Filming in Vancouver: Keri Russell in Antlers, The Twilight Zone, and Resident Alien

Keri Russell will be in town to film the supernatural horror Antlers.

As we countdown the days to Halloween, the creepy season has already kicked off in the screen scene, with three productions starting up today that are working in the spine-chilling genres of horror, sci-fi, suspense, and more.

Freaked out? We are.

One is a school-based horror-thriller feature film. Another is a pilot for a possible sci-fi TV series about an alien who tries to blend into the human population. And the third is a revival of an imaginative classic TV series that explores the eternal question “what if?”.

Intrigued? Curious but creeped out? Dying to find out more?

Well, then read on, true believers, to find out what’s filming in Vancouver this week—if you so dare…

Keri Russell

In the big-screen (and big screams) department, the supernatural horror-thriller Antlers starts shooting today (October 1) and continues until November 20.

The feature film, produced by Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water) and directed by Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart), is based upon Nick Antosca’s short story “The Quiet Boy”.

When a teacher (Keri Russell) becomes interested in a withdrawn student, she discovers that the troubled boy is keeping a supernatural secret about his brother and father that will threaten their survival.

Jesse Plemons

The cast also includes comedian Jesse Plemons, Rory Cochrane, Andy Thompson, and Cody Davis.

A release date hasn’t been announced yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t already start shaking in your boots.

Rod Serling hosted the original Twilight Zone series.

As that one gets going, a contemporary take on a classic what-if TV anthology series is also getting underway.

A new version of the Twilight Zone launches into production today (October 1) and runs until March 20.

Jordan Peele (Get Out) will take on the role made famous by Rod Serling as host and narrator of the show.

Jordan Peele

The original series was released in 1958 and continued until 1964, and it drew upon fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, crime, and more to offer fresh and unique perspectives on social issues in unexpected ways.

It was revived for another run from 1985 to 1989.

After that, a second revival series, from 2002 to 2003 was shot here in Vancouver. Unfortunately, that version was cancelled after one season.

A specific premiere date hasn’t been announced yet but it will debut in 2019.

However, a teaser trailer has already been released for it.

Meanwhile in the sci-fi zone, production on the TV pilot for Resident Alien takes off today (October 1) and keeps going until October 19.

Based upon the Dark Horse comic book, the story follows an alien, played by Alan Tudyk (Rogue One), who crash lands in the town of Patience, Colorado, and takes over the body and identity of a reclusive doctor.

Alan Tudyk

But when he’s asked to take over for the town doctor who is murdered, he begins to question his secret mission as he wonders if humans might be worth saving.

The cast also includes Sara Tomko, Corey Reynolds, Alice Wetterlund, and Levi Fiehler.

Since this is only a pilot, we’ll have to wait to find out if this one gets approved to go into production for Season 1.

Sara Tomko

And that’s it for this week.

Until next time, for those who prefer to catch their stars on the big screen than on the street, or who want to see some visiting filmmakers, don’t forget that the Vancouver International Film Festival is underway and continues until October 12.

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