11 Places in Vancouver To Re-Charge

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There are few things that make you feel more lifeless than losing touch with the world by running out of juice…and we don’t mean orange. Apps, photo taking and messaging take up so much of our cell phone’s battery, so we created a list (mostly for us, but we’ll share it with you too) of places you can go to get your charge on and get back to the land of the living.

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11. Barber Shops

Barber Shops in Vancouver have been reborn and are hotter and more modern than before. Most are now donned with chargers for the modern man that needs to stay manscaped.

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10. Pacific Centre Mall

They just got a revamp and conveniently added in charging stations that lock up, so you’re phone is safe. You can shop with ease, knowing you’ll be back to life shortly, and styling at the same time.

photo: modernmixvancouver.com

photo: modernmixvancouver.com

9. Restaurants

Most restaurants have a collection of chargers. If you sit at the bar, you may even be able to still be attached to it.

photo: @jellymarketing / Instagram

photo: @jellymarketing / Instagram

8. Hair Salons

The dominant Girlboss needs to always be connected – especially while getting those roots touched up. There are many hair salons that have now installed charging station for their on-the-go client-elle.

photo: exclaim.ca

photo: exclaim.ca

7. Music Festivals

Not only would it be the most horrendous thing to be watching your favorite musician and come out with zero photos, but you will definitely lose your group and need to find them in a crowd of 10,000+ people. Thanks to companies like the Tech Guys, there are tents set up at all the festivals to keep the Wi-Fi working and you in charge.

photo: Qwick Media

photo: Qwick Media

6. Events

You don’t have to be going to a tech conference to know there will be some sort of charging station or booth to give you a boost. Events usually have sponsored portable stations that conveniently go everywhere.

photo: Cabana

photo: Cabana

5. Nightclubs

We’re not saying that you WANT to document what’s happening when the sun goes down, but in the event you’re meeting people and need to be connected, there are some nightclubs that now keep you in check. It might be safer to put the phone down anyway.

photo: Google Images

photo: Google Images

4. Nail Salons

We’ve all done the single-hand texting and know how difficult it is, so you might as well leave your phone on the chargers that a lot of the modern Nail Salons have been installing.

photo: @thatgirl_makena / Instagram

photo: @thatgirl_makena / Instagram

3. Science World

Expect the place for all things Science to have a full charging station. Find it on the first floor by the center stage.

Apple Store

2. Apple Store

If you’re an iPhone user, you can always count on the mothership to be there for you when you need them most.

Vancouver Airport charging station

1. Airport

Whether you’re just getting off to visit us, or leaving after an amazing vacay, you can recharge at the airport while you prep for the next adventure.

If all else fails, there are charging station locator apps being created that will be available soon!

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