Everything You Need to Know About Community Acupuncture in Vancouver

Photo: Colorado Natural Medicine

I’m not a doctor, believe it or not, but I certainly know what makes me feel good and what doesn’t. Acupuncture is something I was wary of for the majority of my life. I don’t know if it was skepticism, the whole needle thing, or the treatment’s incredibly high prices. Luckily, during a yoga retreat in Central America I took part in two community acupuncture sessions and immediately regretted waiting so long to give it a try.

Acupuncture is said to have countless benefits, both mental and physical such as the targeting of muscle and joint pain, easing anxiety, aiding relaxation, and more. The problem is, in a standard setting acupuncturists can only see one client per hour, meaning these sessions are often quite pricey and can feel stuffy or overly medical in these one-on-one settings. A number of acupuncturists have noticed these problematic qualities, and from this the “community acupuncture model” arose.

Community acupuncture is the perfect way to make acupuncture more accessible by removing the barrier of cost. The practitioner is able to see a group of people all at once, therefore the price is significantly lower and the treatment is done in a comfortable, inviting group setting. It is done in a soothing, quiet space which makes it easy to relax and enjoy. Though the group setting may seem intimidating, I found it took off the stress of the treatment and created a low-pressure atmosphere. The treatment itself was refreshing and I left feeling relaxed, grounded, and calm. The community method is fantastic because you can bring friends or family to share the experience or to ease the anxiety if it’s your first experience.

If you’d like to give community acupuncture a try, you’re in luck; there are a number of outstanding places to do so in Vancouver. Here are three places you should definitely check out:


1. Kitsilano Community Acupuncture
Here they charge from $20-$40 per session to allow everyone to afford the treatment and hopefully return often enough to get the most of it! They hold accessibility and inclusion central in their community acupuncture practices.

2. Poke Community Acupuncture
Put your feet up in a cozy recliner chair and relax in this quite, soothing space. You will love it here!

3. The Village Community Acupuncture
You won’t believe how relaxed you will feel walking out of this lovely space. The community vibe and friendly, inviting atmosphere will draw you in immediately.

If you haven’t yet, I’d highly suggest giving community acupuncture a try! Trust me, you’ll be hooked instantly.


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