Ticket Giveaway: Fright Nights at Playland

We’re giving away 4 tickets to Fright Nights at Playland, Western Canada’s most highly anticipated Halloween event!  Fright Nights is coming back this autumn on select nights from October 5th to October 31st, and will feature 20 blood-chilling rides, gripping live shows, eight haunted houses and much more!

To be eligible, simply post a comment below and be automatically entered to win. We’ll select a lucky winner on October 3rd and will notify the winner by email.

Bloodshed, the newest haunted house introduced in 2017, is set to welcome only the bravest of souls. The dilapidated Bloodshed cabin is home to a family of ruthless mutant murders. For those seeking a paranormal experience, the Haunted Mansion promises thrills and chills not for the faint-of-heart, while the 3D experience of Car-n-Evil will leave guests with all the requisite symptoms of panic, terror and dread. Visit the Keepers Doll Factory, which features a creepy line-up of cloaked giants covered in scars, porcelain doll faces and missing appendages. Watch out, because they roam the halls in search of human sacrifices from which they can harvest limbs.

In addition to the houses, these Playland rides are guaranteed to provide a terrifying experience: The Beast, the Wooden Roller Coaster, the Hellevator and AtmosFEAR, as well as a selection of other hair-raising rides.

Guests at Fright Nights have the option to purchase a Rapid Pass, which offers the same access as a regular gate pass PLUS access to an expedited line for park entry, each haunted house and The Beast, Wooden Roller Coaster, Music Express, AtmosFEAR, and Hellevator. Guests will also be able to save $3 by purchasing tickets at participating 7-Eleven locations or online.

To learn more about Fright Nights, visit: www.frightnights.ca

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81 Responses to Ticket Giveaway: Fright Nights at Playland

  1. Eve

    Rides and spookiness!

    • I’m like the biggest baby, but I’ve never been to Fright Nights so I’m up for the scare!!

  2. Delaney

    I can’t wait to attend this year!

  3. Alicia jheeta

    I would love to win passes from hour contest.

  4. i would looove to go!!!

  5. Exciting stuff

  6. Meeee

  7. Jasmine

    Love fright nightt!!

  8. I have never been and would LOVE the opportunity to go and be scared silly

  9. I would love to win passes. Fright nights are so much fun!

  10. I am 6 year old & this will be my first time to see

  11. Would love to take my besties and come this year!

  12. Never been before, sounds fun!

  13. never been!!!

  14. Playland is awesome!

  15. Excited to be afraid!

  16. Bought my Huggies….let the spookiness begin???

  17. First Halloween for us on Vancouver and we can’t wait to go!!

  18. Lesley Moraes


  19. I want to win this!

  20. Love the killer klowns!!!

  21. I would love to win; I’ve never gone before.

  22. My. Daughter and I have never attended and would really like to please. We have heard it is a lot of scary and fun times

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest


  23. I would love to go!!!!

  24. Ali

    Looks like fun

  25. Remarks oh yes please

  26. Remarks I wanna win the tickets !!!! ????????

  27. It looks like a lot of fun

  28. Hi,

    First time in Vancouver and first time at PNE if I win.
    I love Halloween!
    Unfortunately, we don’t celebrated that much in my country.
    I’m staying one year in Vancouver so I plan to celebrated properly and have a blast!
    I already have my costume. I’m going to be the female version of Edward’s Scissiorhands. :-Dr

  29. Would love to go. Pick me!!!
    A first class event so scary and fun at the same time.

  30. Would like free fix for my bday oct16

  31. My children would love to go.

  32. Love Fright Nights!

  33. Wow! I’m sooo excited to see what’s new this year!!!

  34. Would love to go again!

  35. Happy Hallowe’en!!

  36. I love going to Fright Night, my birthday is on Halloween! so when I go I make it a birthday event with my friends and we all have the best time! Can’t wait for this year, it is going to be epic!

  37. We attended last year and had soooo much fun. I’d love to win a pair of tickets and go again :)

  38. Kim

    Halloween & everything scary is my family’s favourite!! #FrightNightForTheWin

  39. Just too scared already!! Yeah!!

  40. Would love to go – I have never been!,

  41. Bev

    I would love to come and get spooked!! First time for everything!! Boo!!

  42. My kids have been asking me take them to Fright night for years. We haven’t been able to go due to my challenges I had with my son on the Austism Spectrum. He has since improved in strides, loves school and is holding down 2 jobs. I’d love to reward him and show my kids a fun and memorable time at the PNE.

  43. Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year to me! I love getting scared when it’s harmless fun??

  44. RemarksBoo!!!!

  45. I would like to try!

  46. OMG! I’ve never been to Playland! It would be amazing to go on a Fright Night!

  47. My younger siblings are begging me to take them this year! I told them it depends on finances, they would be sooo happy if I won us tickets!

  48. I’ve never been to Fight Nights.

  49. I have never been to this.

  50. Ron

    I would love to go!

  51. Oooo horror …. i wanna go to playland for goosebumps… wanna my courage win my fears

  52. Fingers crossed!!!

  53. Sounds like a fun and scary night.

  54. I would love to go here for my birthday in October!

  55. I have never attended, but this year, I would like to go and explore. :)


  57. How exciting!! I wanna go this year!!!

  58. Wow, I would love to attend this year!

  59. Looks like fun. ? Adding to my things to do in Vancouver list.

  60. Looks fun; would love to go

  61. Iz

    Would be fun to go to!

  62. ??? ???

  63. I haven’t been to this. I would love to go!❤❤❤❤

  64. I have never been, would like to experience “Fright Night”

  65. I am frightfully excited to get a chance to go!

  66. Sign me in!

  67. Would love to win tickets!

  68. Very scary! I can’t wait to go to Fright Nights . . . love the real actors who work there. Thanks very much! :)

  69. Oh! We need it! Lets wiiiin!

  70. Vancouver

  71. Would be super spooky but fun to go!

  72. I’ll bring a panic button, my garlic necklace and my loudest shreik

  73. Have never gone, looks interesting!

  74. Boo!

  75. I’m not scared!

  76. I would take my boyfriend “Andy” Andrew & do what Ellen Degenerous does and send him in the haunted houses before me and keep him as my protector lol fright nights sounds like spooky fun thank you. I haven’t been to it with him. #FrightNights and take a few friends ?? thank you

  77. Vancouver’s scariest place to visit this halloween !!!


  78. Id love being scared at hallowe’en and Fright Nights ftis the bill!

  79. ML

    Would love to go; have never been yet

  80. Best Halloween event ever!!!!?????‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️??