Vancouver TheatreSports’ NEW Summer Show & Signature Cocktails


Improv aficionado? Cocktail connoisseur? Here’s something fun to check out this summer. Vancouver TheatreSports™ League’s (VTSL) new show, The Big Picture – An Improvised Movie, is launching signature cocktails to enjoy in the Neil Macrae Bar & Lounge beforehand, inspired by our favorite Hollywood flicks.

The new summer show pays tribute to the mega movies we love, with The Big Picture – An Improvised Movie starting June 30 and running through the summer to August 27.

VTSL is a live, improvised-theatre experience,  a fast-paced comedy that can “hold its own with any on-the-edge-of-your-seat big screen thriller or frothy romcom,” say the show organizers.

As in all VTSL productions, audience participation is key to the action. The actors on stage, and the audience in the seats, will together create a different ‘overnight smash hit’ each and every night of the show’s run.

The possibilities are endless – will Professor Dumbledore and Gandalf finally meet? Perhaps Indiana Jones will be eaten by the Great White or Scarlett O’Hara will fall for Doctor Zhivago? Maybe Maria will teach Dracula how to sing or E.T. and Wall-E will ride off into the sunset together.

The tie-in with movie-inspired drinks? Whether it’s the Vesper Vodka Martini from Casino Royale, the French 75 in Casablanca or The Big Lebowski’s White Russian, cocktails have played an iconic role in movies throughout the decades. Think Sex and the City and boom – we think Cosmopolitans.

A sweet deal at only $8 each, these limited-edition drinks are available to VTSL patrons only during the run of The Big Picture – June 30 through August 27.

Here’s a sneak peek at the cocktails, perfect summer sippers on the Lounge’s deck facing Vancouver’s beautiful False Creek, on Granville Island:

Golden Globe

The Golden Globe cocktail

Golden Globe: Award-winning Goldschlager liqueur, 7Up and golden flakes will make you feel like a star.

Walk of Fame & Yes Oui Cannes

Walk of Fame & Yes Oui Cannes cocktails

Yes Oui Cannes!: An ode to international films, this drink exudes European sophistication with herbal hints of juniper berries and vanilla – Bombay Gin, Vanilla Galliano, and sparkling San Pellegrino Lemon. Delizioso!

More information on Vancouver TheatreSports™, The Improv Centre and the Neil Macrae Bar and Lounge visit their website.

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