No non-fans allowed; a Fleetwood Mac party aims at the ’emotionally charged’

Fleetmac Wood 03

A Fleetmac Wood show in Australia. Colm Moore photo.

Fleetmac Wood isn’t your typical tribute show.

Yes, it’s a (four-hour!) celebration of the music one of the most popular acts of all time. And yes, if you go to the Fox Cabaret (2321 Main St.) Aug 12, you are likely to hear “Rhiannon,” “Dreams,” “Go Your Own Way” and other songs by the band that has become synonymous with seventies California rock.

But the LA-based DJ act doesn’t just play the hits. It also features remixes and obscurities from a discography that goes back to the late sixties, when Mick Fleetwood and a bunch of his British blues-playing buddies formed the first incarnation of the band that would bear his name (kind of), Fleetwood Mac.

According to the Fleetmac Wood Facebook page: “Our party is a chance to listen to the wind blow from blues to rock to stadium pop to remix in a nightclub context. You need to hear this music LOUD. You need to move and lose yourself in the dark. You are in safe hands…

“This is not a tribute act. There are no cover versions. We do not simply play a greatest hits CD – if you just want that then maybe stay in. We like to dig a little deeper into their back catalogue and we play remixes that we think expand your Fleetwood Mac journey. It’s like a festival with the best people, because Fleetwood Mac fans are the best people. Fact. We’ve witnessed this every party we do – you guys are special. You’re emotionally charged with your candles burning bright. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hugging a stranger at the end of the night to ‘Landslide.’ And technically they won’t be a stranger because, they have good taste like yourself.”

Fleetmac Wood 02

In fact, Fleetmac Wood lays it out in no uncertain terms: “If you’re not sure you like Fleetwood Mac, please don’t come. No really, don’t come. And don’t drag along your friend who doesn’t really like them either. We’ll be overdosing on a feast of edits and originals (no cover versions permitted). This is an unadulterated, tunnel-visioned event, paying homage to the incredible musical journey that is Fleetwood Mac. This is ALL-NIGHT-LONG BIG LOVE.”

The DJs started putting on these parties in 2012, in East London. They’ve since taken their show collection to underground clubs all over the world.

The show starts at 10 p.m. Tickets are $10 advance, $15 on the door at

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