Hey, Egghead: What Do You Know About Your Brain? Find out at the Brain Health Fair, April 15 (Free Prize Giveaway!)

Photo: AAN's Facebook Page

Photo: AAN’s Facebook Page

Can you say you’ve ever walked through a functioning brain?

Well, if you haven’t, now’s your chance to take a stroll through a cerebellum and learn all about brain health at the American Academy of Neurology’s 2016 Brain Health Fair. Taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on April 15, this day-long science fair provides the general public with an opportunity to delve into the murky world of brain diseases while learning how to keep our noggins tuned up and in prime shape.

The Brain Health Fair is fun, interactive, and critical – after all, with one in three Canadians suffering from some type of brain disease, getting educated is key. And oh, will you get educated. Here’s a sampling of the dozens of activities on offer:

  • “Ask a Neurologist” booths—talk to top neurologists
  • Learn about the latest treatments and research advances
  • Get prevention and healthy lifestyle tips
  • Walk through an inflatable, interactive brain
  • Hold an actual human brain
  • View animal brains—from mouse to dolphin
  • Create brain-inspired arts and crafts
  • Participate in active games in the sports pavilion
  • Learn how nerves govern your senses at the cranial nerve stations
  • View the work of local student scientists at the Science Fair
  • Pick up a free bike helmet at the helmet giveaway
  • See the winning videos from the Neuroscience IsTM…Cool Video Contest
  • Explore Body Works Exhibits and Blow Your Mind Demonstrations by Science World

You’ll also be able to chat with neurologists and other experts about the latest research advances in a variety of brain diseases, including multiple sclerosis, dementia, epilepsy, stroke, Parkinson’s, movement disorders, headache, pediatric neurology, and others.

Oh, and did we mention this event is FREE and includes LUNCH?!

For more information and to sign up, click here.

The Brain Health Fair is hosted by the American Academy of Neurology, which is bringing more than 13,000 neurologists and health care professionals to Vancouver, BC, April 15-21, 2016, for its 68th Annual Meeting, the world’s largest gathering of neurologists.

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  1. Robbie

    Weird…I always wanted to know about brain freeze…

  2. Sunshine G

    This looks weirdly fascinating – thanks for bringing it to my notice!

  3. MK

    This looks so interesting! Perfect for a total “brainiac.”