Negronis All Around! Next Week, Give Back By Drinking Up


The following article was submitted by Tourism Vancouver Staffer Sonu Purhar, Manager, Communications.

Ah, Negroni Week – a blissful seven days when your cocktail addiction benefits humanity. Starting June 6 and running ‘til the 12th, proceeds from Negronis sold at more than 30 bars and restaurants around Vancouver will go towards charities selected by each venue.

Traditionally, the Negroni is a modest drink consisting of Campari, gin and vermouth. But as we all know, Vancouver bartenders aren’t afraid of rocking the boat by taking cocktails from classic to cutting-edge. And during Negroni Week, the city’s best and brightest will showcase their astounding creativity as they rise to the challenge of adding a palate-blowing twist to a three-ingredient cocktail.

The full list of Vancouver restaurants participating in Negroni Week can be found here. Meanwhile, read on for our recommendations of unconventional Negronis to sip in June – one for every day of the week. Rest assured, you’re making the world a better place.

UVA Wine Bar Cocktail

UVA Wine Bar Cocktail

Venue: UVA Wine and Cocktail Bar

Charity: B.C. Hospitality Foundation

The Negroni Mystery Solved, an enchanting combination of gin, Lillet Blanc, Suze, Ramazzotti, Campari and grapefruit bitters. Citrus on the nose, velvety rich mouthful and the slightest caress of Campari on the finish… this is a drink to savour when you’re feeling particularly decadent. What mystery are you solving? The B.C. Hospitality Foundation channels many of its proceeds towards funding critical research – so while sipping your Mystery Solved, ponder the fact you’re helping to solve a mystery that could help cure disease. We’ll drink to that.

One Under cocktail

One Under Cocktail

Venue: One Under

Chartiy: Canadian Mental Health Association

The Negroni Barrel-aged Hibiscus Negroni. How sick would it be to sip a sweetly floral drink with hibiscus-infused gin, Campari and French vermouth – and all while whacking a golf ball on a Scottish links? This is where you’ll find out.

Ancora Cocktail

Ancora Cocktail

Venue: Ancora

Charity: Red Cross

The Negroni The Sacred, a subtle infusion of London gin, spiced vermouth and rosehip liqueur. The Red Cross was chosen as beneficiary because the majority of funds are currently helping families in Fort McMurray rebuild their homes and lives. It’s an important and urgent cause, and that’s partly why The Sacred is one of three Negronis that Ancora is featuring this week. Our recommendation? Block off an evening and test out all three. Hey, it’s for charity.

Prohibition Cocktail

Prohibition Cocktail

Venue: Prohibition

Charity: B.C. Children’s Hospital

The Negroni Inception Negroni. This cocktail is very meta – a classic red Negroni captured within a sphere of ice whose flavours are released when a lighter white Negroni is poured over top. You’ll get a floral, slightly sweet taste from the outer Negroni’s gin and Suze liqueur, then a boozy finish as the inner Negroni breaks through. Because why limit your glass to one cocktail when it can magically hold two?

Liberty Distillery Cocktail

Liberty Distillery Cocktail

Venue: Liberty Distillery

Charity: BCSPCA

The Negroni The Pink Negroni, a blushing beauty featuring Endeavour pink gin, Aperol and Rosato vermouth – and one of the few Negronis on our list that doesn’t contain Campari. Approachable and soft, the drink is perfect for the Negroni novice with an intoxicating blend of summer berries, herbs, floral and citrus. Delicious straight up or on the rocks.

L'Abattoir Cocktail

L’Abattoir Cocktail

Venue: L’Abattoir

Charity: B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation

The Negroni L’Abattoir’s Negroni Week concoction transforms the typically boozy drink into a softer sipper. Elderflower and sake temper the bittersweet Campari with delicate floral notes; orange and lemon juice brighten up the palate with a fresh, citrusy finish. This is a Negroni to savour in the sunshine.

Boulevard Cocktail

Boulevard Cocktail

Venue: Boulevard

Charity: Fawkes Academy

The Negroni What is it about black walnut bitters? The name alone evokes images of a sturdy, stiff drink, and we can’t think of a single cocktail that isn’t improved by the addition of this slightly sweet ingredient. Boulevard’s Il Viale (“Boulevard” in Italian) incorporates the bitters to complement its spicy rye base, orange-infused vermouth, Cinzano Orancio and Campari. The drink is finished with Cynar for added depth, served on ice and garnished with a lemon twist. Deceptively simple. Infinitely complex. Just like the Negroni.

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