Exploring Vancouver: The Stanley Park Seawall and Beyond


Dima Sergiyenko visited Vancouver back in July and put together an awesome video showcasing what it’s like for visitors to make their way around Vancouver by bike and public transport.

For more of Dima’s videos, check out his YouTube channel here.


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2 Responses to Exploring Vancouver: The Stanley Park Seawall and Beyond

  1. Ron

    Lived and worked in this city for over 3 decades and the beauty of the city and especially Stanley Park never grows old. This video is so great for people who’ve never had a chance to visit or who are visiting and unsure if the Seawall is worth the time. Great piece!

  2. Sally

    Thanks for this great travelogue of beautiful Vancouver. It brought back memories from a trip three years ago.
    Granville island is wonderful and the atmosphere reminded us of our own hometown, Melbourne, Australia.
    Ironic that only this morning I was reminiscing about our visit there.