A Vancouver Newcomer’s Observations Vol 6: Consignment Goldmine

Photo: To Vogue or Bust

Hello again, Vancouver! My name is Britanny and as you may or may not know, I’m new to Vancouver. As I’m sure you can predict, I’m feeling pretty content already. I love Vancouver. I love the scenery, people, food and beverage scene, art, everything. Being new, I’ve done my fair share of observing. If there’s one thing I noticed almost immediately it’s this: This city is BEYOND well dressed. The styles range from person to person but somehow they are all fashionable beyond belief with a unique take on the seasonal fashions. Don’t even get me started on the footwear, because this city might have the best dressed feet I’ve ever come across.

Naturally, I’ve been feeling like it’s about time to step up my fashion game. Here’s the problem, I can’t stand shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending money, and even more so having new things, I simply don’t have the patience to actually go out and acquire them. Furthermore, I can not stand malls. Malls are insanely loud, crowded, fluorescent-light-filled spaces that I just can’t even pretend to enjoy. Given these factors I was pretty apprehensive to dive into the big city’s shopping scene.

Photo: BCLiving

As I began to ask my peers about their especially cute clothing items, I was always afraid to hear the answer, assuming they cost entire paycheques or took a day in the atrocious mall to uncover. Boy, do I stand corrected! The more people I asked the more times I heard about this or that consignment store that I just had to check out. As it turns out, Vancouver is home to countless consignment stores which sell designer items for incredible prices. These consignment hot-spots are the perfect place to pop in and find that one item you’ve been looking for or just browse around. Vancouverites tend to layer up, so why not get all bundled for half the price!?

The places are bursting with character, originality, and unique charm. If you’re roaming about Main Street, you should definately swing by Front & Company, one of my personal favorites. Some other notable consignment must-stops are Mine & Yours on Howe, Hunter & Hare on Pender, and Turnabout Luxury Resale which has stores on both Granville and Main. You’ll never be afraid to flip over a pricetag again if you stick to this list!

The items in the stores have been carefully combed through and quality checked so you know you’re only getting the best. Some of the items still have the tags on! There’s no question why Vancouverites are so fashionable, these stores are literally everywhere! Prior to moving here I had come across only a handful of these type of stores, but here you can find them on almost every corner!

Ladies and Gents, Vancouver has cracked the code to fashion without breaking the bank (unless breaking the bank is what you’re into, because you can find that too!).

Until next week, New-B

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