Celebrate NYE with the Joker, Harley Quinn and more characters from DC Comics

Looking for something a little different this New Year’s Eve? Well, look no further than Brock House Restaurant. Along with Geekenders, the prestigious Vancouver locale is hosting what it calls A New Year’s Eve at Wayne Manor (Wayne, in this case, being Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego).

You’ll get to party with characters from the world of DC Comics in a one-of-a-kind NYE immersive theatre spectacle, dinner and dance party. Presented by Brock House Restaurant (3875 West Point Grey Road) and Geekenders, the show invites guests to explore the many rooms of “stately Wayne Manor” (as it was known in the sixties Batman TV series). There, partygoers will come across scenes, encounter performers, and unearth clues that illuminate a shrouded history. Everyone meets in the ballroom for a grand finale and a dance into the evening.

Andrew Lynch at the Penguin.

The price of a ticket to A New Year’s Eve at Wayne Manor includes “an opulent masked revelry, a decadent dinner feast, dancing, specially-created one-night-only performances, as well as full bar, boundless entertainment and Gotham-inspired surprises throughout the manor,” according to a media release.

Guests are encouraged to don semi-formal or formal wear and masks or face paint, as suited to a member of the Gotham elite.

Chelsey Stuyt as Selina Kyle (that’s Catwoman to you non-geeks).

The party begins at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at picatic.com.

Graeme Thompson as The Joker.

A New Year’s Eve at Wayne Manor is produced by Geekenders (Farilith Harvey, Ryan Caron, Erin Walker, principals) in association with Brock House Restaurant. Geekenders produces whimsical theatre for fun-loving people.

A New Year’s Eve at Wayne Manor’s creative team features Fairlith Harvey (Direction, Costume Design, Writing), Ryan Caron (Direction, Writing, Fight Choreography), Stephen Blakley (Direction), and Chelsey Stuyt (Improv Coaching).

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