New Exhibition at the Museum of Anthropology and Seismic Upgrades Coming to Great Hall

The Museum of Anthropology, MOA, has announced that its Great Hall will receive extensive seismic upgrades to ensure the building and collections will be preserved for future generations. The upgrades will begin December 3rd and will be carried out into 2019.

In conjunction with this undertaking, MOA will present a new exhibition, Shake Up: Preserving What We Value, from December 2, 2018 to Fall 2019.

Beyond scientific discoveries, knowledge of earthquakes and natural disasters has been passed down through generations throughout many cultures, including those of the Northwest Coast First Nations. This new exhibition will bring to light the convergence of earthquake science and technology with the rich Indigenous knowledge and history of the living cultures represented in MOA’s Northwest Coast collection.

The exhibition will be displayed in multiple areas through the museum and visitors will also have the opportunity to see the majestic poles of the Great Hall undergo conservation, many for the first time in 40 years!

MOA is only the second building in Vancouver to receive seismic upgrades of this nature, following Strathcona Elementary School in 2016. The Great Hall retrofit will utilize base isolation technology, providing a flexible barrier between the building and the earth that is designed to absorb the impact of earthquake activity.

Shake Up: Preserving What We Value Through multimedia installations, contemporary First Nations art and cultural objects, Shake Up will explores the connection between cultural knowledge and natural seismic events. Bringing together the perspectives of cultures, arts and sciences, this exhibition reflects on what we value and how we preserve it.

Click here to learn more about the exhibit:

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