Contest Alert! Delicious Vegan Bites Await on Vancouver Food Tour’s New Culinary Adventure

Delicious dishes await on the Vancouver Vegan Food Tour.

Who knew vegan dishes could taste so good? The culinary experts at Vancouver Food Tour have investigated every corner of Gastown and Chinatown in search of the neighbourhoods’ tastiest vegan dishes, and are sharing the treasures they’ve unearthed on the brand-new Vancouver Vegan Food Tour. Fittingly launched on Vegan Day (November 1), the gastronomical excursion is guaranteed to make your palate pop with pleasure. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to give veganism a try, or if you simply enjoy great food, leave a comment below – we’re giving away a pair of tickets to an upcoming tour so you can taste the decadence for yourself!

Just as much a neighbourhood exploration as a culinary tour, the lunchtime Vancouver Vegan Food Tour convenes in Gastown and winds through the cobblestoned streets into Chinatown, stopping along the way at five venues. Along the way, you’ll taste signature dishes at four stops, including gluten-free pizza at Virtuous Pie; locally made Kombucha at Kokomo; dairy-free gelato at Umaluma; and more. Your tour ticket also includes two alcoholic (gluten-free!) beverage pairings, as well as a shopping detour at popular health palace The Vegan Supply Store.

The tour lasts approximately two hours and costs $69 per person (plus tax). In addition to fully vegan offerings, all samples are gluten-free and can be made soy-free upon request.

Leave a comment below and you’ll be automatically entered to win two tickets to an upcoming tour. Good luck!

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58 Responses to Contest Alert! Delicious Vegan Bites Await on Vancouver Food Tour’s New Culinary Adventure

  1. Kay

    Great foodie event!

  2. Amy

    I would love to win and give this to a friend who’s visiting from England in a few months!

  3. Holly

    ♪♫♪Food! Glorious food! ♪♫♪♪♫

  4. Michael Moncrief

    My wife made a New Year’s vegan resolution and I am moving in that direction – I would love to sample some of Vancouver’s finest vegan offerings.

  5. Natalie Young

    This sounds amazing.

  6. Adrienne

    I’m so excited :O

  7. Ann-Marie Vaughan

    Sounds great to me.

  8. Bex

    This tour sounds amazing!
    Happy New Year!!

  9. Maggie

    This Vancouver Vegan Food Tour sounds amazing!

  10. Ben

    This sounds like it would be amazing!

  11. Jamilla

    That would definitely assist my plant-based diet goals!!!

  12. eileen

    YUM! I’d love to go!

  13. Alex

    Great idea!

  14. Kimberly Holcomb

    LOVE IT!

  15. Hanna

    Sounds delicious! I’m trying vegan diet for my new years resolution and I love it! This tour sounds great!

  16. Chris carroll

    Wow exactly what I need un my new year!

  17. Valerie

    Nice event!!! Thank you :)

  18. Floyd

    Sounds like a delicious excuse to get off the island and explore different foodie options in the Big Smoke! :-)

  19. tom

    To the Kendrick Wong of Shoppr. Ex More Magazine editor Brette Polin recently got involved in dirty coraption business with crazy CBS anchor Otis Livingston to steal money from Shoppr employees bank accounts. Never trust Brette Polin and Otis Livingston they belong in jail!!!!!!!!!

  20. L. Marie

    Being a Foodie on a great tour in your own city is a wonderful way to beat the winter blues :-)

  21. Patricia

    Yummers! Pick me please!

  22. Michelle

    Great date option for my vegetarian partner!

  23. Steph

    This would be such a fun chance to try more of Vancouver’s vegan restaurant scene!

  24. Lorena Castillo

    Yes, please!

  25. Linda

    What a great way to discover vegan food.

  26. Katy

    \o/ pick me!

  27. Angela


  28. Deirdre Fang

    Would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. Don

    An exciting addition to their tours

  30. Westcoastie

    Sounds delicious

  31. Tabby72

    I’d love to win this, with all the tasty vegan food!

  32. Sonya

    Wowza!! I’d love to win this!!

  33. June

    Great event. Thank you!

  34. Duncan

    Great way to try new food.

  35. Mary Warner

    Not convinced vegan but willing to try. Might be good.

  36. Victoria

    This is excellent news #vegan

  37. Iris

    Would love to try!

  38. Manny

    Would love to start off 2018 with a healthier lifestyle. The vegan food tour would be a great starting point to see what is available in Vancouver. :)

  39. Sherrill berg

    It will be so awesome to see what’s in store for vegan selections.

  40. Sabrina

    This would make for a wonderful face-stuffing romp for the veggie bf. Only tried virtuous pie so far and it was delish.

  41. mike gismondi

    This sounds delicious!

  42. angela griffin

    I would love to attend this

  43. Steven S

    Yum yum!

  44. Hadley

    Haven’t made it over to Virtuous Pie yet, I wanna go!

  45. Glen

    Yum! Can’t wait to eat everything.

  46. Ming K

    Would love to go on this amazing tour

  47. Ari

    Seems like an awesome event!

  48. Shelley Butcher

    This sounds so amazing. Yummy! 🍆🌽🌶

  49. Carol

    This sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Tasty, too.

  50. Barb W

    I would love to go to this!

  51. Lorena

    I haven’t been able to smell or taste anything for the last 2 weeks…from nasal-laryngitis, so I am super-excited at the thought of a culinary adventure.

  52. Diane

    Always up for GREAT FOOD!

  53. austin t

    My fiance and I would love this. Give us a reason to visit vancouver!

  54. Leanne S

    this would be awesome!

  55. Yvonne

    My New Year’s resolution is to give veganism a try so I’d love to try the Vancouver Vegan Food Tour.

  56. Tania

    This tour sounds amazing

  57. Rino

    I’d love to go!

  58. aarone mawdsley

    i would love to win