A Moment of Zen – Vancouver’s Fraser River Park

Fraser River Park Walking Trails Photo: Rob Weiss

Overcome by the hustle and bustle, the festivities, the galas and the glitz we sometimes forget to simply relax and breathe.  Often, during the festive season, I find myself craving quiet, outdoor moments to bring balance to my days.  Fortunately, Vancouver is home to a wide variety of wonderful parks, gardens and of course spectacular beaches.  From intimate neighbourhood green spaces to larger, feature destinations like Stanley Park or Queen Elizabeth Park, our city has much to offer.  In fact, park space makes up 11% of Vancouver’s land mass, so you do not need to look far to find for your moment of Zen.

River views Photo: Rob Weiss

Wanting to a visit a new park, I set my sights on a little known, tranquil spot on the river, known as Fraser River Park.  Located in South Vancouver, this gem must be one of our best-kept secrets.  Although popular with local dog walkers, the park remains relatively unknown.  In fact, on the day I visited, I had the entire place to myself!  Entering the residential area adjacent to the park, I noticed housing complexes with quaint names like Angus Place and Captains Cove.  A nautical theme was in the air, and the park embraced its proximity to the river.  Interpretive signage and stunning photos described the nature, ecology, industry and history of the area.  Passing tugs towing barges, remnants of pilings and a large wrought iron anchor reminded me of the importance of the Fraser as a living, working river.

Photo: Rob Weiss

Although relatively small in size, the park has much to offer.  A paved bike path and walking trail, rolling hills, salt marshes and river views.  Certainly, a contrast to the sometimes manic energy of shopping malls and seasonal festive light walks.  Feeling at peace, restored and rejuvenated, I left the park ready to rejoin the party!  Happy New Year!

Photo: Rob Weiss

Find Your Park

Looking for a Zen location near you? There’s an app for that.  Check out iParks – the navigator app for regional park information or download the official guide to Vancouver parks.

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