Vancouver TheatreSports League Launches Their New Trump Improv Show

Sourced from VTSL

Sourced from VTSL

With 46 days left to go until US Election Day, speculations about the next American President are growing exponentially. Tensions are high given the implications of voters’ choice for the American, as well as the global populace.

My boyfriend and I have different political views and usually try to adhere to the general rule of leaving politics out of our date nights. However, Vancouver TheatreSports League’s new show offers a lighthearted way to address US (and world) politics with an improvised election game that’s bound to have everyone collapsed in laughter.

Trump Card – Winner Takes All, which begins September 28 and runs until November 19, 2016, promises to be a clever and highly entertaining spoof on the US election. Taking place at The Improv Centre on Granville Island (1502 Duranleau Street), the show’s premise fast-forwards the audience to 2040 when the repercussions of the 2016 US election have sufficiently revealed themselves.

Political commentators and news anchors, with the help of audience suggestions, will offer their thoughts on the key moments in 2016. Besides serious US election issues (eg discussion on Donald Trump’s hairdresser or lack thereof), the show will cover the Brexit Vote, as well as the bare-chested appearances of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Who pulled off the look better? JTPM or Vladimir Putin? The “No Old Boys Allowed Club,” made up of Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, and Theresa May, will also have their say on 2016. Audience members can look forward to the pithy insights of the VTSL’s improv team. And with such unbelievably comic material this year, the show is bound to be hilarious!

A scene from a VTSL show.

A scene from a VTSL show.

The second half of the show will involve the audience picking two ‘characters’ who appeared in the first half, as candidates for the 2040 World Election. The two will battle it out in a ludicrous debate, fuelled by audience input, in which they extol their careers, lives, and (dubious) qualifications for the global leadership position at hand. In this nail-biting election, the audience must think carefully before deciding who they would prefer to triumph in the ‘winner-takes-all’ vote at the end of the show. Will Donald Trump trump all, or will JTPM save the world with his sunny ways?

“While the outcome of any election is no joke, through improv, we hope to find the humour in what is becoming an increasingly laughable, and scary, situation,” says VTSL Artistic Director Denise Jones.

So, get ready to cast your vote in an improv election that promises plenty of good fun and insightful commentary on the events that are currently dominating (and plaguing) 2016)! Tickets are available on-line.

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