming to Vancouver

6. Act Three Shaximen

Some of China’s top creative talent has banded together for Opera Warriors. A mix of contemporary dance, acrobatics and martial arts, the extravagant show is presented Jan. 5 and 6 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. This mark’s the show’s Canadian premiere.

Described as “an epic tale of power, passion and the Peking Opera,” Opera Warriors is set in the early years of the 20th century in Northern China. In the extravagant production, three masterful Peking Opera actors who are on their journey to success are sidetracked by fateful incidents spurred by love and fear.

The production features 40 masterful dancers and more than 200 luxurious costumes of chiffon, silk and embroidery. The is so big that the first seven rows of the theatre will have to be removed to accommodate its 3,444 square ft. capacity.

10. Act Two (2)

Opera Warriors is the creation of the the award-winning team behind the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. The team includes choreographer Xing Shimiao; playwright Pik Wah Li; lighting designer Sha Xiaolan, one of China’s leading designers; with composer Fang Ming.

Presented as part of a cultural exchange program by Image China, it’s sponsored by the University of British Columbia. UBC theatre and film prof Siyual Liu, who has been in Beijing with the production, will give a pre-show chat on Jan. 5 about his experience. He will also interview one of the artists in the company.

Watch the trailer for Opera Warriors.

8. Act Two dance for two

For tickets to Opera Warriors at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre (649 Cambie St.), visit

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