‘Nerdlesque’ troupe takes on the (Un)Caped Crusader!


Trixie Hobbitses plays one of Batman’s archnemeses, Poison Ivy.

Just about anything goes when it comes to the Geekenders, a group of Vancouverites who have spun the local burlesque scene on its ear.

A typical – if there is such a thing – Geekenders extravaganza melds musical theatre, silly plots, burlesque dancing, and cheeky satire. The latter is usually inspired by science fiction movies, video games, cartoon characters, and/or comic book heroes. So it was probably only a matter of time before the company took on the Dark Knight himself, Batman.

On Nov. 25 at the Rio Theatre (1660 E. Broadway), Uncaped Crusaders: A ‘Batlesque’ Tribute to Batman will celebrate the characters of the Batman universe as you’ve never seen them before (and possibly never will again). The press release promises that the show will create a world “where the dark knight’s villains and heroes collide in a Ziegfeld Follies-style explosion of glitter, showgirls, and a playful Harley Quinn guiding a confused and rambunctious Penguin, Mad Hatter, and audience through the world of Bat-costumed vigilante justice.”

Previously, Geekenders shows have run the gamut from the conceptual (Disney villains, Weird Al, and Nic Cage) to the more specific (Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, and Jim Henson’s Labyrinth). According to the press release, “Uncaped Crusaders combines all these ideas, mixing a fun plot, comedy, burlesque, and musical theatre with projections and music.”


Riannaconda as Catwoman.

“Instead of a straightforward variety show, you’re attending an event that’s part cartoon, part musical, and part Vegas-style showgirl spectacular,” Geekenders artistic director Fairlith Harvey was recently quoted as saying. “We take the pop culture we love, add some glitter, and just celebrate it so joyously. Everything we do is a love letter to, and a fresh take on nostalgia.”

Tickets for Uncaped Crusaders are $15 in advance at riotheatretickets.ca and $20 at the door. For more info about Geekenders, visit geekenders.ca or facebook.com/Geekenders.

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