Canada Day Fireworks at Canada Place, July 1st (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

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This award winning event, presented by the Port of Vancouver, is the largest Canada Day celebration outside our nation’s capital, Ottawa. Canada Day at Canada Place has been Vancouver’s premier event for 29 years, bringing communities together to share our special bond of living in one of the greatest country’s in the world and celebrating our freedom, values and diversity. With the popular daytime festival, the evening parade through downtown Vancouver and the simultaneous two barge fireworks spectacular, Canada Day at Canada Place is the best way to celebrate our nation’s birthday!

Canada Day at Canada Place event details:

  • Date: July 1, 2016
  • Time: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (parade and fireworks to follow)
  • Location: Canada Place, Jack Poole Plaza and surrounding streets.

The festivities will continue into the evening with the popular Canada Day Parade presented by Port of Vancouver, beginning at 7:00 p.m. at Georgia and Broughton, and the Canada Day Fireworks Show at 10:30 p.m. in Burrard Inlet.


  • Family-friendly – Children 5 and under free!
  • Premium fireworks viewing
  • Easy access to restrooms

To purchase tickets to this year’s event, visit the Tickets Tonight website.

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93 Responses to Canada Day Fireworks at Canada Place, July 1st (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Tasha

    Watching the fireworks from Canada Place is an amazing way to celebrate Canada Day!

    • Linda

      There is no better way to celebrate Canada Day with my 80-year-old parents by viewing the fireworks in this way!

  2. Harry Georgeson

    I would love to attend the fireworks at Canada Place. It has become a west coast tradition now.

  3. Mark

    Have always wanted to see the Canada Day fireworks from this vantage point!

  4. Ursula

    I’d love to go – it would be my first time.

  5. Amy

    Would love to participate but in the last I haven’t had a great vantage point. This is a wonderful solution!


    I want to go watch the Canada day fireworks at Canada place with my daughter???

  7. Bex

    I’ve never had premium viewing before and I would love to see the fireworks on Canada Day! ??

  8. Venus

    we really wanna enjoy our very first Canada day since we migrated TO ITS BEST…. :)

  9. Cyril Rouhana

    I just moved to Vancouver and never been in a Premium fireworks viewing (plus it’s my first CANADA DAY)

  10. Zahra Tejpar

    I’ve actually never been for the fireworks before in the 7 years that I have lived in Canada and going for them would really mean a lot to me

  11. Veera Dudi

    Spectacular view of fire works only from Canada place.. ????

  12. Christina

    This is my last Canada Day living in Vancouver as I’m going to Toronto for work in the Fall. I would love to have the opportunity to enjoy the fireworks (and this great city) in all its glory on Canada day, and really take it all in!

  13. Jaylene Leah

    Would love to go, I have never been! Would be a great way to say goodbye to my friend who will be leaving for the rest of the summer! ?✨?

  14. Salma Amlani

    have a cousin visiting from overseas, would love to show her how we celebrate our country’s birthday.

  15. Pascal Heck

    We’d love to go – it would be our first time. We are from Belgium and on holiday in Vancouver to visit my son who is here for one year.

  16. Hae Jung

    I just got my permanent residency in Canada and would love to celebrate it with the firework!

  17. Kay

    Would be a nice treat for a newly preggers woman!

  18. Alexandra

    I would love to go with my mom, it’s the second summer here and we really love Canada and Vancouver, is such a beautiful country.

  19. I come from Belgium. It’s my first time in Vancouver with my boyfriend. We would love to celebrate this beautiful occasion!

  20. Rachel

    This would be a super way to celebrate Canada Day!

  21. MengyingZhang

    I’d love to celebrate this day with my friends and family. We are new in Van. Hope it will be an unforgettable experience

  22. Caroline

    It’s our first time to celebrate Canada day in such unique way

  23. Tanha Kabir

    What a better way to spend Canada Day?!

  24. Audrey

    Would love to spend Canada Day with my family watching the fireworks!

  25. Shiva A

    My dad is visitng from abroad and has been really looking forward to experience Canada and this would be the perfect way!

  26. I’ve watch Canada fireworks from faraway distances, it would be nice to be close up as I love fireworks and Canada in general.

  27. Sameer

    Fireworks are famous in Asia, specially in Indian culture and Chinese culture..but seeing Fireworks, in Canada is going to be an wonderfull & amazing experience.

  28. Johnny P.

    I love fireworks!

  29. Kirsten Dovey

    Only lived here for 4 months and never experienced the fireworks before. This would be the perfect place to see them!

  30. Tracey Flattes

    I would love to spend this special day with my two children watching the fireworks – they are always spectacular!

  31. Farah. T

    A great view of the fireworks would be the perfect way to celebrate my first Canada Day, and my first year in Canada. Plus, I love fireworks! ?

  32. Aiden Blake

    I’d love to be able to photograph the fireworks from this premium vantage point for a change. I go every year but I’ve never seen them from there!

  33. Hsiangyi Lai

    As a new commer, it must be a fantastic Canadian experience!!

  34. To be a part of the sparkle that denotes the great and beautiful city ,that is Vancouver…would be a dream come true, my grandfather left a war torn Budapest and made a life in Canada, it saved his life in the 1950’s. To be a part of this day would make a circle whole again and make memories even more vibrant. Happy Canada Day! The place where dreams are allowed to happen and be free..

  35. John Jurkowski

    We will begin our vacation in Vancouver, arriving on July 1. Since we are from the USA, have never experienced Canada Day. Would enjoy the festivities. OH Canada!

  36. Marty

    It’s one of those moments that you stop – stop everything – using your phone – being distracted – stop multitasking – full stop .. Because it’s fireworks .. So you stand with your people & just take it all in – let it just amaze you whilst it fills the sky .. I love those moments in Vancouver .. They’re spectacular – unforgettable – worth the time out from everything .. Breathtaking

  37. Natalie Wu

    I’ve always wanted to see the fireworks from that point of view!

  38. LA

    Would love to go!

  39. Yasuko Kindaichi

    Really love to join the party with great view at Canada a Day fireworks viewing zone this year!!

  40. Lorraine Grande

    I would love to join the viewing party, as it sounds like a very special way to watch the Canada Day fireworks with others in a fun environment

  41. fiona c

    No better way to show your Canadian spirits then to celebrate the country’s 149th bday!

  42. Jean Brayford

    Proud to be Canadian ??????????

  43. Cecilia

    I’d love to go to start my summer with a big celebration.

  44. Seif

    This would be my very first Canada Day celebration!

  45. i want to bring my 78 year old mom to the fireworks. she has not seen live fireworks since expo 86.

  46. Yuxian Liao

    I am from Taiwan with working holiday. I want to tell my family and friends how Canada so beauty and impress.

  47. Rob

    Would be fun to see the fireworks!!!

  48. Joanne Jones

    Myself and my husband will be visiting Vancouver from the UK on Canada day and we would love to be involved in the local celebrations!! Xx

  49. Amy

    My mom hasn’t seen fireworks in almost 20 years, so this would be a real treat for her :)

  50. Kim

    I’m staying in this wonderful country and city of yours for the year and would love the chance to experience the fireworks from the premium viewing stage. If I win, as a thank you to her I’ll bring along my friend who lives here cos she’s been a wonderful help since I arrived. ?

  51. Harold

    Love to see all the colours and big bangs.

  52. Ryan W

    It would be a great experience to see fireworks in such a exclusive area and to go out for a date night on the best day of they year Canada day ???

  53. Keira

    It’s my first Canada Day in Vancouver and there’s no place I’d rather spend it than Canada Place

  54. Leanne S

    I’ve been in Vancouver for 12 years and I’ve only seen the fireworks once because I am usually working. This year my partner and I both have the day off so it would be great to watch the fireworks and celebrate Canada Day.

  55. Melissa

    I have never had the chance to view the fireworks on Canada Day, and I would love to see it with my boyfriend! He hasn’t been in Canada too long, and I’ve been here my whole life, so seeing it together would be really memorable!

  56. christophe

    My little girl, who is 7, has never seen fireworks, and this would be an amazing experience for her.

  57. Bill and Judy Gresser

    We are arriving in Vancouver on 30 June from Yuma, Arizona (Canada’s Most Southern City) specifically so we will be there for Canada Day.
    Looking forward to seeing all the B.C. Snowbirds who visit Yuma. I guess this makes us ‘Heatbirds’.

  58. ryan

    I would love to attend this event. It would be a great experience.

  59. sarah

    I’ll be leaving Vancouver and Canada mid July so I would love to get tickets to enjoy the fireworks as close as possible. This would be perfect to celebrate my year spent in Canada :)

  60. Jamilla

    It would be an amazing experience! What a great way to SHOW canadian pride!!!

  61. Nancy

    I am constantly reminded how blessed I am to be Canadian and how lucky I am to call this beautiful city my home. Would love to spread the love at fireworks with my fellow Vancouverites!

  62. Atif Zubair

    I want to enjoy Canada day with my twin brother as he will land in Canada on 29 june 2015 so I wanted to celebrate canada day with my twin brother and have fun.

  63. John Fetizanan

    Firstly, I just moved here a week ago
    Secondly, I’m enjoying the culture as much as I’ll be enjoying my first Canada day
    Thirdly, I love free stuffs! Any celebration is awesome if it’s free! :)

  64. mike T

    i want to win tickets to the viewing party because i want to bring my family there and make this year’s canada’s day extra special! it would be a day to remember. plus i’ll even blog about it

  65. Agnes alvero

    Watching the fireworks at canada place on canada day is a wonderful experience, being an immigrant to this wonderful country is just amazing, this friday my husband & i are both off from work for the 1st time since we arrived here, and i think this is the best time for us to watch the fireworks on a worderful point of view..

  66. Emily

    I’d like to watch the fireworks from the viewing zone to celebrate the many things about Canada that I am thankful for. It’s also my first day of summer break (I’m a teacher) and that’s worth extra celebration!

  67. Myles

    Why do I want to win tickets? Because I’m Canadian and love to celebrate it!! :)

  68. Sonya

    I love Vancouver, and work hard to promote all it has to offer. I’ve only seen the fireworks from a distance and think it would be a great treat to see it from Canada Place and this unique vantage point – and of course be able to treat that someone special!! :)

  69. Suzanne Williams

    My niece and nephew (born in the U.S. To Canadian parents) are coming to Vancouver for the very first time. I would love to share a spectacular fireworks view with them as part of their first Canada Day celebration in Canada!

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  71. Elaine

    Neven been to Canada day fireworks in the past 10years since it is not falling on the weekend .I am so happy this year to have the chance the watch it !

  72. Jeanette Rogers

    Moved here last fall, we’d love to go!

  73. Clare tea

    I go see the fireworks every year since I was a kid and sit at least an hour earlier there with my friends to wait. Premium tickets would really save me and a friend some precious time&effort!

  74. wen

    I would like to join the fun as I have always missed the July 1 Canada Day Celebrations.

  75. Daniel Leung

    Would love to celebrate Canada day by ending it with an amazing show

  76. Kate CD

    As a relative newbie to Canada, it will be my first Canada Day celebration! I’ve heard great things about the event and the viewing point from my family who happened to be on holiday here this time last year, so I would love to experience it myself!

  77. Montserrat

    I have never attended the fireworks for july 1st so i would love to this year. Thnaks

  78. Erin L

    It’s an awesome way to spend the evening of Canada day! I’ve never done VIP anything, so I have to admit, that would be pretty special!

  79. Tram

    Would be an awesome way to celebrate Canada and its special day!

  80. Geraldine

    Would love to celebrate Canada Day with my kids for our first in Vancouver! Love Vancouver! Happy Canada Day Vancouver!! <3

  81. Hillevi Lassas

    First time ever in Canada and getting a chance to enjoy and celebrate Canada day in theese awesome surroundings makes me an even more eager Canada; and especially British Colombia fan than I have already become:)

  82. TG

    Enjoying the fireworks from Canada Place on Canada Day…it doesn’t get anymore ‘Canadian’ than that!!!

    I would love to share our special bond of living in one of the greatest country in the world and celebrating our freedom, values and diversity with all Canadians :)

  83. Ruby

    I would love to celebrate Canada day with my kids in this special way! We love Canada!

  84. Moe

    I would love to enjoy fireworks with my family on this special day of Canada!

  85. parminder

    There cannot be any better way of enjoying Canada day! Love you Canada!

  86. Neena

    O Canada! our home and native land….I would love to celebrate Canada day in this special way!

  87. Deepa

    I would love to enjoy this special day of Canada with my family and friends watching fireworks…
    Love Canada!

  88. Jorge

    It’s my first time in Vancouver me and my girlfriend Want to see this awesome event it Would be crear for us because that Day It’s our aniversary

  89. Ryan

    Nothing better than enjoying Canada Day in style here in our beautiful city!

  90. Shirley

    I’ve never seen fireworks up close.

  91. Mag

    Fireworks on Canada Day at Canada Place would make me feel really Canadian.

  92. Wally

    I would like to enjoy the great view and fireworks with my significant other.