VanDusen Botanical Garden’s Glow in the Garden Halloween Event (Free Ticket Giveaway!)


Experience an unforgettable Halloween walk in the woods at VanDusen Botanical Garden as it comes to life with spellbinding lights, ghoulish music and glowing pumpkin characters created by award-winning carvers, Clive Cooper and Bruce Waugh. After the walk, costumed kids will enjoy creating fun Halloween crafts inside and parents can pick up a pumpkin and hot apple cider at the Taves Family Farms pop-up shop on the plaza. Don’t miss Clive’s live carving demos on October 24, 27 and 30.

Come in costume and share your photos with #VanDusenGlow External website for a chance to win a grand prize!

Event Info:

Where: VanDusen Garden | 5251 Oak St, Vancouver
When: October 24 – 27 | 5:00pm – 8:00pm; October 28 -31 |
5:00pm – 9:00pm
Tickets: Adult $12.00 | Senior $10 | Youth $10 | Child $8 | Member $10 (Prices include applicable service fees) | Buy Tickets

Rain or shine!

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248 Responses to VanDusen Botanical Garden’s Glow in the Garden Halloween Event (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Alex

    I would love to go there for Halloween :).

  2. Isabel

    Would love to win this! Looks like a good date idea! :)

  3. cathy

    My son would be absolutely over the moon to go this.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets!

  4. Michela

    Ready to win;-)

  5. Jullin

    Would love to go! Thanks for the contest :)

  6. Melissa

    I would love to bring my boys here :)

  7. Stella

    Wish to win the tickets

  8. Teresa

    No halloween celeBrations in our country, Born in the 80′ , it would be a great experience! A childhood dream!

  9. Muzammel

    I’d love to go.

  10. Wendy

    Please pick me

  11. Jade

    Can’t wait!! So excited!!

  12. Peony

    Me please! Love to go with my dad who is 70+ and my family to this festive celebration. This will be a precious and wonderful treat for us! xoxo thanks

  13. sharon

    Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets to this event. Lived here 45 years and have never seen the Botanical Gardens. I would love to go with my grandkids. :)

  14. Svetlana

    Never been there. I would love to visit!

  15. Carrie

    I want to win

  16. Karen

    Awesome! It’s so great to see some of the local attractions doing special events. Not only at Christmas time but the beautiful gardens in the summer as well, I can’t wait to see the Halloween Van Dussen garden! Cheers!

  17. Candy

    Would love to take my family!

  18. Sunny

    I’d love to go with my friends!
    So excited!

  19. mel

    would love to go with my family here!

  20. Ivy

    Would love to go to this!

  21. Gitte

    My first Halloween! Can’t wait to experience it :)

  22. Yung

    Love to go to Vandusen Botanical Garden. Wish me luck to win the tickects.

  23. Christine

    This would be a ‘spooktacular’ and fun family outing

  24. Roseanne Chan

    Looks fun! Would love to go.

  25. Ada

    I need this to complete my life!

  26. Wendy

    This is Halloween~ This is Halloween~
    I want to go please =)

  27. cecilia

    Wonderful! Would love to win!

  28. Manuel

    Visiting home on that weekend and great if I could bring my beloved family here :-) Thanks and great work!

  29. Can’t wait to see the great carving display❗️
    Bruce always has a fabulous display at his place.

  30. Cris Fisher

    Sounds fun! Would love to win passes!

  31. Marilyn

    What a great giveaway! Would love to take my 6YO granddaughter happy Halloween ??

  32. Annabelle

    Looks like fun! Would love to win

  33. Judith

    Great way to celebrate Halloween!

  34. Rameen

    When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam may luck be yours on Halloween.

  35. Shannon

    Would love to take my kiddos to this!

  36. Christie M

    I will definitely be checking this out!!!

  37. Nicole Craig

    My girlies would love this!

  38. Nasim

    That would be exciting! ??

  39. Hugo

    I’m in!

  40. Angela

    This would be so much fun!

  41. Jaebin

    wanna come so bad!!!

  42. Sheri Cooper

    Wow – did not know you did this – sounds so awesome

  43. Glenda

    This would be a cute, fun, and spooky Halloween event.

  44. Kay

    Fun and close to home!

  45. Chantelle

    I’ve never been!

  46. Mauro

    My daughter would love this

  47. Amelia

    Looks like a lot of fun

  48. Bonnie

    I would enjoy taking my son here.

  49. Helen

    This looks amazing!

  50. Sounds Spooktacular!

  51. I’m crazy about pumpkins and would love to get some pictures of this

  52. Michael

    Yah baby

  53. Nadia

    Wonderful!! Would love to go ?

  54. Steve

    Thanks for doing this! Want to take my gf and friends!

  55. Sally

    My husband and I love Van Dusen’s Halloween displays. We go every year, weather premitting.

  56. Billy

    Looking forward to a howling fun time!

  57. Lisa

    Yes please!! ??

  58. Josephine

    Van Dusen Garden has a special place in my heart since it’s where my husband and I got married. I’d love to bring my husband and my little girl to Glow in the Garden!

  59. Juliet

    Would be a wonderful birthday present if i won.

  60. Mark

    Would love to go

  61. Prachi

    Our little human would really love this.

  62. Jiyoung han

    We live to go here, ready for halloween for a month :)

  63. Carrie

    Would love to win these tickets!

  64. Craig

    O please o please o please!

  65. Angela

    Would love to win! Fingers crossed :)

  66. meghan

    I love vandussen!! and i love Halloween ! would love to go :)

  67. Jenna

    I didn’t know VanDusen did a Halloween event!! It sounds great!

  68. Zoe

    We go to VanDussen every Christmas since our first date there. It’s great to hear they are doing something for Halloween. Can’t wait to check it out.

  69. Theresa

    First Halloween with my BF, would love to go with him and some friends.

  70. Orgil

    Never experienced Hallowe’en that much. Going hard this year ???

  71. Lisa

    I’m ready to bring the family! Looks like a fun time.

  72. Blanka

    It’s Halloween night
    Not a soul in sight
    I hear footsteps
    Who’s that coming?

  73. Natalia

    Halloween is coming!! ?? And VanDusen is the best place to enjoy it, for sure!!

  74. T.C.

    My little one would be so excited if we won!!! Finger crossed :-)

  75. Milynne

    I’d love to go to this!

  76. Juliana Thai

    Love this time of the year!

  77. Glenda Beaulieu

    Trick or treat! Would love ❤️ to win!

  78. Anh

    I would love to check this out and take may parents along! ?

  79. Jean Brayford


  80. I love Van Dusen Garden, it’s been part of my life in Vancouver over 46 years. It’s a must visit hot spot.

  81. Derek

    Would be a great family outing to something new this year

  82. Jean

    Would love to take the family to this for Halloween!

  83. Jendrick Tang

    Nice! Would love to take my friends out to this!

  84. Angela Zhan

    Cant wait! I love Halloween!! Hoping to win

  85. Shannon white

    This looks like so much fun!!

  86. Byron underhill

    Looks like a blast

  87. Nelson

    My daughter would love to go!

  88. Thomas

    It should be awesome to be at Vandusen garden during Halloween, even rain or shine, spring or winter.

  89. Lydia

    My kiddos would enjoy this walk in their customs!

  90. Cintia

    I really want to win!!!!!

  91. Shari Fisher

    This would be so much fun! :)

  92. Guilherme

    I want to!!!!!

  93. Rachael

    Sounds like such a nice family friendly Halloween activity!

  94. Andrea D

    This would be amazing!! I was just telling my hubby that we need to bring our daughter here! She is one & a half so this will be the first real Halloween for her – and I know she would LOVE this! :) Thanks for the chance :) Good luck everyone & Happy Halloween!!

  95. Carly

    Sounds like an awesome Halloween activity

  96. Shafiyah

    I wanna go with my boyfriend !

  97. Sesame

    I wanna go with my family please….

  98. Linda

    Van Dusen is probably the best garden in Vancouver. I’ve never been there for Halloween.

  99. Valentina

    Never been to Van Dusen garden so would like to see it during Halloween! :-)

  100. Nadia

    My favourite holiday! Can’t wait to see all the Halloween costumes and carved pumpkins. Spooky!!!

  101. RB

    Hoping to win <3

  102. Nancy g

    I would love to take my family!
    Thank you!
    Nancy G

  103. Susanna garrido

    Me!!! My 2 year old would love this!

  104. Rachel

    I would love to attend!

  105. maria

    Sounds like lots of fun!

  106. Rebecca

    Would love to check this out.

  107. Toby

    Please pick me so I can bring the wife

  108. Ryan w

    We go as a family tradition every Christmas,would be great to add Halloween in it also thanks ?

  109. Michelle L

    Would totally love to go!!

  110. Carla

    This sounds like a great event

  111. Kim

    Sounds like fun! Would love to go!

  112. Yacoob

    My two girls would be thrilled to visit!

  113. KJ

    VanDusen is a Vancouver icon :) Combine it with Halloween and you have a Garden Spooktacular Event!! Would be a literal Thrill!!!

  114. Wahida rahman

    Sounds magical. My daughters would love to go!

  115. Mari

    Would love to win!

  116. Melissa Hoffmann

    VanDusen Botanical Garden always puts on a good show. I’m sure this will be fantastic as well! Would love to win!

  117. Jenny Hsu

    Love to join the Hallowe’en event with VanDusen botanical.

  118. Donna

    This is great way to enjoy 2 things I love: Van Dusen and Halloween.

  119. Megan Eastwood

    Wow super cool! Would love to bring my family, ghost busters big & small!

  120. Johnny P.

    I want to win.

  121. Nicole

    This is spooktacular! I would love to go!

  122. Julia

    I’d love to go with my family. This would be so much fun!

  123. Kate

    My granddaughter would thrilled to be able to wxperience this, and so would I! Thank you! ❤️

  124. Carol

    Love to go! Thanks for tge offer!

  125. Damian K

    Would love to win!!!!

  126. Kim

    I love that garden! I’ve never seen it dressed up for Halloween. Win or not, I’m going ??.

  127. Dora Sofia

    Awesome! I’d love to go!

  128. Greg L.

    I would love to go

  129. A. Yan

    crossing fingers

  130. Paul T.

    I’d take my wife and my friends

  131. Rebecca Farley

    Yes please what a great family experience

  132. I would love to win tickets to take my kids!

  133. Kerilee

    This is such a lovely prize!

  134. Erica

    My kids and I would love this spooky adventure.

  135. Serena Burton

    Would be amazing to win :), sounds so interesting!

  136. Leah

    haven’t been to the gardens in a while. sounds fun!

  137. Donna S

    A scary good time!!

  138. Linda

    Thanks for the chance!

  139. Julie Ferguson

    This sounds spook-tacular!

  140. Conni AndScott

    BoooHooo! Yes! We are in!

  141. Esther L.

    Haven’t visited the garden in a long time, would love to share the experience with my young son!

  142. Sarah M

    Looks fun! Would love to go!

  143. nozomi ukon

    Wow is this new event from this year? I really really wanna go and check that out!!!!! ?

  144. Jessica R

    I’d love to go to this! Festive and fun ☺

  145. Fi L


  146. Fi L

    Boo! ?

  147. Nancy

    I don’t have any Halloween plans yet.

  148. Deirdre Fang

    Would love to go to this! Thanks!

  149. Buraparat T.

    Picke me!

  150. Buraparat T.

    Pick me!

  151. Kerry

    Sounds like loads of fun!

  152. Hayley

    This looks amazing <3

  153. Dean

    I would very much like to attend but have been turned away from other Halloween events so i do not frighten old people and young children…

  154. Lisa

    Would love to win this- sounds like lots of fun!

  155. Corrie

    Hi. Thankyou for this contest. I would love to with with my hubby and kids.

  156. Renelle Angeles

    I would love to win this for my kids

  157. Camille Pugh

    What an amazing Halloween event for families-looking forward to it!

  158. Kae McGuinness

    This looks amazing, thanks for the opportunity, I’d love to win!

  159. Lilian

    I would love to go!

  160. Katie

    I would love to win tics!

  161. Julia

    ? ♡ ?

  162. Shahee lakhani

    Would love ❤️ to go!!!

  163. Debora

    I really really really want to go!!!!

  164. Cool!

  165. Andre Bernard

    Super cool! Would love to go with my family!

  166. Lana

    Love VanDusen :)

  167. Sveta

    Me wants! :-D

  168. Debbie

    This would be amazing to see. Thanks for putting it on.

  169. Niki Dun

    Van Dusen does great things. I’d love to be able to take my girls and have some Halloween fun!

  170. Janet

    Would love to go!!

  171. Laura Blanco

    Would be awesome to win the tickets! ? ?

  172. Raymond

    Would be wonderful to go check out!

  173. Rebecca

    Would love to bring my nephew!

  174. Trish Pimentel

    Would love to attend this beautiful setting for a Halloween walk.

  175. Rebecca

    My three kids would be delighted by this!

  176. Tan

    It will be very nice if I can get the 4 tickets.

  177. Calvin

    Love Van Duesen for xmas lights but never been for Halloween!

  178. Sebastian

    Might be to late, but I try it anyway :) I’d love to get tickets for my girlfriend and me. We arrived two years ago in Van and our first apartment was pretty close to VanDusen. Love to get back to celebrate our Van anniversary especially to such an amazing occasion!


  179. Quinne

    Love VanDusen for Christmas – even better for Halloween! Excited!

  180. Kash

    great contest

  181. Ariana Debreuil

    This sounds like so much fun! The love to tattend !

  182. Alice

    I’d love to go with my friends! :)

  183. Wynne Lock

    Would love to visit their Halloween scene.

  184. Alan Huang

    can’t wait to go to this!!

  185. Cherie

    This would be such a fun event to attend!

  186. Rich

    I’d love to go! Fun for the whole family!

  187. Tracey

    Would be awesome to win!

  188. Linda

    Would be nice to be able to go to VanDusen AND experience this event at the same time. Never been inside at night. Thanks for organizing this.

  189. Joy

    I would really like to bring my best friend with me to celebrate Halloween :)!

  190. Nicholas Ruff

    This will be so mich fun, even if we don’t win xo!

  191. Cat

    Which witch is good when it’s dark? (A lights-witch!) :)

  192. Val

    This sounds like so much fun for 2 young ladies to do for pre-Halloween and I might even have fun watching over them at the gardens

  193. Val

    This sounds like so much fun I know for 2 young ladies to do for and I might even have fun watching over them at the gardens while snapping pictures of them

  194. Val

    This sounds like so much fun I know for 2 young ladies to do and I might even have fun watching over them at the gardens while snapping pictures of them

  195. Angie

    I want to go!:)

  196. Tara

    This sounds like a really fun family event.

  197. Sonia

    Thanks for your help with this website !

  198. T

    Would love to check this out!

  199. V

    Would love to win some tickets to go!! :D

  200. Would love to dress up the family for this spooktacular event!

  201. madi

    Would love to dress up the family for this awesome event!

  202. Marina

    I need Halloween plans!

  203. Shannon Gona

    Oh yeah! I’ve chatted about this with some friends and we are very interested! Hope to win tickets for us to attend!

  204. Barb W

    I’ve actually never been to Van Dusen!

  205. Flora

    Hope to win for once . Never been to this garden. Seems like it would be fun.

  206. Barb

    This looks amazing for halloween! My daughter would love this :)

  207. Tracey Flattes

    This sounds fun! Thanks for the chance!

  208. Ryan

    it would be a treat to bring my daughter to VDG for the first time during Halloween!

  209. wiyani

    would love to go to VANDUSEN :)

  210. Hyeyoung

    I’d love to go to Vandusen for Halloween instead of going to Stanley Park this year because I’ve never been to Vandusen on Halloween day. Please let me have a Halloween experience VANDUSEN THIS YEAR!!!

  211. Mark

    The spooky celebrations at Van Dusen sound fantastic, love to have the chance to win some tickets! Looking forward to getting scared by the garden ghouls.

  212. Hana B.

    Never been to the gardens so this would be a fabulous opportunity!

  213. Pawel S.

    This would be a cool date for me and my wife, thanks Inside Vancouver!

  214. Wayne Cross

    New to Vancouver and haven’t been to the Garden yet :)

  215. Jacqueline Tang

    #DateNight :)

  216. Peg

    Van Dusen is one of my favourite places to go in Vancouver, ANYTIME!

  217. Shirley

    That should be fun.

  218. Lucie B

    Sounds cool! I haven’t been to this event so it would be great to check it out.

  219. Mag

    Thanks for the contest.

  220. Denise

    We would love to go here. Thanks for the chance!!

  221. Paul wiebe

    This sounds like a fun event. If I’m not on set I’ll go anyways but free tix would be great!

  222. Wally

    Please pick me!

  223. Olivia Macatbag

    We’d love to experience this spooktacular event!

  224. Trevor


  225. HR


  226. Melita

    Hi, hope i win!

  227. Cecillia

    Hope to win! I haven’t been to Van Dusen in years!

  228. Erica Wallace

    I finally got to move back to Vancouver. Enjoying all the sites all over again. I’ve never been to the garden.

  229. Monica

    Wow–this looks amazing! I’m coming over from the Island and would love a chance to take my friends!

  230. Mel

    Oh please oh please pick me!!! Sounds like an awesome evening!

  231. Christelle

    A great family outing! Never been to Van Dusen for Halloween yet!

  232. Ian

    I would take my kids to this cool event.

  233. Jayson

    Cool event

  234. Jayson

    My kids will surely love this

  235. cynthia

    would love to check your event out!!

  236. oana

    Me please!

  237. Sandy

    Would love to win this! Thank you!

  238. Lynn

    My son would love to go!

  239. Mary

    My kids love Halloween. Hope we win :) Thanks :)

  240. Michele

    my kids would love to go! pick me please!

  241. Vivian

    Pick me pick me!! Would love to go :)

  242. Emma

    Our family would love to come visit for fun Halloween events!

  243. Olivia

    Would really love to win these tickets so I can take my 5 & 7 yrs old sons there. It will be our first visit to VanDusen together.

    Also, my birthday is on Oct 29th so it’d be an extra special way to celebrate this year❣ Thank you so much for this contest❣

  244. Chris

    Can’t wait to check it out

  245. Corinna Ng

    Wow this would be so exciting to see!

  246. Elaine

    Looking forward to this event. It would be great to explore the garden during day light, watch the sunset and then enjoy the evening festivities!

  247. Alyssa

    I would be thrilled to take my 5 little pumpkins to your gorgeous displays. What a fantastic idea! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  248. Joyce

    Never been here before, would love to take my children to this!