Vancouver’s Dish and Duer Opens Flagship Store


Dish and Duer’s storefront in Gastown

Canadian athleisure brand, Dish and Duer, have opened shop in the city’s hip and historic Gastown district. Since launching the line in 2014, the performance denim line has become a huge hit with customers looking to look good, feel comfortable and buy local.

The core performance component of their denim collection allows clients to give the jeans a test drive on a gym floor, monkey bars, and swing set. Come out of the change room in a pair you’ve tried on, and channel your inner-ninja with some squatting, stretching and a few karate kicks.


A peek inside the interactive store

Ever ridden your bike to work in jeans? What used to be an uncomfortable commute is now like wearing your favorite sweats, in these performance denims.


Temperature control denim

“Until now, denim hasn’t been a key category of the rapidly growing athleisure market,” said Gary Lenett, Founder of Dish and Duer. Lenett has been tireless in sourcing cotton-rich fabrics blended with super stretch, dry wicking and antibacterial properties. The results? Jeans you want to live in. And will.

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