Ticket Giveaway: Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park!

Magic awaits at Canyon Lights.

Contest alert! It’s day four of The 12 Productions of Christmas. Enter for your chance to win today’s prize! 

The production  The Santa Clause 2, a follow-up to Tim Allen’s popular Santa Claus-capade, follows the big man as he frantically searches for a suitable Mrs. Claus before his Santa Clause runs out. The movie was filmed in Vancouver, Port Moody, Coquitlam, New Westminster and parts of Alberta. The third instalment, The Santa Clause 3, was also filmed in Vancouver.

The attraction  They say thrills can foster love, so if you’re searching for a Mr. or Mrs. Claus of your own, head over to Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (November 23 to January 28), where the swaying bridge is bedecked in a stunning necklace of thousands of sparkling white lights. Cliffwalk, Treetops Adventure, the rainforest and canyon are similarly transformed into an enchanting storybook land with festive lights, the world’s tallest Christmas trees, and sleigh-fuls of entertainment like gingerbread cookie decorating and caroling.

Post a comment below and you’ll be automatically entered to win a pair of admission tickets to Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.

*The winner will be chosen in the next three days, and will be contacted via email.

UPDATE: Thank you for commenting and entering the contest! The lucky winner is Kelly Coles. Keep checking back weekday mornings through December 12 for more chances to win holiday prizes!

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430 Responses to Ticket Giveaway: Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park!

  1. Nicole Fauteux

    Would love to see the Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park this year! Sounds so delightfully festive.

    • Liam

      Would love to check it out!

    • Shelley

      Adventure, beauty and wonder all in one location. This year will be my first time to experience the Canyon Lights and I would be grateful to win a pair of tickets that I could then share with a dear friend <3

    • Monique Guard

      Super excited to check this out! I am travelling as an au Pair over here from Australia and absolutely love Christmas and light displays!!!

    • Lynn

      I have heard it is quite lovely. I have lived here 6 years and have never seen it. I would really appreciate getting the tickets! Thanks you!

    • Rosalind warner

      Right on!! Looking forward to checking it out!

    • Javier Bernal

      Me and my family moved to beautiful BC just over a year ago from Ontario and we love it!
      Every time we go out we’ll dicover a new amazing place… looking forward to surprise my wife and 2 kids going to a beautiful lighted Capilano Bridge and enjoy family and happiness there… happy holidays 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Cheers!

    • Mary

      I have a friend visiting the city who asked me to look up events during his stay. I would love to share some Vancouver Christmas Highlights during the holiday season.

    • That would be so sweet to win them tickets

    • Ester Viaje

      I’m excited to see the canyon bridge Christmas Lights, the spectacular beauty of the place with the lights is definitely a must to watch , not only for the kids but of all generations. i went to Capilano bridge many times taking my relatives and international students who are first timers in Vancouver. They are all amazed, and enjoy the tour.
      It’s an adventure, added history knowledge of the place, the courteous and very helpful staff.

    • Shirley

      Heard great things about Capilano in the winter. Would love to bring kids & family visiting from Quebec!

  2. Sarah Maljaars

    I’d love to win tickets! I’ve never been to the Capilano Suspension Bridge before.

    • Ruhi

      Nothing can beat the combination of lights and joyful people at one place- will soothe the mind and soul.

  3. Allison

    Would love to take my kids to see Canyon Lights

  4. evelyn

    would love to go. i haven’t been to the bridge since i was a little girl

  5. Jeff Hurley

    Visiting with my family from the Ottawa area for New Years – this is a must see!

  6. Rob

    Would love to go!

  7. Bernice

    Would love to take the family here this Holiday season. 😊

  8. Tara

    Love Canyon lights. Magically festive.

  9. Susan

    I’ve always wanted to check out the Canyon Lights but never seem to get around to doing it each year. Would love to make this the year!

  10. Emily Marroquin

    I would love to win. This is on our bucket list and although I’ve grown up in YVR I e never been at Christmas!

  11. Iva

    I’d love to win tickets! It looks so pretty

  12. I would love to win tickets to the Capilano Suspension Bridge! I spontaneously booked a trip to Vancouver last week and I will be going this weekend! It wil Ben my first time to Canada and it looks magical.

  13. Alessia

    I absolutely LOVE Christmas and this is my first Canadian one, so I’m trying to experience every possible bit of it! So the Capilano Suspension Bridge is definitely on my list and it would be awesome to actually see it at Christmas time!

  14. Mondee Redman

    Thank you for these festive contests! Ho Ho Ho

  15. W Siemens

    How have I still never been to the Capilano Suspension bridge? I’ve lived here my whole life. Maybe this contest can finally change that. Thanks for the opportunity, would love to go.

  16. Maria

    Pick me!
    I am afraid of heights & love taking photographs – this will be fun

  17. Colleen

    I have never been to the suspension bridge to see their light display. My family and I would love to check it out.

  18. Val Cons

    What a magical way to spend an evening in this beautiful part of our Province!

  19. tatiana micenko

    The Canyon Lights look so beautiful! Would love to take my husband there.

  20. Eric Hunken

    Would love to go Have never seen this at night and not at all for many years.

  21. Valeria Sandoval

    Seeing these holiday lights at the Suspension Bridge Park would be a dream come true! Posting from Monterey, Ca :)

  22. Michael Moncrief

    I love visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge Park every time I am in YVR – I have not yet witnessed the Canyon Lights but plan to when I visit in January.

  23. Chi

    I have never seen the Canyon Lights displays yet!

  24. Tiffany

    We would love to finally get a chance to see this and add to our annual traditions list!

  25. Kim

    I would love to win some tickets to see the Canyon Lights :)
    It’s something I have always wanted to see !

  26. Mona

    Have never been to Capilano Suspension Bridge! If I win the tickets to see the Canyon light, it will definitely a memorable and amazing Christmas for me this year!

  27. Denese

    I would love to win these tickets to come and bring the family. My step kids live in Princeton BC they don’t get see these types of great experiences.🎄

  28. Steve

    Only been there in the summer,.. in the 80s,… would love to bring my camera and check this out with my wife!

  29. Aggie Chan

    I have been with my mom to this magical event. She passed away from cancer 5 years ago. Now I have a three year old daughter with a loving partner, we would love to go as a family to see this!

  30. Laura

    So magical!! My husband has been talking about going for a long time,.. would love to win!

  31. Sonia

    Would love to see the beautiful light display!

  32. Angela B

    Sounds great!

  33. Michaela

    Canyon Lights at Capilano is already at the top of my list of Christmas activities to do this year, since I’ve never been – but I’d love to win the tickets to be able to bring a good friend along with me!

  34. Carralissa Gilbert

    I’ve never been to the Capilano Suspension bridge! This would be such a fun thing to do for the first time this year :)

  35. Kimberley

    I would love to give these to my nephew. Students who study hard, are on a budget and miss these beautiful city Christmas Moments.

  36. Jessica

    Would love to check out the Canyon Lights.

  37. Jan

    Would love to win this!!

  38. JOyce Tam

    My now-husband asked me to be his girlfriend on the Cap Bridge during Canyon Lights. It’s our 10 year dating anniversary this year and we would love to bring our 7 month old there to celebrate!

  39. Dave

    I would absolutely love to see this it looks magical and I really want to visit it over Christmas when I visit Canada (travelling from England, UK).

  40. sandra

    Haven’t been to capilano suspension bridge, i would love to see the canyon lights with my special someone and that will be a magical night to remember 😊

  41. would be so amazing to take the family

  42. Tony

    I’ve never been to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, so I’d love to go!

  43. Visiting Vancouver for Christmas 🎄 and would love to see Capilano lights

  44. Lisa Timar

    I was just planning a family day here yesterday…ive never been and either has my kids or grandkids..we always try new Christmas events each year in Vancouver.

  45. Queenie

    Would be a great memory to end of this year

  46. How beautiful. Would love to see these with my family.

  47. Jessica

    It has been too long since I went to Capilano suspension bridge, this sound magical!

  48. Lucy

    I’m looking for going to Vancouver and know more about all is beautiful places such as the Capilano park. We’re traveling from Mexico and want to have all the greatest experiences.

  49. Erin Goosen

    This would be magical. And something wonderful to do with my husband after the birth of our first child. #dueanydaynow

  50. Yeon

    Would love to bring family visiting from out of town!

  51. claire

    What a great family outing!

  52. Anna

    I loved the Santa Clause movies! And I would love tickets for the suspension bridge!

  53. Leah

    Would be a dream to see the lights! I just moved out to Vancouver and this is my first winter here!

  54. Jessica

    We love the Cap Bridge!

  55. Kym

    Looks like a beautiful display. I would love to see it!

  56. Alyson

    I’ve never been and would love to go! Thanks for entering me!

  57. Julie Damin

    Would love to see all these magical lights!…

  58. Jen

    Leave a little sparkle wherever you go…

  59. Karla

    This sounds fantastic! I’d love to go.

  60. Jackie cross

    I would love to win tickets I have never been to the Capilano Suspension bridge and it looks so enchanting with all the beautiful lights

  61. Samantha

    Would love to take my friend here when I visit for winter break

  62. Jamie

    I come up from Seattle every year with a friend to check out the holiday sights and sounds of Vancouver and would love to add this to our list!

  63. Laura Pye

    It looks so pretty! I’m flying over to Vancouver from the UK, I’ve never been before & this looks like the perfect place to start the holiday season off.

  64. Emily

    I have a friend visiting from the UK & we would love to see the lights ! :)

  65. Percy

    Canyon Lights at the Cap Suspension Bridge is one of our family highlights. My four year old loves the lights, and we’ll be introducing the tradition to our 4 month old.

  66. fuchs chloe

    would love to go!!! seems so magical

  67. Linda

    Would love to experience the Canyon Lights this year!

  68. Andrew

    This looks amazing! Would love to take my family.

  69. Christine

    We will be in Canada and Vancouver the first time in January. So these tickets would be the most amazing christmas present <3 surprise

  70. Kathy P

    Would love to win!🎉🎉🎉

  71. Kay

    Perfect date night with my husband!

  72. Trish L

    This would a great family outing!

  73. Katie K

    Sounds magical. Great giveaway!

  74. Danielle B

    My family would love this. Beautiful

  75. mei

    with family coming to visit me this Xmas, we would like to visit this canyon lights all together to be festival!!!!

  76. Dianne Lasanen

    Oh, this sounds wonderful. We would so enjoy this.

  77. Alynne

    This would be amazing! Good luck to everyone.

  78. Michael

    I’d love to win some tickets!

  79. Norma Cahoose

    Would love to bring the kids to this, so beautiful.

  80. Nikki

    My aunt was actually in The Santa Clause 2 (she’s the one asking for an Easy Bake Oven), so I’d love to win this and take her!

  81. Olivia

    Love to enjoy the magic moments there with my family and friends 💗💞

  82. Nadia Proctor

    Hands-down, the best holiday date night for adventurers!

  83. Nancy

    This suspension bridge simultaneously fascinates and terrifies me! But I admit, it’s gorgeous, with all the lights on it! I would love to see it in person, and bring my family.

  84. Eva

    I haven’t been to the bridge in years! It looks magical.

  85. Elizabeth

    I’m coming from Texas to Vancouver for the first time in December and I’d love to see this!!!

  86. Jane

    It’s been years since I visited the bridge and I’d love to see it bedecked with lights!

  87. Prachi

    Would love to take my family visiting from overseas to see the lights!

  88. Jamilla

    Would love to see the lights at night!

  89. lisa

    This would be amazing for my little guys’s first canyon visit.

  90. Marni sutherland

    Am planning to take some friends from the tri cities area for their first 5ime, very excited🎄🎄

  91. Cherise Thompson

    Would love to take my family here during the holidays!

  92. Jody

    I’ve heard this is gorgeous, would love to go!

  93. Jenn

    This looks absolutely mesmerizing!

  94. Julia

    could love to check out the canyon lights!

  95. Ken James

    I have never been to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, it would be so cool to see it with the lights.

  96. Jennifer L.

    I would love to take my son to this. I have been back in BC for 2 years, and still have not done this yet!

  97. Laurel

    I would love to be able to see the canyon lights, I have never seen them before.

  98. Christian

    YAS Capilano Bridge YAS

  99. Fran Gardiner

    My family need cheering up and I’m sure this would give some happiness and a feeling of peace

  100. Grażyna Nawrocka

    I’d love to get free ticket(s ), it would be a very nice Xmas gift. Thanx in advance, Santa.

  101. Tyler Harrison

    Would love to go to this and take me new friend to it who’s her from Ottawa

  102. Leah

    Would love to see the lights and the bridge! I’m new to Van and this would be amazing

  103. Carrie

    I would love to go.

  104. Janice

    Looks magical!

  105. Julie Dore

    Wow! How beautiful this looks all lit up in lights! Yes please!!!

  106. Selyn Chen

    Thank you for the tickets! I want to use this as a surprise present for my boyfriend this Christmas. As I have no income yet, he doesn’t want me to spend anything. But it’s Christmas! I don’t want to be empty-handed for him and us.

  107. Looks like fun!

  108. Stefani

    I would to go.

  109. Stefani

    I would love to go.

  110. Anne Hermary

    I would LOVE to go with my kids! It’s such a wonderful part of Christmas!

  111. Manmeet C

    I would love to attend with my family!!!

  112. Yichieh lai

    Must go visit during winter time

  113. Angela

    Would love to take the kids, and a foreign student whose is spending Christmas here this year!

  114. Grace

    Would love to go!

  115. Sarah Cobb

    Coming over from Aus for a white Xmas and would LOVE this!!

  116. Cathy Clarke

    I would love to see the lights at Capilano Canyon. I was last at the Suspension Bridge back in the 70s!

  117. Laksmi Cahyady

    First time in Vancouver and first Christmas spent overseas alone. Would be a really special treat for me if I could visit the Capilano Bridge!

  118. Shelby

    First winter Christmas with my love, Would love to experience the canyon lights! and show my friends at home how beautiful it is.

  119. Valerie

    I heard the lights are beautiful! Would really like to see them :)

  120. Lina

    I have never been to one…so I would love to go and spend some time with my best friend!

  121. Sheila

    A wonderful, magical place that I would love to explore with my grandchildren. xo

  122. Candice Prebble

    Kiaora from New Zealand
    We are visiting Vancouver for Christmas and would absolutely love to win this prize.
    It’s summer in our home town abd doesn’t get dark until around 10pm so we can’t wait to experience a winter Christmas with all the lights glowing 😊

  123. James Inglis

    Haven’t been there for years. Would be nice to see it again.

  124. Alice

    I’ve never gone before! I heard its beautiful :)

  125. Kelsey

    This would be nice!

  126. Ming K

    Would love to visit this magical place with my family

  127. Jean

    Wonderful Christmas activity!

  128. Diane T

    Yes please, I haven’t been yet and would love to go!

  129. Emily

    I would love to go!! There’s a very special person who deserves this!

  130. shannon hawkey

    Bright lights.santa claus

  131. Dayna

    Would love to check it out!!

  132. Lynn

    Would love to see this during our trip to Vancouver this Christmas!!

  133. Tracy

    Would love to go !

  134. Linda

    Happy Holidays!

  135. Erica

    Would love to drive up from Seattle to check out the bridge during the holiday season!

  136. Ali


  137. patricia brine

    Would be a very Christmas season thing to do!!!!

  138. Janmaris

    Would love to see capilano suspension bridge!!!!!

  139. Kerri stutt

    Never been to canyon lights would be tons of fun

  140. Lisa

    Would love to win tickets and take my kids!

  141. Sarah

    I would love to bring my kids to see this all lit up!

  142. Darlene C.

    I have never been to see the Canyon Lights. It looks so beautiful in the picture. This would be a fun time with my family.

  143. Jennifer T

    Would love to go

  144. Shelley

    We are hoping to head to Capilano Suspension Bridge this weekend so free tickets would be so awesome

  145. Lana

    So beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win. 🎄

  146. Marcela

    I want to say that I love someone special but I am looking for the perfect place and time to do so. This would be a more than special opportunity as we will have a witness (the contest team) backing the love to enhance even more the loyalty of the feeling.

  147. Lester C

    Great holiday activity!

  148. I am bringing my husband and boys home for my first Christmas since I left and move to Australia 20 yrs ago. So excited. Our must see is these lights and would love to win tickets 🎄

  149. Ali

    Canyon lights is beautiful

  150. Corrine

    I’ve never been, would love to see this magical place!

  151. Tiffany Cuartero

    O bring me to the Canyon Lights
    Where one witnesses magical nights
    Follow the illuminated path
    that ends anger, hate and wrath
    but instead brings us all together
    to be merry and bright in this weather.

  152. Amber

    We’ve never been to see the Canyon Lights at the suspension bridge, but always wanted to go. Would love to take my mum and daughters to see it!

  153. Wendy

    This sounds like a lot of fun! I’m a Vancouver native who left last year but am visiting for Christmas and I’d love to go!

  154. Greg

    looks fun

  155. Prakit

    i’d bring my camera and take lots of pictures

  156. buraparat

    would love to go!

  157. Deborah

    Definitely on my bucket list to go this year!!! ❄

  158. Janel Farwell

    This looks wonderful! Would love to check it out!

  159. Deborah

    Definitely on my bucket list to go this year…looks magical

  160. Malcolm Rogers

    Visiting Vancouver from Australia and so our family would love to win the tickets

  161. Karm Dial

    Would love to see the lights! Thanks for the opportunity

  162. Peter

    Just moved to North Van and would love to see the lights with our children!

  163. Taylor Edwards

    I would loooove to go to this. My best friends always wanted to go, and this would be the best place to tell him I’m in love with him :)

  164. Mariko

    I am coming to Vancouver next month from Tokyo. I’d love to see this beautiful illumination and walk through there (*゜Q゜*)

  165. Dana

    Yes please! This would be the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

  166. Carol Hay

    My daughter (16) and I will be visiting from Ontario this Christmas so we can visit my parents over the holidays – she has given up her Christmas presents so we could be with them. This would make the trip extra special for her.

  167. Yeonjoon Lee

    YAAAS Christmas lights!!!!!!

  168. Lupita Quillo

    I’d love to win tickets! Please Iam going to be at Vancouver 2 weeks!!!!

  169. Martin

    Merry Christmas!

  170. Susanna H

    The Lights are so beautiful! Would love to go and enjoy them in person! Thanks!

  171. Lupita Quillo

    Yooo por favor, quiero ir ❤❤❤🎉🎊🎉!!!

  172. LC

    Yes please!! Have been here 7 years and some how I have never made it up there.

  173. Claire Chateau

    Would love to see that :D

  174. Oscar Choi

    Would love to visit!

  175. Lily

    I would love to win tickets to Canyon Lights!

  176. Cecília

    Amazing park, amazing atmosphere, I enjoy every year to go to see the lights and park attractions

  177. Maggie

    I would love to bring the kiddos here! It looks beautiful :D

  178. Cynthia

    Sounds like fun! Would love to see the lights!

  179. Barbara Sankey

    This would be the perfect gift for my daughter and I when I am there visiting her for her birthday on December 11, 2017 <3

  180. Torben Ruddock

    That looks amazing! Even if I don’t win those tickets, I’m going anyway with my Mrs. Claus :)

  181. Thankful for holiday lights to brighten November & December. Will definitely check out Canyon Lights this year.

  182. rose gericke

    Would love to go with @torbenruddock! Christmas date night!!!!! :D

  183. Krista R

    Love this every year!

  184. Li Leng

    Would love to see the lights!

  185. Barb W

    Ive never been to this event but would love to!!

  186. Luisa

    Would like to see this amazing attraction.

  187. Shoestantt

    Estaría genial poder visitar el Puente de capilano en navidad!!!

  188. Linda Lee

    My family have not been there before,will really enjoy it!!@@

  189. Anastassia

    Visiting from Australia and it would be so fab to see the Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge! <3

  190. Justin

    Cool, I’d love to go!

  191. Anita

    I have recently relocated to the lower mainland. I am thoroughly enjoying being a tourist here again and would love to take in the Canyon Lights!

  192. sandra

    this would be awsom to win …never been over christmas

  193. Ellie

    Would love to see this during our first Vancouver Christmas. Thanks!

  194. Penny

    Oooooh, I just recently learned about this and it looks magical. I would love to visit with my hubby!

  195. Sarah

    I would love to go to this event!

  196. Isabelle

    Holiday tradition

  197. Deb

    From Ontario going to be in Vancouver for Christmas would like to check out this attraction!

  198. Roxana

    What a beautiful display to see!

  199. Dana

    Would love to go :) This will be our first Christmas in Vancouver

  200. Lorena Castillo

    Going yo Vancouver on Jan 21st from Gdl, México ando would love to see the place!

  201. Johnny Tang

    Amazing! I would love to check it out in December.

  202. Karen

    Would love to check it out!

  203. Cheryl

    Pick me!

  204. Beautiful! I would love to win :)


  205. Katina

    Thanks for the opportunity! Looks amazing, be great to see it this Christmas!

  206. Carla

    Looks magical. A perfect way to spend an evening and enoy the Christmas spirit.

  207. Irene La Rosa

    never been to any Christmas lights events … wishing and praying this will be my first … with my hardworking husband !

  208. Megan

    I love seeing all the lights this time of year! Definitely a magical place :)

  209. Bri

    I have always wanted to go check this out. I love all the lights during the Christmas season.

  210. Stacey

    I would love the opportunity to take my mother-in-law to experience this incredible event!

  211. wyn

    I would totally love to check out the wonderous looking grounds. The price tag has always stopped me so I’d love to win tickets.

  212. Katie borrett

    Would love to take my bf for a night out:)

  213. Tom

    My wife has never experienced the Suspension Bridge and absolutely loves Christmas time and light spectacles. This would be a fantastic and romantic visit for us before our babies are due in the Spring!

  214. Emily

    So beautiful! Would love to go!

  215. Saurabh

    Would love to go !

  216. Yann

    Really wanna go!!

  217. Jasmine

    We’re bringing our half Aussie/half Canadian kids to Vancouver this December for their first cold Christmas and we’d all love to see the canyon lights!

  218. Ginny Leung

    would love tickets!!

  219. Ashley

    I have always wanted to go to Canyon Lights!

  220. Daisy

    What a wonderful way to welcome me into my first winter christmas

  221. Hannah Olmstead Niles

    Would love to see the Canyon Lights! It would be something to reward myself (and my husband ) for surviving finals.

  222. Nicolas

    I’m in

  223. Debbie

    Love this contest. I would love to get an opportunity to visit Canyon Lights with Mr. Right.

  224. Kerry

    Looks amazing!!! I’d love to bring my grand-daughter to see all of the beautiful lights and surroundings. I know she’d just love it! 💕

  225. Jeremy

    Never been!

  226. Joan

    This is so awesome! I have heard so much about the Capilano Suspension Bridge and have never had the opportunity to visit it. It is definitely on my bucket-list and also makes for a perfect date!

  227. Devin Sampare

    Pick me!

  228. Rafaela

    I’d love to win the tickets!!

  229. We would love to take my best friend and her husband to the Canyon Lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. They will visit Vancouver for the first time this year for Christmas from the UK. It would make Christmas very special to see this beautiful spectacle. Thank you.

  230. Denise

    I would be over the moon if I won these tickets. Here’s hoping I get the chance to see the incredible display of Christmas lights.

  231. Brian

    Love this! Such a unique holiday experience that my wife and I would love to experience together!

  232. Kassidy

    We would love to go! I have lived in WA state my entire life and have never been to Vancouver!

  233. Naimah

    I would love to take my family there.

  234. Stephanie

    This looks absolutely stunning!!

  235. Avery

    I would love to go to this! It looks beautiful and magical :)

  236. Nina Jones

    I have been wanting to see this for years and now I found out it’s lit up? Im DYING to see it now!

  237. Richelle Villeneuve

    I keep saying I am going to go to CanyonLights every year. I think this year will be the year. It would be even more fun if I could win tickets.

  238. Mellissa

    I would love to go with my boyfriend! I’ve never been for Christmas and he has never been to the suspension bridge.

  239. Kimberly Holcomb


  240. Miki

    Would love to visit for the first time!!!

  241. Miki

    Would love to visit for the first time!!!

  242. Emma

    Never been there before, hope I could win the ticket!!

  243. Leah

    I’m afraid of heights, but I’ve always wanted to see the lights!

  244. Raquel

    I really want to see the lights! Looks like beautiful

  245. TeresaT

    I thinking winning tickets would get me over my fear of the bridge. Beautiful!

  246. Praveena

    Would love to check this out with kids.

  247. Rachel

    omg I love Tim Allen ! and my family would love to go to this event .. can’t really afford to so the tickets would be greatly appreciated! :)

  248. Marilyn M

    This would be like walking in fairyland! What a beautiful sight to see! I’d like to be one of the lucky ones!

  249. Elise

    I’d love to go and see this! I came all the way from the Netherlands to be in Vancouver for a year and this is definitely still on my to do list! :)

  250. Maureen

    I’d love to visit Capilano Suspension Bridge to see Canyon Lights!

  251. Angela J

    Twinkle twinkle – it’s the most beautiful time.

  252. Joy

    It was 2 years ago when we last visited Canyon Lights at Suspension Bridge. That night was dry but cold. I lost an earring during the visit but it did not matter to me because my family had fun and we enjoyed every minute of that night. I hope we can visit again this year and continue to make lovely memories as family. Merry Christmas to all!

  253. Hiranya

    Would love to see the lights at the suspension bridge

  254. Greg

    I’d love to win tickets.

  255. Cindy

    Capilano Suspension Bridge is so much about nature, to be able to enjoy the lights is a bonus and set the mood for the holiday season

  256. Nicole

    winning tickets to this would be so cool!

  257. Kate

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  264. Deirdre Crane

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    Thank you for this opportunity. :)

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    Thank you
    liz flanders

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  347. Andras

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  374. Angela

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  401. Evangeline Belimac

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  402. Libby Kennedy

    PAMELA is my daughter. So this is obviously our favourite Christmas movie! She’s now 21 and an aspiring make up artist. We’ve come full circle! So much fun filming her scene, amazing cast and crew and so proud to have such a beautiful landscape to film in! BC is definitely a magical place!!!

  403. Yumi

    I visited Capilano suspension bridge with my parents when they came to visit me from Japan. It was only a few years ago, now my mother has levy dementia. How could I have known, but at least we had good time there. Thank you.

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