Vancouver Wellness Made Easy

Photo: District Local

Photo: District Local

Something I’ve grown deeply passionate about the the last few years is wellness. For many, the word means something incredibly specific, and for others, it’s so broad the word is almost meaningless. When I use the word I’m referring to a very general state of being, simply being healthy and happy or working towards those states. The pursuit of wellness or maintaining a life of wellness can be really difficult, especially in a new city.

I was both excited and nervous to get back in the groove when I arrived in Vancouver; find a new gym, yoga studio, grocery store, cafés, bookstores, trails, etc. For me, these things contribute to what makes me feel well. Well, I can’t tell you how pleased I was to find that wellness could not be easier here! The city of Vancouver, the locals, and the local business each play a part in making this city the perfect place to pursue a life of wellness. Here’s why:

I’ll begin by stating the obvious: The nature! There is green space, waterfront, or a wooded area nearly everywhere you turn. The heart of downtown is even broken up by parks. It makes it pretty easy to get outside, get moving, and breathe in some fresh air when there is such a diverse and beautiful landscape to discover right out your front door. Also, in my humble Albertan opinion, there’s no excuse to stay indoors during these mild winters as long as you’ve got an umbrella. Hiding away during the winter months can really get you in a funk, and luckily here in Vancouver we don’t have to.

Photo: Canadian Sky

Photo: Canadian Sky

Next, maintaining a balanced diet isn’t as tall of an order as it is in some cities. When you leave your house you are likely to wander by a juice bar, a café with incredible salads and healthy options, a market with fresh produce, or a restaurant with both healthy options and choices which accommodate many dietary restrictions. Many of Vancouver’s local business take wellness seriously and offer fresh, local ingredients to insure you’re getting the most nutritious food for your dollar. On top of that, much of the local food and beverage is ethically sourced as I’m coming to notice, especially coffee!

Vancouver is also exploding with different fitness-related activities both indoors and out. There are community centres in most neighbourhoods where you can get an affordable gym membership and take part in different sports, fitness classes, and events. There are also independent gyms and studios where you can find, yoga, spin, pilates, dance fitness, martial arts, weight lifting, and other such activities to get you sweating. If you’re willing to venture into the great outdoors, Vancouver has countless running groups you can join, trails for hiking, biking, running, and walking, open waters for paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking, etc! Many people don’t take part in fitness activities because they don’t like gyms. If that’s the case, you never have to step foot in one! There’s plenty of variety for everyone to find their own way to sweat and get moving in Vancouver.

Photo: Lonely Planet

In some cities wellness can feel like a real chore, but here it feels like second nature! I can’t help but get outside when there’s so much to see! I had no problem finding my go-to vendors, and the locals were so helpful during my search! I guess it goes to show, If you need to hit the reset button, head to the sea!

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