Crescent Park – Semiahmoo Peninsula’s Hidden Gem

Running Trails in Crescent Park Photo: Rob Weiss

Crescent Park, in South Surrey, is one of those hidden gems patiently waiting to be discovered. Covering over 128 acres, the park is a natural oasis featuring numerous hiking trails, a second growth rain forest, several picnic sites and an extremely popular duck pond. Granted, most folk visiting the scenic Semiahmoo Peninsula will gravitate toward White Rock Beach or Crescent Beach, but should you have the time or the desire for a little bit of solitude, I highly recommend a pit stop at Crescent Park.

Pond at Crescent Park Photo: Rob Weiss

Popular with locals, the park is a fantastic area for wildlife viewing. From hooting owls to Kingfishers; many critters call the area home. As you meander past the scenic duck pond, don’t be surprised to see a turtle or two sunning on a fallen log or rock. Wide open grass meadows invite active users, while the dappled inner trails seem to call to those wanting a quiet, almost meditative experience. For those seeking a little more action, the park also features baseball diamonds, playing fields and a children’s playground. Tennis courts, complete with a practice wall, are located on the outskirts of the park, adjacent to Crescent Park Elementary School.

Crescent Park Playground Photo: Rob Weiss

AT 3.8 km in length, the forest trail, which circumnavigates the park, is a wonderful after work stroll and my favourite trail within the park. During my recent visit, I meandered along, enjoying the late afternoon light. Walking in the fresh air always helps me unwind and clear my thoughts. With each stride, distant memories came flooding back, and I grinned to myself remembering the fall pandemonium that the park is famous for. Home to numerous cross country running meets, September afternoons and weekends are often the scene of well-organized chaos. Always delighted at the sight of hundreds of elementary school children running their hearts out, I frequently schedule a fall stop by the park!

Benches are located throughout Crescent Park Photo: Rob Weiss

It was a calm day, and I appeared to have the park to myself. The air was still, yet fresh. Stopping on a park bench, I simply sat in silence, enjoying a moment of respite in this precious urban forest. Beams of sunlight illuminated the forest floor, and as I settled on my perch, the sounds of the song birds created a sort of forest symphony. I am not sure how long I sat on the bench, but as the shadows grew long, I instinctively knew it was time to leave. Refreshed and rejuvenated I followed the trail back to my car, already planning my next visit.

Forest trails in Crescent Park Photo: Rob Weiss

Getting There:

Crescent Park is located at 2610 -128th Street in South Surrey. Parking lots can be accessed from both 128th street and 132nd Street. Transit users can visit the park via the 351 Crescent Beach bus.

Entrance Sign to Crescent Park in South Surrey Photo: Rob Weiss

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