Dine Out and Spend the Night in Vancouver for Less


Dine Out Vancouver, Canada’s largest food and beverage festival, is on until January 31st, and it’s not only restauraunts offering one-of-a-kind menus and killer deals on 3-course meals. Part of a real roaring night out is not having to worry about getting home, am I right? A bunch of hotels have paired up with the festival, and they have got you covered:

Special Room Rates

Just like the three-tiered dining menus, 11 hotels are offering special rates at three tiers. Rates start at $80 ($55 USD), and there are also rooms available at $110 ($76 USD) and $140 ($96 USD).

Dine & Stay Packages

How about indulging in a 3-course meal prepared by one of Vancouver’s top hotel restauraunts, and then not even having to leave the building to get to back to your room? Go ahead; order an extra round of beverages and keep the car parked with a Dine & Stay package. These packages combine a Dine Out meal with your room night, at rates starting at $189 ($130 USD).

Amuse-Bouche Collection

These culinary adventures take you out from under your napkin and out into Vancouver! This weekend you can spend a morning out on the ocean with an executive chef, and then cook your catch with a pro. Or you can venture into Vancouver’s rain forests for a guided tour of ingredients you can forage, and then take a private workshop to learn how to preserve your pickings. These experiences, along with hotel stays, event tickets, and 3-course meals are for aficionados looking to be immersed in Vancouver’s diverse food scene.

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