Ocean Wise Launches New Podcast About Ocean Champions

There are tons of amazing people out there who are doing cool, out-of-the-box things to protect the environment. Many of them call Vancouver home, but there’s also a whole world out there of equally inspiring names.

Enter My Ocean, a new podcast from Ocean Wise.  My Ocean takes listeners into the minds and journeys of some of the world’s true ocean champions and dives in to the remarkable ways they are protecting our blue planet. Each episode profiles a new leader, someone who has thrown convention in the wind and instead followed their own path to making a difference for the world’s oceans.

The first three episodes, now available in iTunes and Google Play, feature in-depth conversation with these changemakers:

California-based entrepreneurial neuroscientist Wallace J. Nichols is changing the way we think about our brain “on water.” He envisions a world in which traditional medicine is prescribed alongside water therapy like surfing; his science has shown that the positive impacts of water can be that powerful.

Credit: Neil Ever Osborne

Karina Oliani is a Brazilian-based TV personality who has a thirst for adrenaline. She’s a doctor with a specialization in wilderness medicine, has set wakeboarding records and climbed Everest twice. More recently, she has turned that energy towards ocean conservation.  She’s making a name with her stunning photoshoots in which she gets up close with sharks while wearing ornate evening dresses or flowing fabric, to make a statement about how humans, predators and nature can exist harmoniously.

Credit: Ale Socci

A marine ecologist with the Howe Sound Research Group, part of the Coastal Ocean Research Institute, an Ocean Wise initiative, Jess Schultz is conducting research and informing policy that is breathing life back in to Howe Sound. She turned to marine science after reading a book while serving in Afghanistan and it inspired her to change course. It’s all part of her drive to serve a purpose greater than herself, whether it’s her country or the ocean.

Credit: Ocean Wise

Hosted by Alexis Brown, My Ocean will air bi-weekly and episodes are available at http://ocean.org/myocean and on iTunes and Google Play. Follow @oceanwise on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for updates.


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