Celebrate Le Burger Week this September with 9 Crazy Burger Creations

The Taco Burger | image sourced from Le Burger Week Facebook

The beef is back! Quickly becoming a much-anticipated annual event, Le Burger Week is a Montreal-based week-long celebration of amazing burger creations. The event is coming to Vancouver for another of deliciousness this September 1 – 7, 2018.

First launched in 2012 in Eastern Canada, this annual event now takes place in numerous cities across the country and around the world including Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Haiti, and Vancouver. Burger-lovers all over get a chance to discover these delicious creations and vote for their favorite ones on LeBurgerWeek.com

le burger vancouver 2018

The Dragon Slayer! Image sourced from Le Burger Week Facebook

For 2018, there are nine Vancouver eateries competing for the title of Vancouver’s best burger. The winner will be decided by the public who cast their votes on leburgerweek.com

These aren’t your typical burgers, some of the crazy creations you will be able to try only during this week-long burger extravaganza include:

– Taco burgers

– Chimichurri Burger

– Bagel Burger

– “The Dragon Slayer”

– “The Skirt”

– and more…

You can find detailed descriptions of each of these unique creations on the Le Burger Week Facebook page. Warning, don’t look at these on an empty stomach or you might start drooling!

le burger vancouver 2018

The Skirt! Image sourced from Le Burger Week Facebook

If you want to take part in the voting action, you can choose your favourite burger in several categories including People’s Choice, Most Creative, and Healthiest Burger. There will also be select “undercover tasters” who will choose which creation will earn the official Judges’ Choice title.

More information about the event is located on www.leburgerweek.com, but here is a list of all the restaurant participating in Le Burger Week Vancouver 2018:

– The Canadian Brewhouse & Grill

– Chop Steakhouse & Bar

– Fable Diner

– Pourhouse

– Rosemary Rocksalt

– Bells and Whistles

– Romer’s

– Vera’s Burger Shack

– The Dunbar Public House

With 9 restaurants to choose from, if you’re going to try each of the burgers you’ll have to be strategic. Don’t forget to wear your stretchy pants!

Unfortunately for vegans and vegetarians in Vancouver, the official burgers available as part of the event are 100% beef or chicken. Maybe next year one of our many vegetarian restaurants will step up to the plate and create their own unique offering! For now, this event caters towards the carnivores.

le burger week vancouver 2018

Image from Le Burger Week

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