Cycling Vancouver’s Side Streets

Spring is Just Around the Corner – Cycling Vancouver’s Side Streets Photo: Rob Weiss

Snow, snow and more snow. An unusual west coast winter to say the least!  One that has dramatically impacted the time I have spent on my bicycle.  Of course, the stoic, die-hard road warriors and passionate cycling commuters continue to bravely navigate our city streets, but I am more of a fair-weather cyclist.  Frequently, I find myself staring longingly at my bike, imagining spring blossoms and warm summer days.  Instead of riding, I have passionately dedicated myself to the spring tune-up.  Tires inflated, chain greased, brakes checked, I am ready to go! Vancouver’s extensive network of bike friendly paths, greenways, and separated bike lanes beckon!

Vancouver’s Cycling Infrastructure – Photo credit: Flickr Paul Krueger

Vancouver’s growing cycling infrastructure is a dream come true for cyclists.  Granted, dedicated bike lanes are at times controversial, yet in the cycling community, they are highly valued. Providing a scenic, convenient and affordable way to navigate our magnificent city, they have become more than transportation corridors.  Our Greenways, bike paths, dedicated bike lanes and traffic-calmed cycling routes have come to represent our neighbourhoods and communities.

Cycling the Seaside Greenway Photo: Rob Weiss

Certainly, should time be short, a ride on the Seaside Greenway, along our world-famous Seawall is a must.  However, I would also recommend venturing off the seawall to explore our local street bikeways.  One of my favourite routes is the 10th Ave. corridor.  Recognized as one of the busiest east-west bikeways, the route travels along 10th Ave., and connects to several north- south routes providing endless options for exploration.  Currently, improvements to this well-used route are underway as part of the City of Vancouver’s Transportation 2040 Plan.

Peekaboo Views and Traffic Calmed Bike Routes Photo: Rob Weiss

Despite the chill in the air, I was determined to venture out.  Travelling along traffic calmed streets, exploring residential areas is a treat and a terrific way to soak up the true flavour of Vancouver.  While slowly chugging along Tenth Ave., I took my time, soaking up the changing architecture and landscaping. Each neighbourhood has a unique identity and flavour. Eagerly I watched for signs of spring, knowing full well that soon the cherry blossoms will be in bloom, painting this route and in fact the city, in a blaze of colour.  Moving slowly on my bicycle afforded me special peekaboo views of the city, a different perspective.

Riding Under the Blossoms last Spring Photo: Rob Weiss

Although the buildings and unique homes are fascinating, people watching is my favourite past time.  I found myself giggling, as I observed elite cyclists on finely tuned, carbon fibre machines zooming past “Hipsters” on their cruisers, complete with Nantucket style handlebar baskets.  This eclectic blend of people is amusing, inspiring and I would suggest a symbol of what makes Vancouver great.

Plan Your Route:

I have lost count, but to the best of my knowledge, Vancouver has over 400km of accessible bike routes.  Download the Vancouver Cycling Map and let your adventure begin!

Richmond Connector Photo: Rob Weiss

Conveniently, bikes are welcome on Transit, opening up the doors to extended bike travel throughout the lower mainland.

Mobi Bike Share Station Photo: Rob Weiss

Need a bike?

With numerous bike rental shops and a relatively new bike share program, there are ample opportunities to explore the city on two wheels.  Launched in 2016, Mobi is Vancouver’sblossoming Bike Share program.  Purchase a daily, monthly or annual pass, hop on a bike at the closest docking station and let your adventure begin.

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