Jason James’ Vancouver Favourites

Award-winning producer and director Jason James was born and raised in Vancouver, and continues to call the city home as he travels the globe for a multitude of projects. “I love that Vancouver feels like a big city, but is really just a small town,” says Jason. “You can’t walk down the street without running into an old friend and talking about real estate, or the rain.”


Jason’s thought-provoking – and yes, slightly bizarre – productions are hits among moviegoers and critics alike. That Burning Feeling, which follows the travails of a confirmed bachelor who comes face-to-face with a handful of one-night stands, won an award for “Best First Feature” at the 2015 Vancouver International Film Festival. Entanglement, starring Thomas Middleditch as a suicidal loner who accidentally falls in love with a woman who was nearly his sister, was released in 25 cities across North America. Jason also co-created and produced the CBC comedy series This Space for Rent, which was set in Vancouver.

Here are Jason’s favourite insider experiences in his home city:


I just moved to the Fraserhood district and Crowbar is an incredible find. They have the best cocktails, and they play old-school hip-hop!


I travel a lot for work, and BowsXArrows has the best coffee anytime, anywhere. For reals.

Kissa Tanto

This Chinatown eatery has amazing food and cocktails. Plus, you walk in and it feels like a Wong Kar-Wai film.

Rio Theatre

Where else can you see a Dario Argento film, Star Wars burlesque or a talent show… all in the same night?!

New Shanghai Barbershop

For a good fade, go see Tony La! (… and while you’re there, check out the oh-so-tranquil Dr. Sun Yet-Sen Classical Chinese Gardens).

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