Vancouver Screen Scene: From sci-fi thriller Parallel to The Magicians

Georgia King

Georgia King will star in the sci-fi feature film Parallel.

This week’s roundup of what’s shooting in Vancouver includes parallel universes, scary children, poly-dramedy, independent women (who aren’t Charlie’s Angels, Destiny’s Child, or Beyoncé), and magic.

As luck would have it, not all of those elements are in the same show. (When it is, it’s called Keeping Up With the Kardashians.)

But if that list sounds like your cup of tea, then pull up the chair and let’s get the party started. (Sugar? Cream? Almond milk?)

On this week’s schedule, the sci-fi thriller Parallel starts shooting on Thursday (November 10) and continues until December 5.

It’s the English-language debut of Mexican director Isaac Ezban (The Incident, The Similars).

Martin Wallström

Martin Wallström, who plays Tyler Wellick on Mr. Robot, will star in Parallel.

In the feature film, four app developers come across a mysterious mirror in the attic of their rental house but they discover it’s not just any old mirror—it’s actually a portal that can transport them to alternate future realities.

They make use of the mirror’s time warp to bring back technology that doesn’t yet exist in the present world, which brings them success.

Alyssa Diaz

The cast of Parallel will include Alyssa Diaz.

Scotland’s Georgia King (Kill Your Friends) and Sweden’s Martin Wallström (Mr. Robot) play two of the developers, with Wallström portraying the leader of the group.

The cast also includes Alyssa Diaz, Aml Ameen, Mark O’Brien, Carrie Genzel, and Cassidy Darling.

Let the Right One In

The novel Let the Right One In was adapted into a 2008 Swedish film.

On the same day that one starts (November 10), the TV pilot for Let the Right One In wraps up.

It’s an adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s 2004 novel.

The book was later adapted into Tomas Alfredson’s 2008 Swedish romantic horror film of the same name as well as a 2010 American-British remake, Let Me In, starring Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloë Grace Moritz.

Let Me In

Let Me In (2010)

This version, however, is a reboot that goes back to the original source material of the book.

If you’re not familiar with the story, it’s about bullied young boy who befriends a charismatic girl when she and her unusual caretaker move into his small Vermont town. Yet around the same time, a series of strange murders begin to take place.

Could the murders have anything to do with the girl? Her caretaker? Neither of them? You’ll have to tune in and find out when it’s broadcast.

You Me Her

You Me Her

Also on the same day, You Me Her wraps up shooting Season 2.

The TV series gives the romcom a polyamorous treatment as a threesome explore the ups and downs of their relationship in Portland, Oregon (which is deftly played by Vancouver, of course).

In the first season, suburban couple Jack (Greg Poehler) and Emma (Rachel Blanchard) sought to reinvigorate their listless marriage. They became involved with Izzy (Priscilla Faia), a grad student and escort.

What may have started off sounding like a fantasy come true soon gets a reality check as they all find out they’ve wound up with far more than anyone bargained for.

While that trio is trying to figure out how to stick together, another heroine is trying to figure out how to live life on her own.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce started shooting Season 4 on November 3 and is continuing until January 23.

The dramedy series follows the (mis)adventures of a self-help author (played by Lisa Edelstein) who re-enters the dating pool in her 40s (with the help of her gal pals) after separating from her husband.

They’ve already shot Season 3 in Vancouver (from August 15 to October 24) and is now moving on to the next season.

In fact, Bravo renewed the series up to Season 5 so you can expect to see the production around town for some time.

Jason Ralph stars in The Magicians

Jason Ralph is playing with a full deck on The Magicians.

Meanwhile here’s some advanced warning of a production that won’t be: The Magicians will soon make a disappearing act from our city when it wraps up its second season shoot next week on November 16.

In the first season of the fantasy TV series, based on the novel by Lev Grossman, Quentin Coldwater (played by Jason Ralph) was accepted at Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy to become a magician.

The Magicians' Arjun Gupta

Arjun Gupta shows how hot he is on The Magicians.

He soon discovered that the monsters from his childhood books aren’t fiction but actually exist.

The cast includes Jade Tailor, Stella Maeve, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Arjun Gupta, and more.

The Magicians' Jade Tailor

The Magicians‘ Jade Tailor

Anyhow, with our teapot now empty, that’s all for this week.

But check in back with us next week for another cup and more of what’s hitting (or departing from) the streets of Hollywood North.

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