Why Vancouver is a Runner’s Heaven

Photo: TrekEarth

Photo: TrekEarth

Running is something that many people swear by; it’s an incredible way to get exercise, no expensive membership is required, all you need is a good pair of shoes, and you can literally do it whenever you want! Now, for every person that’s crazy about running there’s someone else that just doesn’t get it. Here’s the thing, I was one of those people right up until recently when I came to call Vancouver home. I’ve spent countless hours in gyms and fitness studios, and though I really enjoy getting exercise as much as possible, it always felt like more of a chore. I had tried running in the past, but it never clicked for me, and I’m now beginning to think it had everything to do with location.

Vancouver is an absolute dream if you are a runner or you’re looking to get into running! Firstly, the altitude allows for easy breathing and endurance.  Next, I don’t mean to belittle Vancouver’s colder days, but holy moly is the weather mild! I never would have thought I’d be out running in a T-Shirt in late November. And finally, Vancouver is positively chock-full of incredible trails to explore. If you prefer to run near the water, in the forest, up mountains, on pavement, or all of the above I guarantee you can find tons of trails to suit you; another wonderful thing about the city being so broken up by green space and parks.

Photo: Vancouver Running Company

Photo: Vancouver Running Company

All of the reasons I’ve mentioned thus far are all simply a product of Vancouver being Vancouver, I haven’t even touched on the Vancouverites yet! This city is filled with lovely people, some of whom running enthusiasts who have created events, businesses, and resources any runner can utilize and benefit greatly from!

There are constantly races going on which anyone can enter! Signing up for a race (even a short one) is an excellent way to stay motivated, work towards a goal, and hold yourself accountable to get your runs in. To name a few upcoming events: The Santa Shuffle on December 3rd, the Resolution Run on January 1st, and the Chilly Chase on January 22nd. What better way to knock a few resolutions off that list?

Vancouver is also home to many running groups which are a great way to dive into the running scene. Motivation comes easier when you’ve made a commitment to a certain amount of runs a week and you’ve got a group to support you rain or shine! If you’re interested, check out The Running Room’s many locations, the Pacific Road Runners, or the Vancouver Frontrunners! If you’re not into joining a group, something I’d highly suggest is finding a running buddy. Planning your runs ahead of time with a friend makes it something to look forward to and adds some extra commitment. A great way to meet a running buddy, or a whole bunch of them is meetup.com! Meetup is a site dedicated to meeting people with similar interests, and there are countless running groups/clubs to choose from!

If you’ve tried running anywhere but Vancouver and it wasn’t for you, try again! Running truly isn’t the same anywhere else. I could not be more excited that I’ve fallen totally in love with running in this city!

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