Ticket Giveaway: FlyOver America

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to experience FlyOver America, the feature ride showcased at FlyOver Canada from Nov 1 – 21. This exhilarating 10-minute flight ride showcases 25 incredible locations in a way you’ve never seen them before.

To be eligible, simply post a comment below and be automatically entered to win. We’ll select a lucky winner on November 5th and will notify the winner by email.

A dual feature ticket will be available for those wishing to experience FlyOver Canada and FlyOver America back-to-back. First experience FlyOver Canada, a journey of discovery from coast to coast across Canada. Then, stay seated to glide, dive, swoop and soar over the heart of some of America’s most beautiful landscapes, for a total ride time of 17-minutes!

To learn more about FlyOver Canada, visit: https://www.flyovercanada.com

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139 Responses to Ticket Giveaway: FlyOver America

  1. That would be incredible experience! Love to go!

  2. Me me me!

  3. Would love to take my daughter to this.

  4. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Would love to win this please. Thank you.

  6. This sounds amazing! It’s something you think woukd be cool to do but don’t. So to have the opportunity to win is awesome!

  7. I want it!! :)

  8. This is so awesome ?

  9. Remarks..been here 3 or 4 times seems short but worth it ..would live to go again on them lol

  10. Wow – would love to win these tickets for my girls! They adore the Fly Over experience! #please #prettyplease #sugarontop

  11. Awesome event !

  12. This is great ??

  13. Oh Canada, my home and native land! And Vancouver my home town. Would love to fly over where I live and where I’m from and share that experience with my 84 yr old Mom who has been taking care of my sick brother for 4 years, until his passing two weeks ago.

  14. Des

    Great experience “aroubd Canada”!

  15. I never get tired of Fly Over Canada! Would love to win this experience.

  16. Love FlyOver

  17. a great place to visit.

  18. Awesome! We’ve never been, would love to go!

  19. I want to go

  20. That would be fun.

  21. Have never experienced….would love to go!

  22. Cool!

  23. It will be so nice,
    I hope to win and travel with my son (-;

  24. Have wanted to do this for so long!

  25. Would like to be considered to take my wife after our marriage here together

  26. Ron

    would love to win this

  27. It would be a Great Chance to Fly Over America – My kids would love this experience ! Thanks so much .

  28. Sun

    Would love to go ride flyover with my daughter!

  29. I would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. this wpuld be awesomwe.

  31. Would love to take my granddaughter for her 12th birthday on Nov 6.

  32. Fingers crossed! It would be great to fly over America in just 10 minutes!

  33. thanks for the chance i like to win

  34. We have never been, its always been sold out during the times we have been downtown and tried to go. On our Family List of things to do.

  35. Oooooo YES PLEASE!!! Pick me ?Pick me ? haha

  36. Jasmine

    Yes please!

  37. ReCan’t wait to see it , awesome !!marks

  38. Can’t wait to see it , awesome !!

  39. Would love to experience this!

  40. Would so so love to experience this!!!

  41. Have always wanted to go on this!

  42. I would love to go!!!!

  43. Yes please.

  44. that look incredible and at the same time you visit one other country fantastique

  45. Would love to go!

  46. This sounds amazing. We would love to go and check it out!

  47. Oh Yes…!! Will love to experience this amazing ride. Canada ❤️

  48. Would love to experience this!

  49. Amy

    I would love to go!

  50. Love fly over thing….would love to see america

  51. Ive been wanting to do this for ages! Looks amazing!

  52. Sounds awesome!

  53. Cool prize!

  54. I will take my kids!

  55. I have been only once and it was Amazing!

    I would Love to experience a new country through FlyOver America perspective.


  56. Awesome date ideas ?

  57. Sounds like fun!

  58. Sounds like fun to me!

  59. My family is coming to visit, I would love to take them on the ride!!!

  60. I love travelling and I want to discover all the beautiful places that Canada has to offer. This would be a great opportunity to take my wife for her birthday

  61. I see this twice a year when i come up from Seattle for the Sun Run and Half Marathon in May. We have one in Seattle, but have not seen it because i don’t want to be disappointed. The Canada one is supreme.

  62. HS

    Take my sweetie on a Flyover America!

  63. jan

    I have always wanted to try flyover

  64. Wouldn’t mind going once more.

  65. Would love to finally see this!

  66. I’d love to take my boyfriend to flyover Canada!!!

  67. Would love to experience this good luck to us all

  68. It would be a great gift!

  69. This sounds fun!

  70. Pick Me Please!

  71. Remarks earlier are there in downtown Van nov 14-18. My son has never gone to Fly Over Canada. It would be a great belated birthday gift for the both of us!!!

  72. Haven’t tried Fly Over Canada yet, so winning tickets to Fly Over America would be a great new experience!

  73. A chance to see home – without having to spend 8 hours on a plane!!!

  74. Can go anytime, just tell me when please!

  75. jen

    Fingers crossed! Would be a blas to win :)

  76. Sounds like a great trip

  77. I have been wanting to take my son there since moving to Vancouver a few years ago so it would be awesome if I won. I heard it is great to attend

    Thanks for the opportunity

  78. annie

    would love to go flying!

  79. Would love to do this!

  80. Karen

    Would truly love to win this.

  81. Happy ?

  82. Awesome would love to go!

  83. WIN

  84. I’d love to go! :)

  85. Pam

    Please, please, please pick me. Would love to take my boyfriend. ?

  86. Pick me! Can’t wait for fun!!

  87. Love to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Double great! You can see not only Canada but also the most beautiful landscapes of America. A lot of travels in one! Great

  89. Yes, please. We really enjoyed the fly over Canada.

  90. This will make a lovely gift! Fingers crossed!

  91. Would love to win this!

  92. Ive been there a few times and its always magical!

  93. BEV

    I would love to enjoy Fly Over Canada!! Thanks for the chance!

  94. I love Fly Over Canada & always take my out of town & overseas guests there! I would love to experience Fly Over America!

  95. Yes please!

  96. This is super exciting to see both of the countries in one travel! ???

  97. This would be so fun!

  98. I’ve never tried FlyOver Canada or America! Sounds cool.

  99. Ute

    My son is actually on Vancouver Island and I would love that he could have this opportunity :-)

  100. My son and I would loooove to try FlyOver Canada – this would be very fun for us to do together for his upcoming birthday :))))

  101. Remarksoh, how wonderful this would be…….

  102. I would love this flyover is my fav !

  103. Ben

    Would love to go to flyover Canada haven’t gone in a long long time.

  104. Will be in Vancouver, tomorrow! One of my favorite cities!

  105. Awesome giveaway! Would love to experience this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  106. This will be awesome!

  107. Anastassia

    Sounds really neat!

  108. I never been to flyover Canada. This is a good opportunity. Awesome giveaway, Happy Holloween everyone ?

  109. Love Fly Over! Fabulous experience!

  110. RemarksWould totally love to do it again.
    It’s an absolutely fabulous experience and an imperative must when visiting Vancouver.

  111. Love this concept, thoroughly enjoyed flying over Canada. Intrigued to see if we can figure out where in America it “visits” :)

  112. I’d love to experience this!

  113. Thank you for the opportunity!

  114. I’d love to experience it. When I tried to see FlyoverCanada last year I found the ticket was very expensive. So it would be awesome to win.

  115. _\^/_
    >_ _<

    ~.~.~Ultimate Flying Ride !!!

  116. This looks amazing! I would love to take my granddaughter for her 13th birthday!

  117. Kim

    Flyover America! Sounds amazing!

  118. saw the chinese new year film a few years ago and it was amazing – this is a great treat even if it is short but a double feature sounds nice

  119. I am the winner

  120. My husbamd is new to Canada. I would love to share the beauty of our country with him!

  121. Love to go with my family!

  122. RemarksWould be fun!

  123. Would love to win this!

  124. Ric

    My son would really really love and enjoy this….would love to bring him. Thanks for the chance….crossing my finger.

  125. Never experienced FlyOver before! Would love to check it out!

  126. MAC

    To experience FLYOVER of the best City, Country and Continent this world has to offer — a gift for my grandchidren — too great for words to express. A GREAT PROMOTION, thanking you for this opportunity.

  127. My lucky day?

  128. Raj

    It would be amazing to experience this!

  129. joy

    I hope I am not too late to win the ickets.

  130. Meeeee please!!! :)

  131. This would be a dream.

  132. I want it

  133. Would love to experience this!

  134. Joanna

    Sounds amazing! Would love to experience this!

  135. Good Luck Everyone!

  136. I would absolutely LUV to win these tickets! It sounds like such a beautiful visual journey. (Especially for someone that is retired ! )

  137. Would love to go!

  138. I would love to experience this! It sounds amazing! Thank you for this awesome contest!

  139. I have wanted to go for such a long time. Hope I’m one of the lucky ones. Thanks for this chance!