What do Bruce Springsteen and Rihanna have in common? Tribute nights in Vancouver!

Boss Project

Some local musicians are getting together to salute the music of Bruce Springsteen. The Boss Project: Songs of Bruce Springsteen is an album project that challenged participants to record a Springsteen song in one take, using one microphone. To celebrate the release, several of those musicians will perform their songs live at the Cobalt (917 Main St.) Tuesday, April 19.

And Springsteen’s not the only one getting the cover treatment this week – some local cats are also covering songs by sultry Top 40 maniac Rihanna.

The Boss Project is sponsored by Chris Lemky Guitar Services in East Vancouver. Lemky told Inside Vancouver, “The Boss Project began as a simple idea shared amongst a few friends, a light-hearted challenge to record one Boss song, with one microphone, and one take. Over time, that simple idea made its way to a few more friends, and began to take a special shape of its own. It became apparent that a lot of my friends had some sort of influence from and love for the songs of Bruce Springsteen. I’d have these friends over to my house, or at a friend’s guitar workshop, we’d have some beers and a good time recording the song of their choice. Each performance was special and unique to that person’s style and interpretation.”

Lemky said that the album is the culmination of four years’ of work, with 14 songs by 14 different artists, most from East Vancouver.

Artists include Rich Hope, C.R Avery, Bob Sumner, Kathleen Nisbet, Elliot C. Way, Sam Masterton, Chris Janzen, Belinda Bruce and Jon Wood. As of this writing, more details about the record are scarce, but from the event’s Facebook page it looks as though some of the songs covered include “Terry’s Song” (off the 2007 album Magic), “Born in the USA”, “Atlantic City, “I’m on Fire”, and “The Ghost of Tom Joad.”

Chris Janzen recording his contribution to The Boss Project.

Chris Janzen recording his contribution to The Boss Project.

Cover is $10, which includes a poster and free download code for the album. All proceeds go to local charity. The album will be officially released for digital download on the day of the show, April 19.

Right now, you can hear the songs at chrislemky.com.

Not to be outdone, some local fans of Rihanna are also throwing a party. In anticipation of the Top 40 singer’s April 23 concert at Rogers Arena, local acts such as Omar Khan, JP Maurice, WILLA, Bend Sinister, The Works, and Shylo Sharity will perform Rihanna songs at Work! Rihanna Tribute Night, hosted by local comic Dino Archie, April 20 at the Biltmore Cabaret (2755 Prince Edward St.). Advance tickets are $10 at ticketfly.com.

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